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Buyers Beware of Bad Breeder
If you hear the name: Terri Lyn Alexander owner: Shadowoak Persians Cattery Address: 8485 Oakwind Court. Orangevale Sacramento, California 95662 Home: (916)723 – 6156 Cell: (916) 425 – 6315 Email: [protected] Website: buyers beware….she is a bad business person and after 26 years in the cattery business you would expect her to get it right. She has a bad temperament (after the sale of course) and lies about the kittens she has for sale.
Ms Alexander sold to me a beautiful bi-color Persian male kitten he was 5 ½ months at the time. The kitten appeared to be in good health, and I was assured he passed his recent health check-up with flying colors. Less than 2 weeks later, the kitten was apparently ill and was not eating. I took him to the veterinarian and he diagnosed, the kitten had trouble breathing, vomiting, cold symptoms and some abnormalities of the heart. The extent of the kittens heart ailment could not be determined at the because of the other pending health issues. The veterinarian treated the kitten with some antibiotics and scheduled a follow-up appointment. A few days after, the kitten was eating and appeared to be doing well. I reported the kittens’ illness to Ms Alexander, although she appeared to be concerned, she offered nothing.
At the follow-up veterinarian appointment, another one of the staff veterinarians examined the kitten and diagnosed the heart abnormality was a 4.6 heart murmur. This was diagnosis determined less than 2 months after the kitten was in my possession. I immediately contacted Ms Alexander with the new findings. I also supplied her with name, address, and telephone of my veterinarian to answer any questions she may have. I done this twice and she never contacted the veterinarian. I asked Ms Alexander on four occasions for the permission to have her veterinarian to send the complete medical file on the kitten, and she refuses to cooperate with me. Obviously she was aware of the kittens’ poor health condition and was not honest enough to disclose to me up front.
My frustration in lieu of the health situation of the kitten and dealing with Ms Alexander has driven me to request a refund and I will return the kitten to her. She says, “I have to honor my contract.” How can she honor her contract when there was no honor right from the start? The way I see it her contract is null and void if you sell an animal that you know is sick.
If you are right everything you and your friend said about me that I scam you and etc ( when you have my money and I’m paying the medical expenses of your cat)why don’t you take me to the court. Your friend Jeanne M. Nangle is a very “PITYFUL LIAR EVIL RACIST SHE IS!” Her own words and action show the type of her poor up bringing childhood as she speak! Who have no life and business to get involved with but, snip her nose to other people’s business, keep attacking me with her nonsense talk when she don’t know the facts and don’t know me at all. Buyers beware, if for example Terrilyn Alexander selling you a sick cat “REPORT” her to the State Attorney General in Sacramento California because I already reported her and they have file on her in their office. Also, after 5 years CFA breeders can changes their Cattery name and use the name of their family members in the Cattery to register and etc in the CFA so be careful to deal with her. Jeanne M. Nangle Owner: Macglen Bicolor Persian Cattery New Address: 16 Cricklewood Place. Frontenac, Missouri 63131 Email: [protected] http/ Karen Pratt Owner: Oceanpurlls Persian Cattery (new name of her cattery) Fr: Calgary Alberta Canada Phone: (403)948 – 3697 Email: [protected] Website:

Update by Sanci Hall
Aug 14, 2011 6:59 am EDT

First of all who are you? I don’ know you! Are you really that confused? Or are you just another racist who likes to put people down? If you don’t like what you have seen on my cattery website don’t look at it! Little dirt in my bathroom or whatever you saw has nothing to do with your friend selling a sick cat with heart murmur! (Heart murmur is a genetic condition) She did it and end of discussion! Why are you still dragging this subject out! Do you have better things to do with your life? Or are you just so obsessed to get involved with other people’s problems when my transaction with Ms. Alexander has nothing to do with you! “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” I don’t owe you any explanation because there’s nothing to hide, just like you don’t want me to know of who you are! (And frankly I don’t care) Obviously, another coward who likes to wear the “ZORO MASK” eager to attack of people but, hide their identities. What are you hiding? Definitely, maybe another CFA breeder who has a problem with some buyers out there and you are afraid their cattery name gets posted also next to Terrie Lyn Alexander. (I don’t even know the real spelling of her name because she changes it so much in the important papers she sent to me about the cat).
My lawyer can pull out all of your identities directly from the owners of any complaint websites, if I want to if you continue to harass me and call me a scammer when I’m the one who lost money in this. You can’t even argue with me face to face without wearing “ZORO MASK” and using some pseudonym. I bet if I come to your home without notice I will find a lot of nasty things about you! You are talking to me about cleanliness, don’t tell me your home is clean all the time if you don’t have small children or you take a shower everyday! And everybody knows your pooh don’t stink! Yeah! You don’t want to buy a cat from me because I make my strict policy, and you can’t play games with me later on, and you probably can’t afford the price of my kitten’s I’m asking for. (Because Persian kittens is a price like a gold, and they are!) Are you expecting me not to get mad of what your friend did to me? I know one of your CFA cat breeder colleagues she displays herself in cattery site that she don’t cage of her cats she raised them under their foot, her house is clean, well guess what? Her cats were inside cages stacked three high in “BIG HIGH CAGES”. When I picked up the kitten from her house, her kitchen counter was not clean, but did I say anything and made no big deal about it. “NO!” because it’s not my business of how the way she lives in her home. I purchased a kitten from her and fell in love with the kitten because I was interested in the kitten not how or what her home looked like. I am surprised that you don’t attack me because my gazebo on my backyard is dusty and has bird pooh on it. My Persian babies are not going to a buyer with bad temper and a childish behavior such as yours. You have never been to my house and you make judgments about me by saying my house is nasty over a little mess you found in the one spot area of the quick snap shot! I was in the middle giving a bath all of my cats when I took that picture, if you must know. Is that the best all you can do? You are very pathetic person with your child-like behavior. “HOW OLD ARE YOU, BY THE WAY?” You don’t have anything useful to say why you don’t keep quiet! Maybe Terrie Lyn Alexander owner of Shadowoak Persian cattery spend most of her money for her cats to have pretty pictures in her cattery websites and have professional photos retouch up, but I spend most of my money to take care the health of my cats by taking to their vet appointments.
Just like they said here in board complaint sites, for example Jeanne Nangle said, “Most breeders give their own cat vaccines and go only to the vet for health check up when the kitten finally ready to go their new home.”
I know that the looks of the cat in the cattery website internet is important, but the overall health of the cat is the main factor. Maybe I’m not as good as your friend to groom a cat, but she is not good to take her cats to the vet as she said to me before that the cat only go to see the vet one time when finally ready to send to me. (At the age of 6 months old) You just said, you don’t know anything about cats, I know you don’t know anything about the cat Terri Lyn sent to me. (Or maybe this is true!) So how could you judge me and my poor cats when you don’t even live here every day and never been in my house and you don’t know to take care of Persian cats either. I’ll bet my cats have better place to leave in than you have. Ms. Alexander destroyed her own self by lying and cheating people, and she has the nerve to blame me when it was her selfishness and greed. (She is disappointed because I caught her in a lie and proved she is a hypocrite).
By the way on March 2011 same time her own State Attorney General contacting her, as I was busy looking a male cat to buy in California in Oodle EBay and guess what I found? Ms. Alexander was displaying 3 adult cats retired from breeding offering them for sale for only $250 dollars (fixed). While for the mean time she is answering to the States Attorney General Office and said, “I am only hobby breeder.”
She has more than 5 cats in her house breeding already before her own States Attorney General contacted her. I bring this up because she sending Sus, another one of her other friends, to attack me in other websites calling me with some horrible accusations without any proof, at least I can prove mine. She wants to sell me a cat and send to me after spayed/neutered and charge me more of the price which is not fair when she is selling a cat for only $250.00 (two hundred and fifty dollars) to other people when she got my money already, (which it’s not what I signed for in the contract) now is that fair?
She said, on her add posted she wants to meet buyers in a public place. Her cattery sites she displayed lots of little decoration around next to her cats on the photos. Just like the way this person asking me do I want to sell flower vases? (Trying to be funny, what a poor attempt at humor). A few cattery websites that I know of have a lot of missing information about them self and do not even put their complete name of their cattery site contact. Some others don’t put their contact information unless you send them an email. Ms. Alexander did not give me her full name the first time, but I give to her mine the very first time she contacted me. I did not make any fuss about it because that’s what most people do unless government is the one asking your full name, (it’s allowed by the government to restrict your certain information in the internet when you don’t know for sure how your personal name can be used) but, this thing it didn’t stop me to buy her cat because I trusted her before, and that person describing herself Sus, who I believe is Terrie Lyn Alexander, going tell around to other sites saying I’m a scammer, dishonest breeder and etc., . Maybe she is the one dishonest, liar, scammer and had 4 husbands telling her how crazy she is because she can’t even tell me of who she is? She proves herself here in complaint sites that she is the one crazy person who likes to get involved of the other people business, when it has nothing to do with her. The point is, why is not okay for me to meet the buyer in a public place, and etc but, it’s okay only for them; see how racist and hypocritical they all are! (I may sale Persian kitten/cat, I still like to maintain and have some privacy sometimes on my own house, is not a crime! It’s not up to you to tell me how to run my household when I don’t tell you how you should live in your own home!) Like I said before, I’m not a perfect person, but I try to be fair…. This problem should be not continuing on anymore. As I said before move on with your life, and have peace on your heart as God teaching each of us. To love one another just like your one friend said to me before as I have found peace own my heart…. You don’t make a decision to the buyer not to buy a kitten from me the buyer is the one make decision for them self and they are not dumb people to believe your story. I have warned them about what your friend has done to me! Buyers don’t have to believe my story and or buy a kitten from me. At least, I help the community to beware of those people are out there and to be cautious of those breeders like Ms. Alexander because it’s my duty as a citizen and is the right thing to do. I was so shocked and very disappointed of what she had done to me. I’m a CFA breeder just like her. (It seems like she trying to sabotage purposely my new cattery since she will have another new and a possible competitive breeder out there). It just so sad to think that this experience I have had with her with cats turned out to be such a bitter situation.
Whether I’m a professional or a Hobby breeder it is not your business! You are not a buyer and I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’m not the same of your friend running scared from her legal responsibility to her buyer’s and using the Hobbyist excuse to evade the law. (My buyer will be the only one to find out when they finally get my contract). Why don’t you ask that question to your friend is she really or not a Professional breeder? Because she and her friends are listed on “” along with others who are described as professional breeders.
I had given permission to one of their friends to contact me first on my email when they sent me a private message here on board complaint site inviting me to associated of them, she did not respond to me. Next I offered here on this site to them that I can take out my complaint posted on these websites if they are willing to apologize to me first here on this site, but I guess they were not serious.
I would like to encourage all the buyers to write to their states congressmen to come up with more legislation to enforce the “Pet Lemon Law” in their State.
I wish “NOT TO DISCUSS” this matter anymore as I have moved on. Enough has been said about the subject. Have “PEACE”…

