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Shoe CompanyThe worst customer service

CripsyKicks has the worst customer service I've ever seen! First, they deny my credit card which had sufficient funds, I ended up calling the bank to see what the issue was, and even though CrispyKicks said the card was denied, the bank told me there was a pending charge! Then after finally placing an order with a different card, I received no confirmation email regarding the order I had placed, I had to contact THEM to find out, then they stated it would be at most 3 weeks to receive the shoes, it took FIVE, and I live in Wisconsin which is really close to Canada. After waiting 5 weeks for the shoes, I opened them to see that the shoes I ordered were out of stock so they send me the wrong shoe color AND size without notifying me. Then, I contacted their customer service (by email, since they refuse to let you speak with someone on the phone) and they said I could only exchange and have to pay shipping 3 ways for their mistake. This wouldn't do so I complained and after many arguments with Jan they finally agreed to let me return them and to refund me for the entire transaction. Then, when I received my bank statement they shorted me $5.00 from the original transaction AND the return shipping which was $15.00. I am still debating this with them, and they keep telling me to read their policy and all of this nonsense. How is it fair that they make a mistake and I should have to pay for it? Worst customer service I've ever encountered and this company is a fraud with terrible merchandise! Do not shop from them unless you want to lose your money on a crappy pair of shoes.


  • Sh
    Shahid turk Jun 07, 2012

    I want to Submit Complain about The Malir 15 Branch of Service Shoes at Karachi. The people or Retailers of this branch are very bad and their behavior is very bad towards customers. They let me get out from service shop. Plz take action on it because They can sank the name of Service. If the customers will not be happy then how can you increase you sales.

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  • Mi
    miss coleman Jan 11, 2011

    My son orderd shoes from crispy kicks not knowing the precautions to take, he is a shoe fanatic and thought he was getting a deal .He spent his christmas money doing this and has been waiting so far 2 weeks. Of course you cant talk to anyone, ive called and left several messages after checking his tracking number with usps and finding out it was a fake. And whoever said they were out of teronto your right. my dads friends own a nikey shoe store and he is investigating this because this is fraud and we printed out the reciept they gave us with the false tracking number on it .So if the shoes come he will no if there fake, And if they dont its still fraud and my son will get his money back I have the legal system behind me to do it . Its just sad people make a living robbing people of there money .

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  • Ge
    Gerald12 Sep 11, 2010

    For all the stupid people who cant back up their allegations:
    If you went to the website and ACTUALLY LOOKED, then you would CLEARLY see that these shoes are from Toronto. With a little more looking around on the website, you would also find out that they are not knockoffs but FACTORY VARIANTS.

    By the way, Obama is a good president, its just that many republicans are against him and won't let him make any changes when they have no better solution to the problems.

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  • De
    DeVinne Feb 19, 2010


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  • Kn
    Knowledge315 Dec 10, 2009

    I feel your pain brother...
    Scams suck! ASKED ME to FIRMLY consider removing the TRUTH I have posted on this site.
    They say its ruining business for them and their "prestigious" company...Here's what I wrote!

    I understand your Concern Neha, however I am informing you that I can not and will not go through the trouble of removing the truth from the public.
    Anything and everything I have said was 100% truth. Expecially after being treated so rudly and immaturely from someone whom I believe works within your company.
    It's not MY fault sales are low, you should check your companies ethics and consider that maybe its the way you conduct business that is driving people away.

    Expecially when you dont see the product and you dropship from China, how do you ever know what your customer is truly getting?
    And the China companies charge $30-$40 a shoe and you guys are obviously making a lot of profit so I wouldn't assume business is ever bad when doubling money.
    And wholesale orders from China are anywhere between $25-$40 a pair with free shipping.
    I know this because I owned a retail store and I've done wholesale orders for myself to wear the products.
    I don't appriciate people from your company yelling at me that I collect "Fake" shoes when in fact THAT IS WHAT YOU SELL!
    It all means fake. I collect authentics and wear fakes because thats what they are fake, I can ruin them and know that they were going to be ruined anyways...
    I only simply explained in my comment to people that they are fake and just because of that doesn't mean they arent quality.

    Just because you haven't been tricking more people isn't my fault.
    There is MAJOR boycotts on companies like yours from the Sneaker Wearing Community.
    They dont appriciate fakes being made or people who wear them.
    So they tell everyone they know to tell everyone they know not to buy them, in return, driving down your sales.

