Sicorelli's - Iphonesscam artist

A Review updated:

I have ordered a large quantity of iphones from this company and the order was supposed to be shipped out on a certain date.

Few weeks after the agreed date, the order has still not been shipped out. Plus the company hasn't replied to my emails and phonecalls until I warned him to contact Paypal. I asked the company to refund me the money, but the company did not respond.

And then all the sudden, a while after that I got a package from this company at my doorstep. In the package I see just half the amount of iPhones. PLUS these iPhones were fake.

I ordered brand new authentic Iphones, plus seller agreed to have it shipped on a certain date. Got only 50% of the quantity I ordered 4 weeks later, plus the merchandise were totally fake. Fake iPhones have about 15% of the value of original iPhones.

Plus during the entire process the company has lied all the time to me and that was one of the reason that I have asked the company to refund the money as I saw that I am dealing with a scammer.

Now I am hoping to get back the money through my cc company.

For your own good, stay away from this company!

Sicorelli's - is a serious scammer, just stay away!

It is very easy to get amazing prices on stuff you will never get.


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      Jul 03, 2009

    You should've know you can't just order a bunch of iPhones.

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  • M
      Jul 30, 2009

    I ordered my Iphones From [protected] They were on time and Brand New. If anybody needs iphones, Order from them.

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