Update by Sanci Hall
Jun 04, 2011 9:22 pm EDT

I just have had very much enough this beating around the bush! I don’t believe any buyers out there believed that breeders don’t make any money when you sell kittens for over $1200.00 (one thousand two hundred dollars) You keep saying it’s an expensive hobby, just to “EVADE THE LAW” and the rights of the buyers. For the amount of all the hard work just to take care the cats, you don’t make any “money” you should quit and get a real job if you have that all energy! Everyone says “NO REFUND” so it must be for the money. (Obviously, they don’t know the Law) Again, those other breeder friends of Ms Alexander why you keep telling me I will sale sick cat, if I know that the cat is sick, I will not sell to anyone, like your friend did to me and still try to convinced me to breed the cat. So why don’t you tell her that “NOT TO ME!” I don’t need any of your advice because I’m not breaking a Law. To all the buyers out there and CFA honest breeders, you should be wary of those breeders who indorsed of what Terrilyn Alexander have done to me.
By the way, month of December 2010 Ms Alexander just had (5) five new Persian Kittens born that month that she just had put on her cattery website available page offered for sale. I approached her about the new kittens available and she hardly not even say any a word about this or bothered to offer me any one of the kittens, she sounded like she shocked that I found out about the available kittens she had display on her cattery website available page, next thing I know she take it so fast the pictures of those cats just right after I mentioned to her about it. She knows that she got my money already and that she promised that she will replace me another kitten which is said in our contract and she’s not even offered me anything of one at all. It’s not fair to me when the other new buyers come in and get first, and I have to wait of when is another new litter available when she got my money already. The day I complaint to her the diagnosis report of the cat’s heart problem, I was told by her that she will give me another replacement cat by next year 2011. Now, why she does not telling me that she already have new litters kittens born December 2010 that is available? Why I have to wait another kitten’s to be born when she already had in her hands? I demand to get my refund after I found out the new kittens she had those time because I was very disappointed and angry with her by playing more games of me.
I just don’t want to be bothered anymore this kind of person after they made promised and don’t keep the words she put to her contract. (obviously, she said she will give you replacement yeah! whenever she feel like it and of course when she finally get your money, she can careless wither you get the replacement or not! And if you don’t contact the seller you might end up got nothing of replacement kitten) According to our contract, you agreed to give me a replacement kitten of equal value that I paid! Not the one that you offered me and charge me more and sent to me after you spayed or neutered. That’s not what I sign for; I sign a contract for me to “BREED, NOT FOR NEUTERED/SPAYED, HEALTHY KITTEN AND NOT FOR THE SICK CAT WHICH YOU ALSO AGREE IN OUR CONTRACT!” You violated your own contract by sending me a sick cat. Ms Alexander if I want only a pet I can always adopt a cat in animal shelter for only $80.00 eighty dollars close where I live with no major health problems, I don’t have to spend over thousand of money to get the cat out from other state if I just want only a cat as a pet. Besides I already have females Persian kittens and one male Persian kittens before I come to you that can produce me a kittens, I can have a pet on my own cats babies if I just want a pet or for just a cat show.
You also lied to your own States Attorney General about this by saying I buy the cat from you for only for a show! (actually breeding, and maybe someday I can take the cat to the cat show which is our agreement also) why do I have to spend more money if I just want a cat for the cat show when I know the fact that I just start up a new small cattery, and I need another one male to produce me a kittens from different genes? And why in the world do I have to buy another cat to other people and spent a lot of money if I just want a cat for the cat show when I have on my own Persian cats already to take to the cat show that is more than beautiful of what she sold to me? (Right there, her story that she told to her own State Attorney General don’t make any sense at all! She lied so much that her story is very inconsistent) I’m sure buyers out there feel the same way too. Yeah, I made up my mind to get my refund after the seller hide away from me that she had already kittens listed available to sale! I don’t want to be bothered her anymore… Is anyone out there wants to bother of someone who always lied specially after they have your money? I don’t. If Ms Alexander make fairness to me before, this problem should never happen. I try the best I can to be fair this person from the beginning of my complaint by telling her before that if she doesn’t have $400.00 four hundred dollars to refund me I can take it the $300.00 three hundred dollars and pay me the rest of money $100.00 one hundred dollars by paying me $50.00 next month and pay me also the rest $50.00 in next month, that’s all it save of the arguments, but her greed of money is the one stopping her to do the right thing and to blame! When I just want to help her breed cat that’s all but, she still chose to say no! On very cold hearted her voice rude tone on the phone. Obviously, when you get a cat from her from different parents then you will not have a problem like I have but, if you buy a kitten from the same parents who produce a congenital defect like heart murmur then you will understand how I feel. Of course, she will make sure not to sell a sick cat to her own friends, but if you’re just a stranger’s who wants to buy kitten from her and you are not her own socialize friends she will sell you a sick cat too just like she did to me. Is any CFA breeders out there wants to get trouble someday and get sued for breeding and selling kittens with heart murmur? I don’t. So breeders out there should be thankful to me to save them in this kind of incident and to avoid not to breed sick cats as I look after their interest not to get any problems like the cat I have the heart murmur cause of other irresponsible breeders.
The only one form she sent to me along with the vaccines record that has a health question about Goatee’s condition that day of his appointment Oct 4, 2010 she answer most of the question about the cat’s health condition, but except the only one question that she did not answer the question is “IS GOOTE HAVE BEEN TAKING ANY MEDICATION?” Ms Alexander did not answer this question’s, I wonder why she did not answer this part. She shown that she is capable to answering most of the other health questions in the form but, why only this part she don’t bothered to answer at all? I’m not professional licensed veterinarian who can give vaccines to any of the cats and obviously, I only have no “GUTS TO POKE THE NEEDLES DIRECTLY TO THE BODY OF THE CATS especially this very serious type of behavior without really knowing what the health condition of the animals. Do not compare me to Ms Alexander because I’m not like her and you really don’t know me at all so mind your own business do not get involved to other people’s business if you can’t help with the solution. How am ‘I nasty is because I responded truthfully of those nonsense harassment comments and describing exactly the type of people they are, and informing the buyers about their rights, you don’t agree what I said keep it to yourself because nobody wants to hear it from you either and definitely of course you the breeder friends of her will indorsed her because you all are have the same policy and contract, if Terrilyn Alexander policy has to go down everyone of you have the same contract will go down too that’s why you all have to get together to fight and defend for her to save the unfair contract that everyone of you have. (Not referring to those honest breeders) “REMEMBER THE WORDS IT”S BEEN THOUGHT WORLD WIDE EVERYBODY HAVE THE SAME CONTRACT!” a contract that designed only to “ BENEFIT” the breeders “NOT FAIR” to the buyers. In this point of time I don’t really care anymore of what other people said about me because they don’t really know me and Terrilyn Alexander is very wrong of what she did. (She’s very lucky the cat can’t talk and speak up for himself) I don’t need a cat from her anymore thanks for the replacement offer but, no thanks! Also apologizes for what! For telling the truth and describing the type of the person Ms Alexander really is! She’s the one who need to beg an apology from me if she still has conscious left inside of her “NOT” me because I have not done anything wrong to her. Yeah! My “HONEST” people fellow CFA Persian Cat breeders out there, you can take my bad experiences for buying a sick cat as “GOOD EXAMPLE!” as you can wind – up breeding also a sick cat with a heart murmur if I followed her advice that it is still okay to breed a cat with heart murmur, I can see from now a lots of breeders will get