    A company that does illegal things [I've called NIKE and yes it IS ILLEGAL TO SELL VARIANTS!] is NOT a prestigious company by no means.
    I'm not trying to ruin your chances at business and I fully understand everyone has their own "hustle" and/or way of making a living.
    If I wanted to Ruin Crispykicks I would call my friends at NIKE company and report Crispykicks as an illegal importer/exporter of their product and you and ANYONE affiliated with your company would spend a manditory 5-10 YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON for it is a federal crime and you arent authorized by Nike. Thats not including the sperate charges you would face via a lawsuit with UGG, Timberland, GUCCI, and every other company you rip off.

    I'm just letting you know I can not remove my comment because everyone deserves to know the TRUTH and thats why this site exist.

    Thanks you for your time.


    Just so you guys know, yes SOME people get shoes from them with no problem and some people get ripped off like the post above me...regardless they're an ILLEGAL COMPANY and DO NOT HAVE to give you any product because in fact they products they give are as illegal as selling cocaine!
    This is a true fact because, I have called my friends at NIKE Company and asked them about certain Colorways Crispykicks sells and they let me know in their own database they NEVER EXISTED meaning they were fakes and they wanted me to tell them where I saw the pictures but I told them I couldn't release the information.
    NIKE gets very upset when knowing how many fakes are being produced.

    And to the person named "Fed Willow" There is NO RACISM INVOLVED!
    REAL Nike shoes come from CERTIFIED NIKE OWNED Factories in CHINA and other Asian countries!
    I have friends in China who work for NIKE and I kn0w about as much as you can on this subject.
    Any site selling "Spongebob" or "Gucci" or "Louis Vuitton" patterns on a NIKE shoe are FAKE ILLEGAL and a discrase to the sneakerheads.
    Please know your facts before posting.
    I hope I've helped people and if I recieve any more problems from CrispyKicks NIKE WILL be notified and many people are going to PRISON, not jail but FEDERAL PRISON.
    Thank you.


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  • Fe
    Fed Willow Nov 11, 2009


    I would like to draw the attention of deceived consumers due to fraud, untrue and negative facts about Crispy Kicks. Being an satisfied customer of Crispy kicks, it actually very heartening to see the wrong and negative comments about the company by some individuals or companies which I think could be an attempt of negative marketing towards crispy kicks.

    I have ordered more than 4 times to crispy kicks and each time I got what i wanted and in perfect shape and design. There were no signs of any duplicacy or wrong materials used.

    In previous complaints, I have observed some users stated that Crispy kicks get these kicks from China and then sell it across the globe. Which has knowingly or unknowingly lead towards the issue of RACISM!!!

    I don't want to be racist, but without any offenses I want to ask all my friends in US, do they know that more than 70% of garments are being imported by China, India itself??

    So, we have no rights to blame any nation. Instead Crispy kicks is very much genuine and sell genuine products.

    I would urge the owners of this website to please review everything and don't let any negative comments made by anyone spoil the trust of other consumers, who completely believe in Crispy Kicks and other companies.


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  • Kn
    Knowledge315 Oct 30, 2009

    Also, How can you lie to your customers!?
    EVERY Air Force One Variant [fake] for sale says the same description "Nike Air Force Limited Edition! Very Rare and Very Popular Air Force Exclusive Style only at!! All sizes are in US Mens. These are the HOTTEST Pair of Air Forces to be seen, and ONLY at! These colors are crazy - so cop a pair of Air Force Ones! All Sizes are in US Mens."

    I've gotten the same dame shoes at KicksExpress and they didn't LIE to persuade me into purchasing from only them.
    And they sold them to me for $20 cheaper!

    Bad way to do business.

    At least be HONEST with everyone like Kicks Express is.
    They never claim to sell authentics and dont lie by saying they are the only to sell certain products just to steal your order.

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  • Kn
    Knowledge315 Oct 30, 2009

    Here's from the website
    GENERAL INFORMATION•All shoes for sale on Crispy are Factory Variants

    So if you are GOING to buy fake, buy from someone who at least produces higher quality than Crispy Kicks.


    Also, you guys steal pictures from many google albums and other asian websites.
    I've seen the same pictures on so many sites its not funny.

