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silver king blue maxselect your gift cerfiticate

i was promised a gift to listen to a presentation of a vaccum well the vaccum seemed tempting but we did not buy it The 2 gifts we got were both things we would have to pay for and more than they either were worth

I agree the (__selectyourgift___) company is a rip off a 3 pack of tennis balls was $15 and $5 shipping

It also speaks badly of any company that gives them or promotes them as a good gift

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  • Mr
    mrshardy Mar 22, 2016

    Gifts...pointless. You can only take the vacation when it's convenient for the company providing it. And yes the shipping is ridiculous for the other prize. So no gift card was given that was usable. During the demo, which started at around 8pm, was great. The salesman made my carpet look and feel smooth. It must've been the attachment he had on to show how much dirt was being pulled up. When I vacuumed on my own I did not achieve the same results. It's also a big pain to lug up and down the stairs, and dangerous at that. Don't ever knock it over or the metal canister will dent badly. It seems like it would hold up longer than falling over on the floor. Recently my vacuum attachment stopped working. It says acts like something is clogged and will not stay on. I've had this vacuum almost 2 years. I'm starting to regret my purchase even more the longer I own it. I'm hoping my warranty will come through on a fix for the push attachment.

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  • To
    Tom Mixxe Jul 20, 2015

    Well, it is w/ great pride and happiness that I can now announce the arrival of a full grown Dyson vacuum cleaner into our home! Finally decided to get rid of the monstrous blue maxipad and at the same price I could pay for a Dyson Ball...unbelievably easy to handle and use, light to carry up and down stairs, and house is 10 times cleaner as we are able to pull this out several times a week vs. only a couple times a month w/ the blue maxipad. Thanx folks! Tom Mixxe

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  • Ch
    ChxHawk Dec 04, 2014

    I was call stalked for 2 weeks by a marketing company setting up times for a "short" demonstration for an air purification system, in return I was promised $250 to fill out a survey. I set up an appointment, they called to confirm the appointment, and I cancelled thinking it was a scam. Then they called back almost a week later, telling me I have been selected and they really want my opinion, they will pay me $300 for to complete a short survey. I obliged and set up an appointment. The night of the appointment, I got a call when the demonstrator did not show up on time, I was told they would add $50 more and I would be getting $350 to view the product and fill out a survey. He arrived 2 hours late, and said it would only take 20 minutes, he was in my house for 2 hours, then when he pressured to sell the item and we declined, he handed us a "$500 credit" to a website full of items, but we had to pay shipping, also he handed me a vacation somehwere but we had to pay airfare and listen to a timeshare? Where is the $350 that was promised me, I asked the survey company several times if this was a check or gimick and they said it is a check. They lured me in by monetary compensation to view a product that is being sold door to door. They set me up under false advertising...

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  • Ce
    cessna172 Apr 18, 2014

    We bought a Blue Max 2000 back in 1999 - Cost was 1500.00 after the salesman brought the price down after discussion over the phone with his supervisor. It's a nice machine - too expensive though. They are a bit shady company though. We lived where their home base is in Colorado and I needed new filters and a belt. So I drove over to their office and saw a tiny sign outside next to the road saying Silver King. I went in the building and there were no signs anywhere in the building stating that they even existed there and had to go to each door to see where Silver King was. When I found the correct office, it wasn't even advertised as Silver King. It appears that this company does not want to tell people they exist out in the open and only do door-to-door sales. Red flags to me. Still like the vacuum though.

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  • Jp
    JPmom Feb 01, 2014

    This company has an impressive product. Their tactics to get in my door were questionable. I was told we would get a 250.00 gift certificate to review a product and then fill out a survey. Further, I was told its for an air purifier system, not a vacuum. It was a horribly long demonstration. The cost is no where near what we can afford. The gift certificate stinks and is a scam. I could buy better items for less money at the store. Professionally he trashed the Kirby guys. But in all honesty this company is no better.

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  • Bi
    Bill in Boulder Jul 18, 2013

    They lied to get in the door. Period. I sent them packing 1 minute into the pitch. Glad I didn't sit through 1.5 hours like some people on this thread.
    And to the Silver King troll who is monitoring this thread: perhaps if you spent your time coming up with creative ways to market your product instead of hedging against complaints on an internet complaint site you'd be making enough money that you wouldn't need to spend your free time trolling message boards.