“LAW SUITS EVERYWHERE IN THE COURT, NAMES GET POSTED IN COMPLAINT BOARDS SITES, AND MAYBE GET BOND OUT FROM CFA ALSO FOR SELLING SICK CAT WITH HEART MURMUR!” cause of the other breeder’s neglected and greedy. I can breed the cat if I want too, but “DOES NOT THE TYPE OF THE PERSON I’AM” as my parent thought me that never afraid to speak up the truth and fight for your rights, not to put people down, not to judge other people if you don’t know all the facts and the person is as I can be the same situation they are in and not to do the bad thing when you know is wrong. My parents are very wonderful hardworking and very religious catholic people which I admire them so very much they don’t have a lot of money but, they give to us all their love and educate their children with dignity and pride to fallow of “GOD JESUS CHRIST AND THE LAW RULES” and that is the matters the most. You can have everything you want and all that knowledge but don’t have that “GOOD VALUES” then you have nothing. True I can be selling sick cat and that because it was out of my knowledge that I have no control about it! “BUT”, one thing I can tell you if for example my buyer come back and complaint to me about it, I will make sure to make my buyer’s happy and take serious of their complaint as long they can “PROVE IT” to me their legitimate complaint by giving me the diagnosis report of the cats illness along with the phone number, address, and the licensed name’s of veterinarian for the breeder to call about the cats problem or etc. I will then make sure to investigate the complaint of the buyer, and if the buyer’s complaint is exactly right of what it said in diagnosis report and legitimate within the law, then I will make sure to work with the buyer satisfaction to solve the problems or whatever negotiation of the fair resolution between me and the buyers have which Ms Alexander never do her job to me. You don’t ignore of the buyers complaint when they comply your request, specially you depend them on their money to buy your product. Without buyers your business can’t go on because you will lose customers eventually if you don’t treat them right! As the matter of fact I was thinking that after I finish to paid off the balance of breeding rights I was planning to do with business her again (and pay right away all the amount at the time when I purchased another cat from her from different parents genes, and also refer her to another customers if I don’t have available kittens to sale) but, since she’s not treated me right she lost me as her customer and will not come back ever to her again.
I don’t think she understands what really a “CONTRACT MEANS” she really needs to educate herself more about contract. When you create your policy and put in your contract for buyers to sign, you really have to keep your words you put “in” don’t change all the sudden the rules just after you get the buyer’s signature and money. Sell them sick cat when the buyer signs for the healthy one and not the sick one! You sign also for the agreement to give another replacement to the buyer if something happened of the cat. You change this rule’s too by not telling to the buyer that you have 5 kittens available already in your hands. She did not tell me about this because she rather sell this other kittens to make another money because she is greedy of money when she knows she already get my money and owe me the replacement kitten as per our contract agreement, she wants to charge me more too of the pet price when it’s not what I signed for on the agreement contract. She wants me to wait whenever she feels like it to give me one and that is not fair. Ms Alexander might have been a good breeder one time but, this kitten she is getting tired by taking care of him because he have a health problems she can’t used him and it just a burden for her and let other people to take care of him that’s why she selling to me the cheapest price $600.00 six hundred dollars as a pet and $1200.00 (one thousand two hundred dollars) for breeding rights to make money by selling him even though she knows he have bad health issues. Now it makes a lot of sense to me of why she telling me before that she changed her mind to keep him and decide to sell him when I don’t even asked her about this, I did not ask why she was selling the cat, I guess I was naïve at the time to trust her words that the cat is very, very healthy and etc.
I was just so happy that she accepted my offer money and agreed for installment payment of breeding rights which I was appreciated. My goodness! Do I was very wrong to trust her. You can only know the person after you have to go through the nightmare. Ms Alexander did not even bother to respond of my accusation about her if she think I’m so wrong, is that telling you something? So far she only depends on her breeder friends to defend of her. There is nothing wrong to start a small business with a little money as long you do the right thing! It is not a “CRIME, CHEATING AND LYING IS THE CRIME”. You can have all that money in the world to start and have a big business you want but, if you can’t do it right and to your customer’s “WHAT DOES IT MAKES DIFFERENT AND MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON”.
There is nothing wrong to be a hobby breeders as long you do the right thing, and be a responsible and fairness hobby breeder which Ms Alexander never shown to me and just threw me and the cat under the bus because of her greed over the little money when she listed and represent herself as a professional breeder on “REGISTRY SITE” to attract people to buy kittens from her just like she said to me on the time I purchased the cat, and all of the sudden she is only a hobby breeder when something wrong come up just to evade the law and her responsibility to me as a buyer, if they have a “TAX ID AND STATE LICENSE” then their not a hobby they are in business just like Ms Alexander have had mentioned to me before that she pay a lot of taxes for her cattery business.
I have more to tell about the breeder, but keep talking about this issue it becomes sound so very bored and annoying now to me! Do you have better things to do with your time? Get on with your life, as I have said already before that I have already forgiven those people who made hateful comments about me. They put them self in the middle of this argument between me and Ms Alexander which none of this problem has nothing to do with them. They should not get involve of other people’s business and not send a mean letter to the people’s personal email to the people they really don’t know, met in person or done business with because you really don’t know how that letter you sent can translate and make to the other person feel different and think! (obviously, Jeanne Green owner of Steeplechase Cattery Located 1925 Vineyard Drive. Camden, South Carolina 29020 Phone: (803) 432 – 5575 website: does not really know the Law as she try to make me believed).
There is a limitation a call friend, you really have to know first all of the facts and the real truth about your friend before you helping them because you never know what trouble you can get in too if your friend is wrong. I hope everyone take this and learned as a bad example on their part. I won’t take out my posted comments on Boards complaint sites like you ask me to unless they all apologize to me here in Board Complaint Sites as I have not done any wrong, and it’s not your job to tell me what to do and where to go either, You sound just like the someone I know! you should be asking those questions you have and advising your friend not to sell sick animal and take care right her cat’s because she is the one who shown very irresponsible to her own part to her own breed, and “NOT” to me so why are you bothered talking and asking me those questions directly to me! I don’t know you. Are you that confused or you just don’t care? My own vet never found any health problems with any of my cats, and I don’t owe you any explanations because I’m not the one who selling a sick cat purposely to her CFA fellow breeder. I don’t need someone to hold my hand to look a friend because I know where to find if I need one (who do you think you are?) I don’t need a friend who always lied all the time and put me down also because of my nationality which has nothing of what the breeder selling a sick animal’s to me. It is easy for you to say to calm down is because it is not your name who been accused of being a scammer, stalker, rip off, try to extort money, attacking my race, (civil rights) defamation of my character, slandering my cattery name, retaliation in the CFA, violated my confidential records inside the CFA by someone who work inside the high office in CFA. (You know of who is that person I’m talking about) I bet if someone do this to you, you will be screaming too here on Board Complaint because you even take time to bother to scream my ear (when supposed to be of Terrilyn Alexander job to defend herself) and again, the person who you screaming don’t know you at all and none of this problem also is your business. If you can’t talk to me nice like a normal person, don’t bother to respond my comments or read it if you can’t help with the solution. If it is sound nasty for you ignore it. (because that’s would I do if I were you) Terrilyn Alexander owner of Shadowoak Persian Cattery lied to me and lied to her own State Attorney General I wondering maybe she also lied about other stuff too. If they are planning to “KICK ME OUT SOONER OR LATER FROM CFA” let them try! All your comments and corresponding letters I have with CFA had been recorded in the office. Have “PEACE” in your heart as “GOD JESUS CHRIST” wants us to feel each other…
There is nothing wrong to buy an inexpensive animals as long they are pedigree, have a good quality and no major health problems.

