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C Oct 31, 2018

I went to the Shoppers on 460 Springbank Drive in London Ontario Oct 31 @ 1145am. The first pharmacist assistant was super nice when I went to drop off my prescription. When I went to pick up my prescription it was a completely different story with the second lady I spoke to. I've been to several shoppers and never have I been given such poor customer service.

She says "the drug plan we have on file doesn't work" so I say "oh! Okay what do you need"
She says "who are you with"
"I'm with Global Benefits"
"We don't do global benefits, do you have a card?"
I said "no sorry I don't have the card it's at home can I get something else? Cuz I am with global benefits I do have benefits"
She proceeds to say "I know. We do not do global benefits" with a rude mock
So I say okay what do you need?
She says "we don't do global benefits" again, with the rudest mock...
so I say ... ok? So what do you need? she follows it with "I need a paper or an overview"
Not knowing what she meant from that brief description I pull up my drug plan and show it to her.
So she looks at me and says "are you serious?? What do you expect me to do with this?"
Here I am shocked she would practically spit at me for trying to help I ask yet again ok well what do you need? I'm like can I just call them?
She says ya do that cuz I can't do anything with this, and looks away.
So I call and get the info. Then she looks at me and says "exactly that's what I was asking see we don't do global benefits" smirks for no reason.
And I say you really don't have to be rude about it I was asking you all this time what you wanted from me.

This is where customer service plays a huge roll in things... I've been to several shoppers and not once have I ever been given attitude or sass at the front desk. They always give me suggestions on who I need to contact and are always curteous. That's their job! They deal with this all the time. I'm sure this is not the first time they've come across a new person who didn't have their card on file. It costs nothing to be mindful of how you come across to people who by the way... genuinely just wanted to help get my prescription plan sorted through wasn't planning on being condescended by the pharmacist.

Maybe for shoppers end of things they can train their employees how to approach clients who need help sometimes. I'm only 22 this is my first benefits company. Costs nothing to be nice and helpful!

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