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  • Bl
    bluemaxfan Apr 14, 2013

    I absolutely LOVE my Blue Max. I bought it recently and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm talking my parents and my best friend into getting one. My house has never been so clean. The presentation was informative and not pushy at all. The guy even asked us at the end IF we wanted to know the price, or just fill out a survey on it. Most laid back salesman ever. He told me he had be working for them for a long time, and I can see why. If it works, and if people see the value, why leave? BTW, I had tried them all, Kirby, Rainbow, Dyson. I have never been more impressed in the cleaning ability of a cleaning machine. Smartest investment EVER!

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  • Ra
    rami1025 Apr 06, 2013

    We didn't feel pressured at all. Our salesman was extremely courteous, funny, and relatable. My husband and I are both salesmen ourselves, we know the tricks of the trade. Our rep wouldn't even give us the price after asking it the first time, he said "I'm honestly just here to show you guys a demo to get consumer information on it. If you want the price afterwards, I'd be happy to give you that info." He was extremely focused and committed on his presentation and showing us the true value of this machine. We recently got a Dyson Animal Ball vacuum as a gift from my husband's mother about a year or two ago - I truly thought it was the best vacuum ever was $550. the Blue Max Air 2000 put Dyson to SHAME. It was disgusting...we have a dog, and my husband has allergies. We have an air filter too, but I never understood why it seemed like there was always still dust in my house. After the demo, my husband and I talked about it and decided we would purchase. The thing is just incredible. When we asked about the gift certificates, the rep guy even told us how ### the things we could buy online were; he told us all about the ridiculous shipping costs we'd have to spend, how dumb and cheap these little knick-knacks were, and that he would give us something, he did. He gave us TWO vacation deals and a $3000 coupon to use towards restaurants and local grocery stores - THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is useful! Yes the price is intimidating, but you know what? You get what you pay for. And this vacuum has a lifetime warranty - your ### store bought vacuums, including Dyson, don't. Someone else mentioned it: it's an investment.

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  • Ma
    Maxer1964 Mar 28, 2013

    We sat through an impressive presentation of the Blue Max 2000...I would have bought this for $1, 000 after the presentation...but $3, 200 or $2, 800 or $2, 400 or $1, 875 (final offer) was too much like a time-share type of sales pitch. The rep was great, humble and kept us engaged. The gift certificate was for a website that had left over outdated CRAP that I won't give my enemies.

    Why the gimmick...just sell it as is and charge a premium and let the word of mouth sell this system. My four neighbors would have bought one each if it was $1, 000 for a bulky/heavy system that my wife will not use but would want the benefits of it...more work for me.

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  • Au
    auxfire Jan 14, 2013

    Ok, so I read all of the comments. It is true that they tell you that someone is coming to your house to demonstrate an Air Purifying System. And yes they do give you a gift certificate for $500 for cheap crap, we didn't use ours, because I went online to see their stuff..and it's pure crap. They also give you a certificate for 2 nights and 3 days somewhere or where ever you want to go, we didn't use ours because we have dogs and not really any good time to go. But, my husband and I bought the vacuum cleaner because, technically since we have shedding dogs and I have horrible allergies, I could not have bought a better machine. It does what it says it does. We had a dyson and it stopped picking up dog hair after well 2 years, so we gave the vacuum to a family member. But, I can tell the difference when I go to mop following a good vacuum of my house. I have ceramic floors in the hall and the bathrooms and kitchen and dining room. And wood floors in my office and living room. And it picks up everything, dust, hair, crumbs. So for me it was a great buy. It removes everything from carpets and we use it to clean the dust off the mini blinds. So, technically you would be mad because you are thinking that they are there for one thing and find out later that its alot more than you had expected to pay. But, hey in your lifetime, just how many vacuums are you going to buy. Since, we've had indoor dogs, we had already gone through 3 and the costliest purchase was the dyson. So, we are getting our monies worth. And, I'm disabled I can still yank the thing out of the closet and handle the rolling around, much easier than pushing an upright. Granted if you don't vacuum as much as we do, at least twice a week, because we have major dog hair (2 Rottweilers), but afterward I feel much better, because my house is clean. For what it's worth, since I've had the machine, since April 2012, I haven't had a cold, the flu or anything close to it or allergy issues, so I'm sold on this vacuum. But yes their tactics are leaning on pushy, but for us it wasn't that bad. Our sales person at least had personality. So, me I'm sold on the vacuum. I even took it to my Mom's house and they have white carpet (who'd by white carpet) it was bordering on yuk and we vacuumed it and it looked almost brand new, and we even got it to plush back. You know walking alot on carpet pushes it down. I know it's just my personal opinion. Just saying!!