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 26, 2011 9:48 am EDT

Lemon Law for Cats and Dogs
State legislation popularly known as pet "lemon law" is designed to give protection to new pet owners who purchase a sick puppy or kitten from a commercial breeder or pet store. Twelve states have enacted such legislation: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Vermont. Since the law varies from state to state, there is no one set of protections guaranteeing consumers a specific right of recourse, and as of May 2009, puppy law legislation in other states was pending. Below are some of the state-specific provisions that have been enacted.
Hereditary and Congenital Conditions
1. Some states, such as Florida and California, require pet sellers to test for congenital and hereditary conditions that might later affect an animal's health. Some laws also permits pet owners the option of a refund or replacement, even if their pet does not exhibit congenital or hereditary difficulties until the adult years.

Read more: Lemon Law for Cats and Dogs |

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 26, 2011 9:45 am EDT

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California Lemon Laws for Puppies
By Phyllis Greene, eHow Contributor
updated: May 26, 2010
California laws protect buyers of sick puppies.
If you purchase a sick dog (or cat) from a pet dealer in California, state laws provide you with rights and remedies similar to consumer rights under vehicle "lemon" laws. But unlike the purchase of a defective car, buying a sick pet causes heartbreak along with the monetary loss. California's pet lemon laws were enacted in 1995 and are contained in the Polanco-Lockyer Pet Breeder Warranty Act. These laws can make it very expensive for dealers who sell ill and defective dogs in California, states
2. All pet dealers and breeders in California are subject to the state's pet lemon laws. California Health & Safety Code Section 122045(b) covers any business or individual who sells dogs or cats, except for unlicensed hobby breeders who sold fewer than two litters or 20 dogs in the year preceding a complaint.
Notice of Rights
3. When you buy a pet in California, the seller must give you a written notice called a Statement of California Law Governing the Sale of Dogs. This notice informs buyers of their rights when they believe they were sold a dog that is "unfit for purchase." Health & Safety Code Section 122100 sets out the exact wording of this notice and also requires the buyer to acknowledge in writing that he has reviewed it.
Veterinarian's Report
4. Before the buyer of a sick pet can choose remedies under the puppy lemon law, a licensed veterinarian must issue a written diagnosis of the animal's medical condition. A pet is "unfit for purchase" if the veterinarian states that within 15 days after taking possession, it became sick because of an illness that existed on or before the dealer delivered the dog. Health & Safety Code Section 122070(a) also applies to a congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the dog, requires hospitalization or surgery and was diagnosed within one year.
Buyers' Remedies
5. Once a buyer of a sick pet has received the vet's written statement, she has a choice of three remedies under Health & Safety Code Section 122070(a): The dog may be returned to the seller for a refund of the purchase price, plus sales tax and reasonable or she can retain the dog and receive reimbursement of vet fees in an amount no greater than 150 percent of the purchase price.
Buyers' Responsibilities
6. Buyers are required to notify the seller of a sick dog within five days after learning of the vet's diagnosis, under Health & Safety Code Section 122080. The seller can request the buyer to produce the dog for examination by the seller's vet of choice and has a right to contest the claim. If the seller does not contest, he must reimburse the buyer of the sick pet within 10 business days after receiving the vet's statement. Contested claims may be filed in court.
7. A dealer who knowingly sells a dog in California that is ill or has a condition requiring hospitalization or nonelective surgical procedures is subject to penalties under Health & Safety Code Section 122060 that range from up to $1, 000 for a first offense to $10, 000 for a fifth offense. In addition to fines, the seller may be prohibited from selling dogs for periods from 30 days to one year.
veterinary fees (not more than the sale price); the buyer may opt to exchange the sick dog for one of the same value, plus reimbursement for vet's fees;

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 26, 2011 9:31 am EDT

This is my response to your friends comment's it's just too bad that you are not willing to fight for your rights when someone sells you with the crocked face. (if the breeder really exist) don't expect me to be like you because I'm not! if the seller doesn't have money, I've got (2) words; for you get bonded or get business insurance. My advise to you is, if can't put all the cards on the table or supply to the buyers with the pertinent informations they need like giving the medical records of the cat, and then find someone else that will cooperate and do business with. Her friends create a lot of innuendos and vicious attacks on people that they don't know. They never offer any useful information. Ms Nangle is not doing anything helpful she just keeps adding to the confusion. How many different ways can I tell you " TO BUTT OUT !" My mental condition was fine until I meet you! You are the one who "NEEDS TO SEEK MENTAL HELP!" or I wonder maybe you are just developing alzheimer's desease.

To: Ms Alexander you have (30) thirty days from today to make some kind of arrangements of what to do with your cat, name Gotee (Cadillac) as I'm just a agent of this cat. As I have told you in previous months that I have no used for him, and I want you to take him back and return back my refund money $700.00 seven hundred dollars and you pay for the shipping this time. Starting today April 26, 2011 until May 26, 2011 if I still don't heard from you then I will consider that you totally abandoned your cat. I really don't want to keep the cat when I know he doesn't belong to me and you have not contributed a dime for his care or well being. I don't need another replacement cat from the same parents who produce a cat with heart murmur nor do I need another cat as pet only after you spayed/ neutered to me that's not a cat of equal value. Your unfair contract has nothing written to discribe any specific time frame of when I can expect another replacement kitten is available. (I can be waiting five yrs and or who knows when you feel like it to give me a replacement only your words as you said so but, no guarantee you will kept your promise as I had learned the hard way to trust your words before). You sold
me a sick cat that supposed to be breedable as of our agreements in the contract, and I can't even breed this cat, and has no value to me of what I'm paying for. You think my $700.00 dollars I give to you for the cat is not a lot
for you. Ms Alexander you might think $700.00 seven hundred dollars is not a lot of money, but for me it is. I work hard for my money(if $700.00 is not a lot for you then why don't you give me back my money?) I'm sure
most buyers feel the same way. I'm really getting tired to keep repeating my self to you over and over to give me back my refund or at least to have some kind of fair solution to the problem, thats all I ask. Maybe if you had told me up front that my money is nothing to you, then maybe I could go elsewhere and find a cat just as beautiful like you have, but much cheaper price than you asking for; and has no major health issues. So who you think you are? Your cat and I were begging your little help, and you telling me that I'm a mean and bad person! Sure, if you buy a cat from Ms Alexander and he is healthy there will be no problem if you buy a cat from her that has an illness, You will experience what happened to me.
This is my final response, and may everyone of us find "PEACE" in our heart as we are "GODS' children no matter what differences are among us; as I have "FORGIVEN THEM ALREADY" the people who made hateful comments about me.

