Showcase Store Lansdowne Place Peterborough ONatomic cool

L Aug 01, 2018

I bought the automatic cool, first I asked if the had a demo to try, the manager said no, but she had bought one and it was great. Cooled a 50 foot room. I took out insurance on this for breakage etc
When I got home read the instructions I followed them. Put ice cold water in the little container plus 2 small ice cubes. Placed the machine on my computer table pluged it in. Left it for one hour and honestly didn't even cool 12 inches never mind 50 feet.
I took it back to store and said it wasn't doing what was promised. They don't give refunds. I knew that but because the machine wasn't performing as promised, on the machine it says portable powerful cooling system you would expect it to at least to cool down a larger area than it did. I emailed the company and again no refund if you opened the box. Well how are you supposed to try it if you don't open the box she also said if there is manufacturer fault. I could get money back so how can I prove that. What do you think can this be solved please.

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