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  • Te
    ted mixxe Jan 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Got duped into buying a blue max a few years ago.Does ok, BUT---and I am dead serious about this---our house is dirtier than it ever was before w/ an upright. Reason? B/c this max is such a monstrosity to get out and move around that we just don't want to wrestle the thing that often. If we were back to an upright, we would be able to get it out and do a quick clean when we had a few minutes---but not w/ this beast, , , get so tired of dragging this canister around the house. Jeff morales---go get an honest job and quit defending your worthless co.

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  • Ds
    ds444u Nov 30, 2012

    Just sat through the demo -- same story as everyone else -- I was duped/lied to so they could get in the door. Thought it odd that he had no business card when I asked and was reluctant to give me the company website address when I asked it they had one (actually he never did). Then after I say no mutliple times, drops the price to $1600 if I'll purchase right now. If this was a legit company they wouldn't use these tactics. Period.

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  • Ha
    Hardwood Jim Nov 28, 2012

    I too was duped by the misleading sales tactics used to get the sales rep in the door but to be honest they would not have gotten past the phone call if I realized it was a vacuum that was being sold. I do not have a stitch of carpet in my home mainly because I was tired of buying vacuum cleaners that didn't do a good job and always needed replacing. To make a long story short I am now a proud owner of the Blue Max and my wife has yet to shut the thing off. Even without carpet it's ability to clean the furniture and beds while purifying the air is well worth the investment. The sales rep was honest with us and although he didn't have much to work with to demo the unit he did a great job. It is really an impressive machine. Silver King should adjust its sales gimmicks but lets face it every sale starts with some sort of hook to get you interested. My only complaint about the machine is that the motor is quite loud but to make it quieter probably would cut down on the power so I guess I will deal with it. BBB is an organization that you can buy a good rating with so the fact that the company has a good rating and is not a member speaks more about them than if they were a member.

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  • Ap
    applegeek12 Sep 06, 2012

    I recently sat through their presentation and was totally entertained. I couldn't find one thing bad about their product. I am SMART enough to understand an investment and that you get what you pay for. I had been though a bunch of the cheap store-sold vacuums and I was HAPPY to give them up. I tried them all, even Dyson, and the Blue Max really beat it up bad. I couldn't be happier with my investment. I did all the research before I bought it and couldn't really find a dissatisfied customer, just a bunch of people whining about the free gifts. I could care less about the free stuff... give me something that works. And by all means, the Blue Max Air 2000 from Silver KIng International really does work. It's probably the best investment I've ever made. IF you get a chance to look at one, DO! It's worth your time. Also
    Their local distributing company IS accredited. But then again, if you have a A or A+ rating, why pay the money to be accredited?

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  • Bl
    blackknights Jun 10, 2012

    They are not bbb accredited,

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  • Bl
    blackknights Jun 10, 2012

    They lied to me on the phone. The salesman lied to me with his first words. My first words to him upon seeing him and his "stuff" was, "Looks a lot like a sales call to me". He replied, "No, this is not a sales call. I would have dressed better if it was". I sent him packing.
    From what I can see here and other places is that the Blue Max is a fine product. That's sad, because their lies sent them away before we even said hello.
    Blue Max, if you have a good product, try being honest. I simply could not trust such a company and would never buy from them.

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  • Rs
    Rski May 17, 2012

    Haven't checked this post in a while. I see people are still crying about getting free gifts to see a great product. Let me remind everyone reading all this garbage on here... The Internet and complaint sites are the new bathroom stalls of society. If you go into a restroom and see "call John for a good time" this doesn't mean John is going to give you a good time. A better thing to look at is the BBB which silver king has the highest rating. Kirby gets thousands of complaints a month. Silver king has had 3 in 5 years? And all resolved. Great business great product. Almost 73 years in business and having it's best year ever! Thanks for all our supporters and our thousands of customers that have a clean and healthy home because of our product. To our dissenters... Keep using your Chinese plastic and blowing through 2-500 bucks on new vacuums every few years that leave your home dirty. Those companies that make those are the real scam, go send them hatemail. Have a good day!