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 26, 2011 4:57 am EDT

From reading all those nonsense comments of Terrilyn Alexander, Jeanne M. Nangle, and their breeder friends that were directed towards me I have decided it is time for me to respond to their ridiculous ranting. It is so sad that Ms Alexander has to ask her friends to come and post compliments about her; and to attack of me because she is so “GUTLESS”. She knows that I’m telling the truth about her selling me a sick cat with a heart murmur which is the “REAL REASON FOR MY COMPLAINT!” The other sickness was treatable with some antibiotics, but the heart murmur is not! Which can be life threatening for this poor innocent cat who is the really the one suffer with their nonsense arguments of my complaint and maybe need a heart surgery in the future later in his life. For your information; I take good care of her cat better than she has done. I signed him up for the very first month to the Banfield Hospital to have “Health Wellness Care Plan” for a yearly plan to see my licensed vet whether he sick or not. They charge me for that directly from my bank every month (even though before I found out that he have a heart murmur) I take care her cat just like the way I take care my own children, and for you and your friends accusing me that I am not taking care of her cat and abusing her cat is “RIDICULOUS AND UNSPEAKABLE!” Ms Alexander turned her back on the cat and is not willing to help me out in this situation. She sold me a sick cat with genetic disease then refuses to give me a refund. (THE CONTRACT SERVES ONLY OF TERRILYN ALEXANDER) you set me up with your contracts’ 72 hours rule so I can’t refuse to take care of his medical needs and etc., when really “YOU STILL ARE THE OWNER OF THIS CAT! I DON’T HAVE THE PAPERS THAT IT SAY I OWN THIS CAT THE REGISTRATION PAPERS OF THIS CAT STILL UNDER HER NAME. You betrayed my trust to you as you also try to sabotage my name with your friends who are breeders and “YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL AND NOR DO THE REST OF YOUR FRIENDS!” I am the way I am and if you don’t like the way I talk about your friend then so be it! I’m not going to stand by and not inform the buyers out there about the experience I had with your friend Ms Alexander.
I don’t really own this cat due to breeding rights is not being paid off. (I’m not going to continue to make payments of the cats’ breeding rights if I can’t use him for that purpose and I will send to her cat back). When she refused to give me back refund $400.00 (four hundred dollars) that I only asked so I can use to pay the EKG test to help her cat, it just shows to me that she doesn’t care about him. As long as he’s gone, she feels no responsibility for him. She made money by selling him to me and cares of nothing else. The “CAT” that she bred that still carries her name and I am investing a lot of my time and efforts to help the cat. Ms Alexander is taking advantage of me through her contract to take care of her cat’s medical needs. As she and her friends, fellow CFA breeders, tries to make us believe that Ms Alexander loves and cares about him when she really does not! (It just her propaganda to manipulate the buyers) Now for you to say, Jeanne M. Nangle, that I put your friend on the Board complaints destroys her reputation is not true, it simply means her “METHODS NEEDS SOME IMPROVEMENTS”. Ms Alexander did not care about her responsibility to me as a customer when I presented her with the cats’ heart murmur diagnosis report. Instead she chose to disregard me and disrespect me by conspiring and rallying to destroy my character, my name, and my Cattery. She was trying to blame me, but it was her own greed and neglect. I grew up in a family who loves to care for animals and I was taught how to raise them and respect them as they are also “GODs’ little creatures.”
I do know how to take care of animals especially cats and I do know that the Persian cat is a feline that has such strict gene pool that no matter how careful we are to take care this little one “things” can still go wrong. The point is the minor defects are not what really I complain about; is the heart murmur of the cat from genetic disease, and for Ms Alexander to choose to ignore me is really the reason why I have a problem with her. It is nobody’s fault why the cat has a heart problem which Ms Alexander knows that I gave her a credit for that, but when she turns around and tries to blame me for the cats’ illness, that really made me angry and very disappointed of her. (I did not cause the heart murmur of the cat!) Ms Alexander knows the cat has a heart murmur, and I know for sure he didn’t get this disease from my other beautiful Persian kittens as she tried to accuse my poor innocent cats when none of my kittens are sick (only hers). On the other hand, Ms Alexander had the opportunity to fix the problem by making it right before when the first time I told about the cat. I was just informing her not giving her a reason to hold my money from me. I do believe that she has responsibility to make it right (the problem) as I already spend lot of money of this cats’ air fare and her vets’ health check-up. Now she wants to charge me again for her vet health check-up, replacement cat, and shipping. I think that’s very unfair and all she will do nothing but supply the cat. (Seems to me I’m being punished for making a complaint) She’s the one who is not following her contract from the start. I’m not really complaining the minor illness of the cat because they will go away eventually after it gets treated. Unfortunately, a heart murmur is not quite that simple! The minor illness of the cat is what led up the cat having to see the veterinarian. Yes, I made a complaint about her cat’s heart murmur diagnosis. (Ms Alexander was probably hoping I would “NOT FIND OUT” I believe she had known the cat has heart murmur as she was “NOT WILLING TO RELEASE TO ME” the complete medical file. Her vet says the cat “DOES HAVE MEDICAL FILE IN THEIR OFFICE, BUT THE OWNER HAS TO GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO RELEASE TO ME”) I could be breeding sick cats without knowing because of Ms Alexander’s neglect. I could have caused a domino effect among other CFA breeders (also cause other breeders to be breeding sick cats with a heart murmur into the future generations). I won’t let that happened if I have control to not to spread every where this disease. I’m trying to help her be a better breeder. Does anyone “WANT A CAT WITH A HEART MURMUR?” I don’t. The last time I have had talked to her on the phone Ms Alexander still tries to convince me that heart murmur is not that really bad as I think it is. She tells me her husband and she both has heart murmurs and is doing fine. Which is good for them (Ms Alexander again, your cat has a 4/6 heart murmur that’s almost half way to being severe 5/6 to 6/9) less than 2 months after he’s in my possession and I can’t believe that you can say that heart murmur is not that really bad! I guess for you to believe that your cat is sick he has to be sick and drop dead because you don’t even have any idea at all of what’s really going on the health of your cat. (You only take him one time to see your vet when he finally ready to send him to his new home) I will not take any chance to breed sick cats because it’s not the right thing to do! How does she know that the cats’ heart murmur is not serious? Is she’s now also a professional licensed veterinarian? Heart murmur is not contagious disease as Terrilyn Alexander try to blame this problem to my kittens, and Royal Canin dry cat food is not the cause of the cat’s illness it is a higher quality food than Eukanuba, what she’s been feeding to her cats. I have known people who appeared to be healthy, but they ended up dropping dead.
She doesn’t know anything and she don’t care because the cat is not in her possession! The cat also had “COLITIS and UPPER RESPIRATORY VIRUS INFECTION” that he got from his mother and never got treated for. As they were saying in their comments to me especially from Jeanne M. Nangle owner of the MacGlen Bicolor Persian Cattery the cat had vaccine administered by the breeders themselves! The cat has never seen a vet until he is ready to go on his new home! That vet visit is at the buyers’ expense of course, she charged it to me! She also demanded and charged me another $15.00 (fifteen dollars) to pay for the cats’ rabies vaccine “JUST AFTER I SIGNED HER CONTRACT.” I gave her all the money she asked me to send to her for the cat (I have my bank statement that she got paid for that). I don’t really care the extra small amount she charged me as long she send to me a healthy cat, which she did not delivered to me (ethical breeders do not come back and demand more money from the buyer after they signed the contract, nor do they breach their own contract by selling a sick cat when they promise a healthy one. And now she’s telling me I am not following the contract!) Ms Alexander I don’t have to follow your unfair contract because you are not “FOLLOWING THE CONTRACT BY YOU SENDING ME A SICK CAT!”
Ms Alexander and her friends pretend as if they don’t know each other, then I found out they are linked to each other by their Cattery websites. Jeanne M. Nangle wants to get involved this problem because she is a racist! And she enjoys attacking people that she doesn’t know. If your friend believes that I’m so wrong what I said about her (while she is watching all the time the words fights between me and all of her friends on the post complaint sites) she should defend herself alone without you all backing her up; she hardly speaks up for herself! Most of the time it’s her fellow breeders who are the ones’ responding to me with all their nonsense talk, actually harassment. (She even borrowed Ms Jean Greens’ letter to use to post in Board complaint site to attack me. Ms Alexander, do you have your own words?) You see Ms Alexander knows she has no argument that is why she uses other people to fight her battles. She told me last time I had talked to her on the phone that no breeder that she knows have their cats given an “EKG TEST” because it’s expensive and still not accurate. I realize it more now, and understand of why these other CFA breeders keep attacking me; when again, they don’t even know the facts and don’t know me at all! Maybe it is because they have the same business practices as Ms Alexander, for example, they all say they have same policy no refund only replacement (which is “ILLEGAL!” Consumers do have the right to choose. Your contract is only “DESIGNED FOR YOUR BENEFIT” (breeder) not really for the buyers which is very unfair. It’s been taught world wide “NO REFUND ONLY EXCHANGE!” according to Karen Pratt from Calgary, Canada (describes herself as Kensington) the owner of Oceanpurrls Cattery, and Jeanne M. Nagle when it is very wrong of their part and against the Law. I wonder if the CFA is aware of these policies. Both of them also said buyers can fool you as I did to Ms Alexander (of course after she has my money! When you need our money you all so very nice, up to date to with returning our calls, email and etc., but after receiving our money we buyers become evil to them when we ask to them for our refund!) What about unethical breeders they can fool the buyers just like Ms Alexander had done to me. How often have you seen on the Board Complaint site has good compliments to the sellers, does that tell you something? Most cases are the buyers being victimized by unethical breeders (not referring to those honest CFA breeders). Ms Alexander had done her damage and finally got caught. If they are not doing anything wrong why worry about what I said to Ms Alexander. The only things Ms Alexander had done wrong were to sell me a cat with the heart murmur and conspired with other breeders to destroy my reputation.
I found out how to find out who are those “COWARDLY” people who are attacking me and to trying to manipulate the people are (they are like a bunch of cockroaches when I turn on the lights they scatter everywhere!) Some of them are cowardly and hide their identities (I have so little regard for them also). Not only “that”, they also are trying to kick me out of the CFA for doing nothing wrong, but for only speaking up for my rights.
As you can read of Jeanne M. Nangle comments that she posted on complaints board she said, “I FOUND OUT THAT YOU JUST REGISTERED YOUR NEW CATTERY IN CFA THAT WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY”. She also said to me on the other Complaint Sites in response of my other comment’s posted about Ms Alexander that “I JUST BEGAN BUT, I ALREADY FINISHED!” I found out that Jeanne M. Nangle is the CFA Judge Cat Show and is also a Manager in the CFA, and I also found out that one of the other Ms Alexander fellow friend breeder’s who is also link to her Persian Cattery website is CFA Cat Show Judge (I figured out her now that she make friends of high officials inside the CFA so for example if something she has a problem with, she can rely on them to back her up, and they believe anything and everything she says!) I have not mentioned to anyone the date when I register my new Cattery in the CFA and Jeanne M. Nangle and Terrilyn Alexander went to my confidential records in the CFA. Early in the month of January 2011, I have posted my first comment here in Board Complaint site.
January 6, 2011 I had contact to CFA in via email.
Dear Sir or Madam:
I need to settle a dispute between myself and another breeder, where do I refer it to? Which office of CFA handles these types of issues?
With a response to my email or telephone [protected], please contact me.
Yours truly,
Sanci Hall