    At least Kicksexpress is reliable!

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  • Sp
    spongbobsquarepants Oct 19, 2009

    dumb ###, of course crispy kicks are fake, that's the whole point. it's ignorant ### idiots like you who keep bootleggers in business. $50 or so for a pair of nikes? are you dumb? and you think they are real? do you think that the gazillion of ###ing "fusion" shoes they offer are all nike originals? how come I have never seen any pair of spongebob air jordans in a mall, but you can find them online?? REALLY?

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  • An
    anquinette perkins Oct 16, 2009

    my name is anquinette perkins and i have a simple question. im not writing to complain persay, but to try and get an answer to my question. my question is this. i placed an order with crispy kicks shoes and did not enter my e mail address or the item number until after the card information was put in. i need to know since i put that in after submitting my card number will they know who to send the item to and what item to email address is as follows [email protected] the item i ordered was for my son and is as follows Jordan 1X x AA1- Midnight Black/ Sport Red Item number RJ0999 size 10.5 please contact me to let me know if my order went through and if not what can i do to get my money back is it just hanging in cyberspace and if so how can i get it to the right place.

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  • Be
    Beareroflight Oct 10, 2009

    Listen everyone. These shoes are obviously from China.
    Because HORRIBLE FAKES and KNOCKOFFS come from China doesn't make China bad.
    You mean if every fake Nike/Bape/Gucci/Louis Vuitton factory was in Europe we'd go hating them? They'd get the same ignorant response, "Europe is bad" but NO, They are NOT!
    And honestly, the fake companies arent always bad either.
    They are honest hard working people who help in assisting those who sometimes cant afford real ones or dont care about the differences [if any].
    I understand REAL NIKES are of much higher quality but if you're going to spend $120+ On SHOES in my oppinion [and I'm a HUGE NIKE collector] then you're ###ing nuts!
    They're SHOES! Maybe with the exception of rare colorways and limited editions [only 200 pairs] that you'll keep in the box in storage forever. Other than those few exceptions, you should have the freedom to buy whatever you want. I am very good friends with a "Nike variant" company/factory in CHINA and they have been nothing but kind to me, amazing service, and have even become my honest friends. It's hard to trust anyone even in the USA let alone overseas and some of these companies are very nice to the fact that its hard to trust people and they are kind as well.
    Some China companies have you wire transfer money/funds and you never see your shoes or get ones that dont look like the pictures and wear out right away. In my honest oppinion, if you're paying $40-$50 for shoes, and you wear them a while and you can put them up on display and they still look good, than you havent waisted a damn dime! But if you pay $115 for some mids, play b-ball in them and rip the straps and crease the toes and then feel bad for it because of how much money you spent? Than you waisted that money. Pay less, get equal or minor less quality and use them as they are intended...To protect your feet.
    As for China goes, communism will NEVER WORK and it sucks. Koreas methods SUCK. It's down right EVIL and DARK to allow people to "play god" or "play satan" if you will and kill their innocent new born daughters to try and have boys and then now there is like 60%-80%^^ + Men to Woman ratio! That's ###ED if you ask me. It doesn't mean the many brainwashed people or even the people who have woken up to the crule darkness of the "World's Elite" are bad, they are sheep and know no better. But it doesn't make the COUNTRY a great place.
    USA Sucks simply because it's hidden Governments suck.
    USA Is still land of the "free" Home of the brave and the land of our forefathers and it can be a beautiful place. But what goes on here isn't, just like China.

    Hope I've helped you all clear your minds a little and deside if you should buy these shoes or not...

    I would go to for some real good Nikes!!!
    Excellent Qualtiy and they even have Jordan's as well.

    Type in [protected] in the V-Card number box before checkout and they'll give you $10 of EACH ITEM IN YOUR CART AND they will give you comission on futher orders.
    They are the best Chinese Factory and the most trustworthy.
    NO I do NOT work for them.
    Once again I'm just a AF1 [Nike Air Force One] Lover and Collector from the Good Old USA!


    Love & Light.

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  • Fa
    FanseePanths Jul 22, 2009

    Great. Im glad you dont have to deal with the Tough life I see on TV. Should have guessed that since you have access to a Computer.

    Who is the guy that has to much self respect, dignity, about their country?