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  • Cu
    Cuffstofist Apr 09, 2012

    I would agree with smith 1992, I love my blue max. Who cares how I got it, i am glad I have one.
    The prizes suck, Period!
    The product is so good that I agree with everyone else, why the cheesy gifts and a cheesy salesman.
    Give the consumer the low ball price that makes the company a profit and you will sell them like hot cakes. They aren't fooling anyone starting at $3000.00 + take the uncomfortable bardering out of it.
    I am a stay at home dad ( retired law enforcement) and have two wonderful children with chronic allergies and because of that I am absolutely anal about clean rugs and would love to see this company succeed and be around for a while. Thanks all

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  • Sh
    shunky monkey Dec 18, 2011

    "Slither" King is not a member of the BBB. Not sure where you checked your facts. We had the same slimy selling tactics yesterday that others experienced. The market research company lied to us to get the vacuum cleaner salesman into our house. They told us that we were being asked to complete a survey on a NEW not yet available on the market air purification system and in return we would receive a $500 gift certificate to select products from "major retailers". Not true. Stay away. The salesman took up 1 1/2 hours of our time to show us a vacuum that has been around since the 1940's. The gift certificate is for a low class website for crappy products where the shipping and handling charges are more than the products are worth.
    The sad part about this scam is that the vacuum actually seems like a nice product. It's a shame that Silver King isn't proud enough of it's product to use honest selling methods and feels like it has to lie to it's potential customers.

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  • Ss
    ssmith1992 Dec 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I love my Blue Max machine. Best investment I've ever made. I wouldn't want a used vacuum, even if it WAS cheaper. I asked our rep and he said that the warranty doesn't apply for used ones anyways. I can imagine it's hard for direct sales these days. Kirby wanted to shampoo my carpet for free (supposedly). I had done that before and wasn't impressed. On the other hand, the Silver King rep was very impressive. He wasn't high pressure at all. After what he showed me, he didn't have to be.
    I understand that Silver King still needs to do in home demos. I wouldn't have believed my house was as dirty as it was, and I thought I had a good vacuum (Dyson). Yes it's not cheap, but it's not fair to compare a Blue Max to a Hoover, Oreck or Dyson. The way the Blue Max is designed, it should last a lifetime, the others wont (not even close). I found out that my Grandparents had a Silver King in the 50's. They had it their whole life. Talk about a good investment. I'm a Doctor in the Air Force and I understand the importance of a clean home. Everything the rep said made sense.
    By the way, they didn't lie to me. They said that they wanted my opinion on a product and I gave it. He asked me at the end if I wanted to know the price and we did. That's not high pressure in my book. We checked the BBB before we bought and they had a very good rating. It does seem that the people who own one love them and the ones that don't tend to complain. I asked my rep if he didn't mind if I posted on here, since this seems to be the only site that the people who own one haven't posted on yet. I hope other happy owners post on here as well.

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  • Re
    Refurbish Dec 02, 2011

    I agree that the way they get to the home is horrible- for us certainly, but it also defeats the salesman who is set up for failure from minute one. Our salesman told us he'd just be a short while and was in our home for 2.5 hours on a Saturday night. When we declined, he was not completely friendly as stated above. He was clearly aggravated, short, curt, and had not another friendly word for us. I almost don't blame him- he was set up by his horrible employer.
    Gotta say though, the product is amazing! We found one refurbished online for a fraction of the price. Thanks for the product, no thank you for the underhanded, time consuming tactics to sell it. Not sure why honesty isn't the first policy by Silver King. It would make the consumer trust them, invest in them, and maybe the poor salesmen would feel welcome.

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  • We
    Wendy G in Colorado Sep 05, 2011

    I sat through the demo too, and the vac looks fantastic. I can't understand why they undertake such questionable sales tactics to sell it, though. The survey is clearly a misdirect, and they don't tell you what they are trying to sell you before you let them in to your home. The second we pushed back on the price, he brought it down $800. We pushed again and he was at less than HALF of the price he told us the first time. Not cool, for what is clearly a fantastic product. We might have purchased one if we hadn't felt the high pressure situation. 99% of the time, when someone is trying to push you into a "time-share" type of sale, you're about to be taken for a ride. We didn't purchase it, just because of the way it was sold.