January 9, 2011 I received a via email letter from Pam Huggins in responded of my email letter to CFA.
It depends on the type of complaint and the accompanying documentation. You can send all of the information to me with any accompanying documentation (contract, proof of payment, vet records, and other pertinent documentation) via email and soft copy attachments. I will review it and determine if we may of assistance. Please remember to include the name, CFA cattery name, address, and contract information on the breeder.
Regards, Pam H. CFA Ombudsman
January 10, 2011 I responded of Pam Huggins letter and sent letter to her in via email right away.
Dear Pam,
Thank you very much for your timely responses. In order for me to forward my information about my complaint, I need your mailing address. Please, send to me soon as possible.
Thank you!
Sanci Hall
(Same day Jan 10, 2011 I also sent Pam Huggins another small message and sent in via email to her along with copy of the comment I posted in the internet the “BUYERS BEWARE”)
Dear Pam, I want to send this complaint letter to you that I filed on the internet to give you some idea what the problem is.
Thank you,
Sanci Hall
After I sent this copy to Pam Huggins the “BUYERS BEWARE” she never come back to me anymore until this days and that was the last time I heard from her. And after few days do what I notice someone describe herself as Himmicatz is the very first person who attacks me here in these sites then a little time Terrilyn Alexander followed and posted her first comments respond after Himmicatz. I also notice every time Terrilyn responds to any of my comments posted on other sites she always have someone speaking-up for her in almost the same day. (It’s funny how quick she can found someone to say good words about her if they don’t know each other as they still pretending don’t know each other, but their action shows) just a few days Jeanne M. Nangle also come “in” on Board Complaint Site and she started attacking me.
Since Pam Huggins from CFA did not contact to me anymore, I decided to I rather contact and tell my story to Attorney General in Sacramento California about the problem I have with Ms Alexander. This complaint to Attorney General’s office will be kept on file.
I do believe that after I complained about the diagnosis of the cats’ heart murmur, Ms Alexander on December 7, 2010 she has been discussing this problem to her long time friend Jeanne M. Nangle who is a “CFA JUDGE CAT SHOW AND A CFA MANAGER” before I posted my very first comments buyers beware on Board Complaint Sites on early January 2011. Again, I’m a new CFA Persian cat breeder and I have never sold a cat to anyone. I have not done anything wrong to anyone, I don’t know them and never done any business with any of them.
Jeanne M. Nangle said in her comments posted that Terrilyn Alexander is a long time friends of hers and that she will always defend her. Ms Nangle uses her position to “RETALIATE AGAINST ME IN CFA” over her long time friendship of Ms Alexander then she is very wrong because her friendship to her and her “POSITION IN THE CFA” has nothing to do of this problem of my transaction with Terrilyn Alexander. I’m not afraid of anyone of them, and they are not “ABOVE THE LAW!” I do believe this is also the other reason why Jeanne M. Nangle is committed to attack me that she has threatened to “GET ME KICKED OUT IN THE CFA” for doing nothing wrong. Jeanne Nangle is not contented with that she attacks me also of my race. (She judges me when she doesn’t even know me!) Read again her comment’s she said, “THAT I JUST BEGUN, BUT I ALREADY FINISHED!” Jeanne M. Nangle also posted a comment in other sites and said that I’m (Sanci Hall) “TRYING TO EXTORT MONEY” of her friend Terrilyn Alexander and that it’s just unspeakable! (How did I scam of her friend’s when I ask her to give me only refund before $400.00 she’s not willing to give it to me, I want to sent back to her the cat and she is not responding about this. How did I scam her when she has my money and I take care her cat and is paying his medical bills and Terrilyn Alexander has not given me a dime towards his care? How am I a scammer? Jeanne M. Nangle “YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO TO ME BECAUSE OF YOUR CFA POSITION” and that you just don’t care because Terrilyn Alexander is your long time friend right or wrong. You are very wrong! Instead of helping us to resolve this issue, she (Jeanne M. Nangle) just causes more confusion.
Ms Alexander says I slandering her name. Slandering how? For telling the truth that she sold me a sick cat! Ms Alexander also said, SLANDERING MY NAME IS NOT GOING TO GET YOU ANY WHERE!” I’m not going anywhere until I get my money back Ms Alexander and if you talking about something else too or whatever plan you have you just try because I’m not afraid of anyone of you specially you Ms Alexander. (Right there you just prove it yourself) Jeanne M. Nangle thinks because she works for a long time inside the CFA and is also a long time CFA cat breeder; she and her friends think they can push me around because I’m just a NEW in CFA and a SINGLE PERSON who is not suppose to make any complaints. She purposely attacks me in a racist way, and those slanderous accusations with “NO PROOF!” (At least I can prove my accusations). The very bad and vulgar language that she used to attack me, the words that come out from her mouth just shows the type of the person that she really is; as she is probably not aware of her own wrong doing as the rest of those other cowards.
Jeanne M. Nangle how could you love someone that you never met and attack them right away! Why just say that you love to attack me and that you hate me and you enjoy to attacking me because you are a racist. They are saying that their cat breeding is only a hobby, if it is only a hobby why so hard for her to give me my refund? That is if it is true that it’s only a hobby. Actually, she says she don’t fall under “Pet Lemon Law” because she’s only doing it as a hobby. She says it’s only a hobby to “FREE HERSELF OF LEGAL OBLIGATIONS IN CASE THERE IS A PROBLEM LIKE HEART MURMURS”. Ms Alexander said before that she’s been breeding cats for over 26 years and even display herself as a Professional, and charges to the buyers’ a professional price $600.00 (six hundred dollars) and up just for pet price without including the breeding rights $1200.00 (one thousand-two hundred dollars) she is asking for (she thinks she is giving me a bargain) those kind of prices does not sound like just a hobbyist breeder to me. Right after I reported her to the State Attorney General in Sacramento California her story is changed; now all of the sudden she’s only breeding as a hobbyist. Okay, if it’s only a hobby again, why are they so tight-fisted with other people’s money? I will send you back your cat and you can continue your hobby. If they are not breeding cats for the money why don’t they play golf? That’s a good hobby. (This is not referring to those honest breeders) I know for sure just how expensive it is to raise Persian cats, as I do have my own beautiful Persian kittens and it’s not cheap the Royal Canin dry food and can food I use to feed them etc, that is recommended to my vet. After few days I slowly introduce her cat to eat different dry food by maxing little Royal Canin dry food to more of Eukanuba that she been feed to him (I did follow her advise) which Ms Alexander and her friends saying I feed her cat a cheaper brand of food that’s why her cat got sick. And when there is also Health Care involved to keep my beautiful Persian kittens healthy which Ms Alexander never provides to her cat’s for “example” like this cat I got.
They said I’m dreaming to have Cattery for making believe me making good money. Okay, what’s wrong for me to have a little dream and making good money? if I get a good reward for doing a hard work and to do a good job to take care my kittens and also report to the ” IRS ” my earnings; I don’t see any problem of that. The only person that doesn’t have a dream and don’t want to make good money is a dead person in a cemetery, and what has to do with of your friend selling me a sick animal. You want everything good on yourself but, it’s not okay for me to have little dream cause you both are hypocrites, liars and racist. (Ms Alexander now also uses Royal Canin to feed her cats just right after I told her I’m using Royal Canin dry foods to feed my Persian kittens)
No wonder why I got a sick cat with a heart murmur, maybe her hobby also to not to take her cats to see the licensed vet to have complete health check up since she is not making good money cause it’s only hobby and she can care less for selling sick cat to people. Her own words proved that the cat went only one time in his entire life to see the vet to have health check up at my expense. I care her cat and take him to his Dr. Appointments more than Ms Alexander ever did or never went to vet according to her. If you buy a cat from her that is healthy, you are very lucky! Her friend Jeanne M. Nangle saying “MOST EXPERIENCE BREEDERS GIVES THEIR OWN KITTENS THEIR VACCINES AND ONLY GO TO SEE THE VET WHEN IS READY TO GO THEIR NEW HOME AND THAT’S WHAT YOU GET”; they also said the cat had never gone to the vet and don’t really have medical records. How do they “know” what the health condition of the cat is? They said, they don’t know it’s other (they can’t even tell their story right and not to get busted when you all suppose to be pretend don’t know it’s other) Her vet even stated in the health check up report of the cat’s very first day visit that the cat have no heart murmur which is not true because I have proof already by my own two (2) vets that the cat does have a heart murmur which I forwarded to the State Attorney General in Sacramento, California that now have a file of the diagnosis report of the cat’s heart problem. What happened in this cats’ life before I have him? Ms Alexander works so hard to run a campaign and rally with her friends to attack me by way of feeding them wrong information. She end up rallying also all the way to Canada, who had no clue of what so ever what is going on here unless someone is telling her and you know of who I mean.
