Sharp AquosVery Bad product, broke after one months


My story with Sharp USA is long one, a lot of pain started with my pocket paying $1200 for 32" TV (Model: LC32GP1U) that was broken from get go. I had two issues with it and none of them Sharp would cover even when I called when I was under warranty. Two problems 1) Low Audio- Sharp explanation "this is how we design out TV with low audio, so no problem with my TV and they said buy sound system to hear the TV" So I bought sound system to fix a problem with a TV I got for 1200 2) Fuzzy screen that stays for 5-15 min and once the TV is warm enough it gets back to normal so it is going to be a a big problem soon and the whole panel will fail.
Good Luck with buying Sharp, waste you money on bad product bad customer service

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