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  • Fr
    fried green Apr 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'll agree with the bad phone tactics and that the $500 gift certificate is nearly worthless. I will say that the salesman who visited me was very well informed about the product, respectful and apologetic for the way he got in the door. As for the vacuum, I did not buy one even when told the cash price is about half the retail/credit price. They do tell you not to go for the big items because that is probably where they will lose the most money. If I see a big item that I want then over-priced shipping might still be a bargain. I won't be getting any $5 tennis balls for sure.

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  • Do
    doc/mom Mar 05, 2011

    Why do they lie to you to get in your door? I have a Kirby, which is sold by in-home demos too. They didn't lie to me and tell me I was doing a market survey. It made me distrust everything the salesman said. The gift certificate is junk too. It is a great vacuum, I agree. But their marketing tactics are shameful!

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  • Je
    jeffmorales Mar 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your comment on their vacuums as "overpriced" is wrong. Apparently you weren't paying attention or aren't smart enough to see an investment rather than just a purchase. Over the phone they call it an air purifying/home cleaning system. How can you NOT figure out that it's a cleaning machine, ie, a VACUUM CLEANER?? They even asked you what kind of vacuum you own on the phone! It's not rocket science. IF you don't like the gifts, don't use them. THEY'RE FREE!! Did you really expect to get $500 for your opinion? Are you for real? Do you know how much they'd have to sell their machines for to cover that expense? You sat through a demo, no one died. Get over it. I'll also bet your vacuum is made in China. Mine isn't. I own a Blue Max and it was the best investment I ever made. I don't work for them, I just hate to see a good company get bashed with no recourse. It is a great machine. It sounds like you couldn't afford it so you wanted to complain about something. Get a life.

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  • Ca
    catswave Feb 02, 2011

    I have to disagree with the claim by the person who wrote the above comment. Your company, Blue Max, (whom you obviously work for) shamefully sends a salesman over to an unsuspectting home owner's home to be given an impressive demonstration of an extremely expensive vacuum. ($3275) We did not ask for a demonstration. We were called by a research company saying that our name had been selected and we won a gift certificate for $500 to spend on line. We were also told that a person would deliver the certificate, and would only be asking for one thing, to fill out a survey about an air purifying system. We would be previewing this air purifying system, and they just wanted our opinion about it. What a scam! In reality, we were roped into a 1 1/2 hour demonstration at 8:30 pm at night!!! This poor salesman was sick with a cold while he visited, and made our family (my husband, myself and our 5 young children) endure this demo. And then if that was enough, to add insult to injury, he hands us the certificate for $500, and it is all made in China junk on the website. Oh, and it is very correct that you have to pay a shipping cost PER ITEM. (look under the How to Shop tab on the website.) What a lousy company is the research company that roped us in initially, and how lousy is the "Select Your Gift" company to redeem your bogus certificate, and really how great can a vacuum company be if they use such dishonest practices to sell their way over priced vacuums. For Shame, Silver King Blue Max, for shame. Great vacuum, terribly over priced, cheap consolation gifts, steer clear!!!

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  • Rl
    RLMjr Jan 02, 2011

    I would like to sumbit a rebuke of this claim. Here is the way the gifts work. You should have had this explained to you.
    1. You have to pay a shipping fee on all items. So make sure you order all $500.00 at once so you only pay one shipping fee. Do not order heavy items like a pool table etc. They are expensive to ship. The gifts change every day on the site. if you dont like what you see one day then try back another day.

    2. You failed to mention that for watching a demonstration of the amazing blue max that they also gave you a free trip. You do have to pay to get yourself there but you have 3 days and 2 nights in a nice resort of your choosing. When you call down to book your rooms they will ask you if you want to upgrade to a suite. If you say yes they will ask that you listen to a 30 minute timeshare presentation. Time shares are not for everyone so if you do not wish to listen to it just say no thanks and take your rooms. Silver King International is a very good long standing company, wes strive to become better every day. we have thousands and thousands of extremely satisfied customers but there will always be a few who try to give us a black eye publicly. Fact of the matter is you get gifts and trips for watchign a demo of our product. We are not pushy at all. If you are interested in our product at the end of our demo we show you the price. if you have no interest we have you fill out our survey, we give you gifts and the trip, shake your hand and depart as friends.

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