There was no mention in the any comments posted before about me not paying full price of the cat’s which also wrong information as again, they try to throwing anything they can think of to try making me look bad (and I have never discussed with anyone) because when this Karen Pratt, from Canada, (Identified herself Kensington) come the first day on the complaint site she attacks me right away and mentioned about, I did not make full payment for the cat which I know what she is talking about. If you talking about the breeding rights, first of all again, it is not a good idea for you to get involve when you don’t really know the facts and it’s not any of her business to get involved with; and for your information Karen Pratt owner of Oceanpurrls Persian Cattery from Calgary Alberta Canada. Your friend and I have made arrangements for payment of the cats’ breeding rights. A monthly rate of $50.00 (fifty dollars) and or maybe paying full payments when I finally have save up money to pay off (which I was appreciated). I have had been making my first $50.00 payment starting month of Oct 2010 same month I received her cat and made another second payment $50.00 month of November 2010 which Ms Alexander shown get paid for that too. (December 6, 2010 I found out that she sold me a sick cat with a heart murmur) There is no point for me to continue to make payments of the breeding rights if I can’t use the cat for breeding purposes. I made it plain and simple this to your friend Ms Alexander few months ago, and if Terrilyn Alexander does not understand this; I’m sure it is not her only problem. I realized that they are all friends as you can read their comments on the other complaint sites they posted you see all of them agree of Ms Alexander and indorse her for selling me sick cat because they are her CFA breeder friends and some of them are linked to her Cattery. I was shocked to believe and trust her words and to be betrayed when she had told me that the cat is very healthy that’s why I bought the cat from her. It is a shame that I had to learn the hard way of who not to trust in the new world for me in the CFA business; no one should ever have to go through something like this, I feel it is unfair. A breeder should present a pleasant experience to the buyers, and not to be deceptive and betrayed by their trust. You can “KNOW” of someone, but “NOT KNOW” about them.
Yes, as Jeanne M. Nangle says, what goes around turns around back to you because no matter what problems Ms Alexander and I may have, it has nothing to do with Jeanne M. Nangle? For you to get involved with and attacking me just show your evil racist way as you have displayed on your deplorable comments on those websites. Your behavior is very childish and inappropriate. Your racist behavior is one of the reasons “WHY THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY” and many people are still facing them today; “RACISM IS STILL ALIVE” because of people likes you, and you need to grow up! This country is a “BASED ON FREEDOM FOR EVERYBODY” to have the right to speak up for their rights and free dome of speech. This country build by every “NATIONALITY” which to this day many families have had lost their loved ones to war and is still grieving about their loss. Their family was willing to put their life blood to fight in a war for the freedom we all share in this righteous country. You and your family can have a good life (like you have now) freedom of speech. I’m talking about those who “FOUGHT AND DIED” for your freedom for this country are of all nationalities and how dare you to make such a hateful remarks like that! You should feel ashamed of yourself to speak with that kind of evil intent, what is wrong with you? Are you that so very serious, desperate and dedicated to attack me? Jeanne M. Nangle again and again, you don’t have any business in here! Your friend has hardly responded and depends on you to defend her. Is that telling you something? (I forget that you taking her part) I have the right to speak up of what your friend Terrilyn Alexander had done to me and as a citizen it is my duty to inform the buyers out there about the experience I have had because it’s the right thing to do! And if you don’t agree; it’s just too bad. For you to make a comment’s that “I DO NOT KNOW THE NORM OF AMERICAN SOCIETY AND THAT I SHOULD MAKE A GOOD DECISSION TO GO BACK WHERE I HIDE FROM AND FINALLY YOU ALSO NOT CONTENTED THOSE WORD YOU HAVE SAID, YOU ALSO SAID AND POSTED ON OTHER COMPLAINT SITES THAT I SHOULD GO AWAY AND GO BACK WHEREVER I COME FROM AND BE QUIET” it just not acceptable anymore! As it is not your call to tell me of what to do and where to go! As I don’t tell you either to control your bad language that you have been using as it has been showing your very poor upbringing about your childhood you say as you speak!
Jeanne M. Nangle, why don’t you do the same? Every time you talk you don’t make any sense, but only lies and nonsense. YOU ARE LIKE A JUNK YARD DOG, YOU BARK AT EVERYONE TO ONLY END UP CHASING YOUR TAIL! You don’t behave like a professional CFA cat show judge and manager. CFA should be ashamed to hire a racist person like you to be a judge. Your behavior just showed more to me of how weak, very low type principles are and pride you really have. How cowardly also the type person you really are just like your friend lied to Attorney General and said that she only hobbyist cat breeder (TO FREE HERSELF OF ANY LEGAL OBLIGATIONS!) Your racist nonsense does not frighten me because I’m not afraid of you and I don’t care if you are the owner or the president in the entire CFA or even you been working more than 30 yrs in the CFA because you can’t push me around. Maybe, you need to work on more of your own racist problem because “RACIST ARE USUALLY LIARS!” I understand it, that you just can’t help yourself.
Since you bring up of Gods’ people who praise of “God Jesus Christ “ that I know; don’t attack people that they don’t know, don’t make accusations, don’t put down the person because of their race, don’t judge people like you have been doing to me. Actually, religious people don’t attack unless they have to but, for all the right reasons that can make good sense in every humans’ brain “GOD” has been given to think what is right or wrong! You have not been showing at all! Is that how you love his people as I’m his child too; I follow his word, love and obey because I don’t see at all of what you said that leads up of what “God” is been telling you (LIKE LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS YOU SAID, YOU HAVE LOVE ME). I offered this cat to you that I got from your friend since I can’t use him for breeding purposes; you can buy him from me since you like to help and get involved with your friends’ Terri lyn Alexander’s problems when again, it’s not your really business to get involved of other people’s problems and you can’t help with a solution. So far you just add more the problem by continuing to attack me on your racist nonsense. You are a shiller for bad behavior, not a shiller for peace as you have been trying to say but, been proven only on your words and action.(As the gentleman said to you who describe himself Redline203 here in Board Complaint that he recognized you as a shiller when you also attacked him and he has not even said anything to you before) if you are a good friend to Ms Alexander you should tell her not to sell sick animals to your fellow CFA breeders or don’t sell sick animals at all. You are not even bothered to respond of me about the cat I have been offered to you since you want to help your friend! But, if becomes of me making a little mistake to type the wrong word of my sentence (uncomfortably) to the bad experience I have of your friend Ms Alexander you do make “SURE NOT TO FORGET” to mention this and attack me about that too or whatever you are trying to say on the other complaint sites about me! Maybe, this is not my first language, but I speak your language better than you speak mine.
You just ignore my offer because you want to keep focused at only attacking me because you know you don’t want a sick cat either with a heart murmurs. You cannot use for breeding and you are not making money by raising him. He would just a burden for you with his medical expenses and to take care of his other needs, which that is exactly your friend had done to me. Ms Alexander does not want to be bothered to take care of him, and to let other people to worry of her cat she bred. You expect me not to make a complaint about your friend! And again, you are telling to me that “I SHOULD GO AWAY, I SHOULD GO BACK WHERE I COME FROM, AND THAT I SHOULD BE QUIET!” Jeanne M. Nangle you want me to be quiet because you don’t want to be exposed and who knows what else you and your friend are hiding? No, I’m not going to be quiet until I get my money back. I expected you to standby of your friend because you are both liars and a racist! If you think I’m wrong about the cats’ heart murmur go write a letter to the State Attorney General in Sacramento California and tell to Attorney General also those false accusations you been throwing at me (I forget you probably never heard or where to find the State Attorney General too like you said before about the Pet Lemon Law). Maybe I don’t have everything that you have, but I’m not a liar and racist person like you are! It doesn’t matter what education you have if you don’t use it correctly then what difference does it make?
