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Sep 08, 2016

Please avoid at all costs ticking any discount boxes when you deal with companies such as Train Line, Argos, National Express and many I others I suspect. I discovered last week that you separate amounts from my parts of this company have been taken out of my mothballed account since...

Shopper Discounts And Rewards / Unauthorised removal of money from my bank account

Nov 04, 2014

This company has taken money from my bank account unauthorised. On their website the address for this company is in Switzerland. This company must have signed me up to their scam when I have purchased something from another company on the internet, at this time I have narrowed it down to 1...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / They dont refund my money

Jun 20, 2013

In October 2011 I ordered some train tickets from trainline and I was asked if I wanted £10 off my next ticket. So I agreed thinking it was part of trainline. From 25 November 2011, until 16 June 2013, the company Shopper Discounts and Rewards, has debited £10 every month from...

Shoppers Discounts and Rewards / Taking money out of my account without permission

Apr 09, 2013

Up-date on resolving my complaint by Shoppers Discount and Rewards I recently submitted a complaint about Shoppers Discounts and Rewards taking money out of my account without my consent. I would like to state that I contacted them on the 6/4/2013 and on the 7/4/2013 I had a very adequate...

Shopper Discounts And Rewards / No &opt in& only &opt out& in conditions after free offer pulls you in

Mar 14, 2013

When making a purchase from Argos, on line, a "pop up" appeared offering a loyalty discount. I believed this to be an Argos offer with discounts given on my orders - I did not realise it was from a different organisation, necessitating collecting vouchers, and submitting to Argos together...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Unknown Membership

Mar 02, 2012

I saw a debit on my account for $12.00. When I called the service number on my bank statement the rep stated I had been a member since May 09. I immediately cancelled the membership. Overall I think I was scammed by this Online company and would like my $375 dollars returned as I have...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Scam - Charging for unknown payments

Nov 24, 2011

I have recently noticed in the last 3 days a pyment being taken from my account in the amount of £10.00 from Shopper Discount & Rewards, I emailed enquiring what this was for as I have never seen the name or compnay before and they stated i signed up after being on Pizza Hut but i do... or / Taking money from my debit card

Feb 19, 2011

I recently noticed a charge of £10.00 on my online banking, with the reference to a business named - to which i tracked down to - somewhat different! I rang my partner to check if he had ordered anything - his response wa...

Shopper Discounts Ct 1-800-889-8776 / SCAM!!!

Feb 05, 2011

They kept charging my credit card $12.00 for a membership I never signed up for. Don't know exactly how they get your information, however, it has something to do with buying products online. When certain online companies use Shopper Discounts to process your credit card you sign up...

Shopper Discounts / scam


I just discovered that I somehow got scammed by Shopper's Discounts at the tune of $12/month after I purchased a photo book from Shutterfly as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed that Shutterfly attached such scam offers to purchases. I...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Monthly debit


I have been paying monthly for this discount offer without realising it. I responded to what I believed was a one-off offer. . . I have cancelled this now, but the contact claimed this was clearly outlined. I can still see no reference in the print out to say the fee was being deducted monthly. This appears to be the same company as My Time!

Shopper Discounts / Taking money from my card


I had not realised when I made an online purchase in January 2009 that I had unwittingly signed to this Shopper Discounts company. I thought it was all part of that one transaction. I now find some 15 months later that they have been taking £10 each month from my card, I did not...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Unauthorized Credit Card Charges


For the most part I think I'm a pretty savvy person, but stupidly I just discovered that since December 2007, I have been charged $10.00 monthly for some scam company called SHOPPER DISCOUNTS & REWARDS. For some reason, I thought that I had been paying for a group subscription of...

Shopper Discounts / unauthorized payments from my account


I booked hotels through expedia last year and discovered that shopper discounts had been taking £10 a month out of my account. I never received any emails from shopper discounts about ANY discounts!!! Luckily, it was only 3 months ago so they only got £30 out of me. I phoned... / how to stop being charged


Go onto the site, ( shoppperdiscount. go to log in details, put in your email add, press button to say forgot password. wait for there email giving you your password. go to bottom of there email and press reply. tell them you want to cancel your membership. they should send back email...