    Your just upset seeing that I know what's up and that the Author even saying it was from China.

    -6 Votes
  • Zu
    zuiailiubaorui Jul 22, 2009

    Sorry I didn`t make myself understood. When I said that I lived in the TV program, I did`d mean life here was tough, as you saw in Discovery(The medias don`t always tell the truth.They tell what they think, or the authority thinks should be true). I meant that I knew this country, which I lived in, better than you.And I love it.

    And, I`m tired of this. Express myself is much harder than I thought. Few people can see this page.And even if someone saw this, like you, my words could hardly change their mind. What they see is just some guy, called "fen qing (愤青)" in Chinese. Some guy that has too much self respect, dignity, about his country.

    So, have a good day.

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  • Fa
    FanseePanths Jul 21, 2009

    Dont be sorry, I dont care about Obama like I said before Bash him all you want, its cool with me.

    Im sorry that you live in my TV show sets, I realize that life there must be tough.

    I am not a Crispy Kicks employee. If I was why would I be here saying that the shoes were from China and were counterfeits.

    Regardless if you buy the fake goods or not, Someone somewhere else wants them and thats why this buisness and others like it stay up and running.

    Even the Author of this Post said that the package that he received was a Direct Mail from China!
    So unless there are other Chinas I dont know about, its the same one you are from.

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  • Zu
    zuiailiubaorui Jul 21, 2009

    Well, I am sorry about the bad words I said about Obama.

    Maybe we see different things everyday.You watch Discovery Channel, while I`m living in it. Everyday my watch goes 24 hours, a little longer than the TV program.

    As you said, "it is very safe to say..." or "the shoes had to have come from...", I just couldn`t understand why are you so sure about where the shoes sold on crispykicks came from. Are you one of the workers of crispykicks?

    There is just one last thing I hope you could know:
    I don`t buy fake shoes, my friends don`t either. If no one buys the fake shoes, then no one produces them.May there could be less internet sites like crispykicks, the helper of the fake-shoes-maker, then we will no longer need to argue here.

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  • Fa
    FanseePanths Jul 20, 2009

    Ok... its true... China is where most counterfeit and fake items are made. I watch Discovery channel and I've seen the documentaries on it.
    I'm going to assume that you will pull the point out that Americans do illegal things to, Well Duh. Every country has its illegal activities but that point has nothing to do with the fact that the shoes had to have come from China.
    As for the Obama comment, I could care less that he is black, Actually he is half black and in my opinion is a horrible president so far. "Change"... I haven't seen any. I am not a Democrat so bash him all you want.

    Yes I know, China has too many people which is why there are alot in other countries.

    Just like a sterotype... A "Confucious Say".

    I'm familar with Panda Express. Does that make me a Chinese Philosopher??

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  • Zu
    zuiailiubaorui Jul 18, 2009


    I hear that most criminals in the US prison are black people(not meant to discrimination, sorry), would it be "very safe" to say that Obama(the president) may be a criminal too?

    China has the most population in the world, many of which go abroad, live around you. Some of them are good guys, while some of them are bad ones. One old chinese saying says that "one stinking fish ruins the whole pot of soup'. Foreigh people do illegal things in China too. Check any chinese-news page on the net, and you will see that.

    Defend for my country is not the only purpose of my words. I hope, if possible, that everyone in the world could see a real China. Think before you put your commends on something that you are not very familiar with.

    -6 Votes
  • Fa
    FanseePanths Jul 16, 2009

    Well since that almost all reports of fake merchandise originates from China. Its very safe to say that thats where these are from.
    If you have hurt feelings, go sit in a corner. China does alot of illegal merchandise production, just go to Chinatown in your citys and you'll see half of the vendors have purses and shoes and clothes that are supposed to be real name brands but are all cheaply made knockoffs!

    -3 Votes
  • Zu
    zuiailiubaorui Jul 16, 2009

    i am a chinese, i read that in your complaint you said that the bad shoes they sold were from china. i have to say that it hurt my feelings.
    it is true that there are fake shoes produced and sold in my country,
    how do you get the conclusion that the shoes sold on Crispy Kicks were from my country?
    do you have any evidence?
    Read that you"have reported this company to a division of the FBI ", hope they could get into the truth.and give back the dignity to my country.
    my english's not good
    if you have anything to say about this . contact me at [email protected]

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