Shoppers Drug Martlife brand bogo coupon for tues aug 14

K Aug 14, 2018

I attempted to use the BOGO coupon emailed to me for use on Tues Aug 14 for Life brand skincare, feminine hygiene, or shaving products. I brought two Life Brand 5 blade 4 pack of cartridges to the checkout and was told to scan the coupon. It did not work and I was told that shaving products may only mean shaving cream. This did not make sense and should have been specified in the email if it was the case but I went back and chose two Life brand shaving creams and again was told to scan the coupon which again did not take off the discount. I was told that nothing could be done to honour the coupon and was suggested to contact head office! This was an extremely disappointing shopping trip to Shoppers Drug Mart!

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