Shopper Discounts / Unauthorized Credit Card Charge


These ### charged $12.00 from my son's check card without any authorization or approval. After my son ordered some posters from, there must have been some type of pop up he simply clicked (he did not fill out any information or approve a charge) it grabbed his credit...

Shopper Discounts / Unauthorized charges to debit card


My husband had asked me about a charge on our bank statement from Shopper Discounts. I didn't know anything about it. We called the 800 number and canceled our membership (which we had never signed up for). I had looked up this company and it goes by different names (Webloyalty...



SHOPPER DISCOUNTS is charging unauthorized monthly fees $12.00 to our credit card, inspite of cancelled services. Anyway, I don't know what is the SHOPPER DISCOUNTS is. I never enrolled the service nor authorized ! Please refund the fees charged to my credit card. This is scam.

Shoppers Discounts 800-8898776 CT / Debit card scam


This Shoppers Discounts company pops up after you have made online purchases and makes free offers that if you agree to automatically charges your debit card. and Orbitz are two of the gateway websites that Shoppers Discounts was allowed to charge people through. It was easy to...

Shopper Discounts / fraudulant credit card charges


In June I purchased items from The charge appeared on my credit card on 6/15/09. In July I was hospitalized so my brother handled my bills for me. When my August credit card statement arrived I noticed a charge for $12 from ‘SHOPPER DISCOUNTS”. I knew that I..., inc., / HERES THE FORM TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SETTLEMENT


I just found out I had been scammed just like the rest of you below. SO, I did some research. Turns out the company (, Inc.) that provides the 'rewards programs' (, etc) has been recently engaged in litigation for consumer fraud. There...

Shopper Discounts / Subscription Credit Card Charges


Monthly fee showing up in the amount of $12 w/o my kowing consent. Posts by others on this subject suggest I should have read all the disclaimers and legal prose before responding to a pop-up. Maybe so. None-the-less, I know if the company asked for my cc information I would have backed...

Shopper Discounts / Unauthorised removal of funds from my AMEX card


I have discovered today that this company has been taking £9/month from my AMEX card for the last 8 months without my consent. Apparently according to AMEX ccompanies typically in the travel industry (they quoted EasyJet to me), in their T's&C's they have a tick box...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Scam


Just be careful when ordering anything online. If you see anything that says Shopper Discounts and Rewards after you "checkout" through online buying, quickly click out because it may seem like it is still part of or whatever website you are using and it is not. They do try...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Fraudulent Service


When shopping on the website beware of the Shopper Discounts & Rewards Membership application. I can’t believe this type of service is allowed to do business. Fraudulent is the only word I can use to describe it. I will no longer be shopping at, ever!...

Shopper Discounts / Shopper Discounts Scam


I purchased some electroninc items from They popped up a question asking me for discount offers. Thinking that it would be a notification on the products that are on discount, I responded yes. It eventually went to another company called SHOPPERS DISCOUNT and they are charging me...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Fraud and cheating


My husband ordered from, and as part of the check-out, we were offered a $10 discount. Clicking on that link caused our credit card to be charged $12 every month by What a scam! It wasn't until 7 months later that I realized these...

Shopper Discounts & Rewards / Ripoff


Dear Kyle, Thank you for contacting We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. I would like to take this opportunity to talk with you about your experience with and our partner, WebLoyalty, who offered you the Reservation Reward...

Shopper Discounts / unauthorized billing


I was enrolled without my authorization in Shoppers Discounts which has been deducting $10.00 from my credit card for the past six months. I called the phone # listed on my credit card transaction and cancelled my "membership" and was told I would be refunded for the six $10.00 payments in...

Shopper Discounts And Rewards / Unauthorized charges

When booking a flight with, the website asks you if you want to save £10.00 on your booking. If you click "yes", it re-directs you to the Shopper Discounts and Rewards website. They ask you for your email address, and while you think it is some type of newsletter you...

Shopper Discounts / Credit card scam


I’ve been monitoring my daughter’s credit card statements since she left for college last Fall. In February 2008, I found a charge from “Shopper Discounts 800-8898776 CT” for $12 and didn’t think much of it because I thought she had ordered something online...