Siddarth ShahComplaint Against Lavanya Dental Clinic


Dear Sir,
We are residents of a residential appartment, the address is given below, and a portion of the ground floor is rented to on M/s Lavanya Dental Clinic. The proprietor has illegally taken up the foot path space and construsted a platform on which he has installed a huge power generator causing severe heat and noise pollution to the residents. Additionally, to cover the generator, he has also constructed a shed with grill all over causing a security threat to the residents of the first floor, where thiefs can easily climb the grills and shed and enter our homes through the balcony. To top it up, on top of the shed he has also installed 7 AC Compressors adding to the heat and noise pollution directly into our homes. We the residents are very concerned and need your help to clear this menace.

Hoping for a quick action and thanking you in anticipation,

Siddarth Shah

Our Address:
RabJyot Paradise Apartments,
Prenderghast Road,
Opp: Juloori Marriage hall,
Secunderabad 500003
Andhra Pradesh.

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