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I live in a newly built condo (2011) managed by Simerra. Since moving in June of this year, the elevators have worked about 60-70% of the time. One of the elevators has been out of service for months. This past week, only one elevator has worked making people wait 5-10+ minutes and lining up in the lobby.

Amenities like the gym and pool are still not finished with no completion date in site.
Why move people in if the building is not 100% completed?!

Also, I just received voice mail today notifying residents from floors 11-22 that there is still no hot water running to their units. ISN'T IT WINTER?! Why wasn't this problem looked at and taken care off when the weather was still nice?

Everyday there's a memo about something broken, something being fixed and a half ### apology from Management.

Do yourself a favour and DO NOT RENT OR BUY from Simerra properties.

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  • Sc
    scorhia Sep 19, 2012

    Is it the Absolute towers building by any chance?:))
    Because reading your message, it's like seeing the building I live in (60 Absolute ave) managed by "great" simmera. I curse the day I moved in and bless the day I decided to rent instead of buy. So much fuss about the Monroe towers but the truth is that they are like beautiful looking cherries but full of worms inside.
    If anybody has the luck to read these lines before signing the papers to move in into this HELL, please RUN!! Don't ever come close. It's the worse building I ever saw with the worst management I ever heard of! You will wait for 10 min to pass through the gatehouse (There are tens of visitors per minute- I feel I live in the ROM) then another 10-20 min for the elevators to take u home. Hydro bills of $350 are sooo normal, water that is as hot as spit is fine (heck, it's Eco friendly y'all), things falling from the ceilings are also standard. Garbage chutes that never operate (so what if it makes the hallway smell like death). Ah.. I wish I had more patience to list all the hell we go through. I truly hope the words will spread and people will be aware of that is happening in this "very desirable" location. Amen:)

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  • Ja
    JamesDiaz21 Jan 07, 2020

    Simerra Property Management changed their name to FirstService Residential because there was many complaints about Simerra, AVOID doing ANY business with FirstService Residential, they are a SCAM and your property values will decrease by doing business with them, do a simple search on google by typing FirstService Residential Reviews and you will find thousands of complaints about them, they are a corrupt company, they will ONLY choose board of directors that are in favor of them and offer them money under the table in order to keep their position active, all board of directors that has this company acting for them are being investigated.

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