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Silver Nails Horseshoeing - Jim HuffmanAnimla abuse, bad attitude, Rude & Unprofessional Behavior, Inappropriate Language


This guy is a complete jerk. He has abused my horse for the LAST TIME. Jim Huffman is a man with an attitude problem and should not be working with animals or people for that matter. HE HAS BEEN Permanently FIRED - your services are no longer desired.
Today we had an appointment with Silver Nails and Jim Huffman came in typical fashion with his atitude and took care of the Mare ---the easy part --and then proceeded to beat the Stud into submission. No wonder we can't work with the Stud --everytime we gain any ground at all with the horse Jim comes along and undoes everything we have worked towards with him by beating him. You know it's one thing to be firm and perhaps it's necessary to show the horse who the boss is --"whatever Jim" --but no other farrier has ever needed to beat the horse - just you. AND subjecting us to your ridiculous criticisms as we are paying you for service - is just inexcusable - nobody went shopping for a stud --nobody in the house wanted a stud --he wasn't planned --he was a rescue horse that was badly beaten and starving when we rescued him and took him in. So your remarks about "we don't need a stud and shouldn't have one" are comments that you should keep to yourself. RUDE and Inqappropriate.Furthermore when you yanked the chain out of my hands you startled the stud in a dangerous location and struck me with the chain and lead. You also put me at risk of being hurt with your out of control behavior. Then YOU proceeded to call me a "###" in my own driveway because you have an attitude problem. You need to retire!! The horse was complying with all your demands --and was perfectly still while you completed his first foot ---you only got angry and blew a gasket because I was holding the lead incorrectly --Oh my GOD - how dare I!! AND AS I WAS PATIENTLY KEEPING MY MOUTH SHUT LISTENING TO YOUR BANTER- YOU TURN ON ME???? --YOU ARE THE ANIMAL THAT NEEDS BEAT INTO SUBMISSION!!! You endnagered your client and and the animal - which is why you will never return - your MOUTH is just the icing on the cake. You are not fit to work with animals or the public. You are FIRED - don't ever come back PERIOD!!! Your services are not needed or desired!! You need counseling for your anger control issues. Ever notice how people just quietly stand by and listen to your ridiculous banter? Because people just TOLERATE you ---nobody can stand you --but you will not be tolerated here anymore!!! The profanity and attitude should be in check when working with customers---don't take the trash talk to customers home and subject them to your ridiculous rhetoric. You should have taken at least ONE class in business --like KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT 101 and THE CUSTOMER IS WHY YOU HAVE A JOB 101.

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