Your friend, Ms Alexander, is very irresponsible and have the nerve to blame on me for her neglect by not spending money of this cat to have complete medical checkup before offered to sell to the public and selling him to me without knowing of what really the health condition is of this cat. She only injects him with vaccines into his body! Which is according to my vets the cat can really get sick, if you give a vaccines of the cat without proper health checkup first of the cat’s health condition. “That’s suppose to be done” by licensed veterinarian, and Ms Alexander should know better. She had this cat for 5 ½ months and never went to the vet she said so herself and even your own words.
Sorry to heard that the money I paid $700.00 (seven hundred dollars) total I give for the cat not enough for her hobbies; (Ms Alexander received is “not” $600.00 only like what she’s been telling to her friends) right “there” she just flat lied of what she received and spend of this cat for 5 1/2 months that she had him. Jeanne M. Nangle again, it is not your also business and I doubt she spend more money of him as she did not have a health care provided he needs before his in my possession. (The Attorney General has also that information of the transactions) Why she complains about not making money of this cat now when she just said to Attorney General that she only doing hobbies and all her friends said Ms Alexander enjoy breeding cats, that’s not sound like she enjoyed at all when she complaining now of how much she’s spend to raised him. I guess $700.00 total I give to her (not included the other expenses I paid to get this cat from California) is not enough for her and all she does is supply the kittens to the buyers, but charge professional price to the buyers but, raised them in a cheapest way the best she can as she herself is only given vaccines to this cat’s without proper health check up. When you say you love your cats and enjoy doing only your hobby, you don’t count the money you spend on them if you enjoyed doing taking care of cats if that is a hobby what you really doing. (See how pitiful of a liar, good pretender and hypocrite your friend Ms Alexander is)
Obviously, when you take the cats to the licensed veterinarian the illness of the any animal’s can be controlled right away and prevent it from going more worse, and can pass on to future generations by doing the right thing and by educating the breeders the proper care of animals which your friend Terrilyn Alexander never done it. The licensed vet can detect the heart rate and listened the heart beat of the cat by using the stethoscope and rating the cat’s heart sound carefully, when they detect of the cat’s heart that have some abnormalities they will know right away the problem which is then they recommend the cat owner to take the cat to have EKG test done by special Dr. to view more of the cat’s heart problem. I could be breeding right now a cat with a heart murmur if my own vets never caught right away the cat’s problem and more breeders can breed also a cat with heart murmur in the future if I did not take care right away the cat’s illness symptom cause of Ms Alexander own neglect. Ms Alexander I don’t want to breed sick cats. She told me before how much she loves this cat. Her refusing me only for her to give me refund only $400.00 four hundred dollars (I even beg her so hard on the phone and almost bend my knee to her) to help me out this cat by give me back the money only of what I’m asking for so I can use for the cat EKG test needed and still chose to said “NO! IN A DRY SOUND RUDE TONE OF HER VOICE” without even thinking about him; her saying no to me just showed selfishness on her part. I have no regrets or bad feelings at all for me to put her name on the complaints board sites because the way she refuse my simple resolution it just showed also to me that she has no pity of her cat. She doesn’t even bother to call at all for him of my veterinarian about the diagnosis report at least show some care about him. Is that the way she loves her cat? Jeanne M. Nangle everyone knows that “How often a murderer and a liar confess to the crime!” I expect you to lie just like Ms Alexander did by selling me a sick cat with a heart murmur which I believe she knew, and turn around blame on me for her cats’ illness. I might not know a lot of American Society, liked you said, but I know how to follow the “Rules of the Law”. You and your friends may be racist, but I know for sure she likes the color of my money.
Terrilyn Alexander also accused of Dr. Hilbert, my licensed vet, that she is only a technician, how would she know? She did not even bothered to contact to Dr. Hilbert to answer any of her questions she may have since I’m not a professional Dr. or have her own vet to contact for her. Nobody is destroying your friend; Terrilyn Alexander destroyed her own self by selling me a sick animal and hoping that I don’t find out! Read her comments, she said her vet told me which is true: (because she was telling them) that it is against to the State California Law to obtain the medical record of the animal that it belongs to someone else! I thought the cat don’t really have medical file in her vet office’s, only “ONE TIME” (WHEN AGAIN, ACCORDING TO HER VET THE CAT DOES HAVE MEDICAL RECORDS IN THEIR OFFICE, BUT SHE HAS TO GIVE THEM THE PERMESSION TO DO SO) Ms Alexander is “NOT WILLING TO RELEASE IT” to me. Why she did not want to release the medical file of this cat, if “SHE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE? She expects me to take care of the medical of her cat, but she doesn’t want me to see the medical record. I’m the agent of her cat and I have the right to know and to ask the medical file since she expected me to pay the medical bills of her cat. For example; when you buy a car from the dealer company you asked the sales person to show you about the complete facts of the car that you want to buy, the salesman have to go back to the owner of company to give to him the information he need about the car (complete facts mechanic of the car) at the buyer’s also request so he can sold the car to the buyer, as also of what the owner company he hired for is to make sales. The point is since I have to spend my money of Ms Alexander’s cat and since she expected me to take care his medical care do you think that I should have the right to know and request the complete medical file of this cat?
She also said, I don’t say the EKG test of this cat that supposed to be done and you expected me as will to pay for that too “REMEMBER!” She just told me I’m not the owner of this cat and all of the sudden she wants me to pay the EKG test. Ms Alexander under the California Pet Lemon Law said if the seller is not contented the diagnosis report of the cat you have the right to hired another licensed veterinarian own your own choice and expenses. I already did my part, and now it’s your turn to act right and at least show some care of your own cat if you still have some humanity left. What is wrong with her? Her story is outrageous that she’s can’t even tell her story right because she really don’t have a good arguments, and she also knows I’m telling the truth that she sold me a sick animal! And she had not paid anything for this cat. I only ask of what she is been taken away from me which is the money I give to her for the cat and also money to pay for shipping the cat back to her that’s all! Because I don’t take advantage of people’s money especially when I know it’s not mine to begin with, don’t work of it hard, and I don’t believe I deserve it. People work so hard their money just like I did, and I know exactly how it feels when someone is trick you with the money you work so hard for, is not a very good feeling it’s heart aching every time I think about what this person did to me and nobody deserve to treat unfairly like Ms Alexander did to me. How would she feel if someone does that to her? Because she even told me before of how angry she was when she purchased a cat long time ago to the other breeder that sold her a sick cat with worms and fleas all over the cat’s body.
This little problem that she had and is still complaining until today is just a minor problem that can be treated so easily and go away after the treatment. She expects me to not to make a complaint against her own wrong doing when this heart murmur is more than serious of the cat than having flea and worm that she complained about and she still talking about it. Ms Alexander is a hypocrite as she speaks! I don’t really know her; all I know is that she sold me a sick animal and what she has told me and I’m only fighting of what she took away from me is my refund. I’m not a bad person like they say about me. I’m just a small person compared to them, and I’m not putting anybody down as I’m not a perfect person either but, (there’s only one man I know is perfect born 2011 years ago and it is God Jesus Christ). I do believe doing the right thing to the people and show respect to the person is the key to resolving any problem which Ms Alexander never shown to me and no regard at all. I don’t know if she had the kind of life like I have that everything I own it did not come easy of which I’m proud of it because it came through to the hard work and sacrifice. You and your friends accusing me of trying to scam, rip off, etc and etc to Ms Alexander is just not fair! Instead helping to try to solve the problem they just keep adding the problem by attacking me and I don’t even know who’s some of these people are. And again, I have not done any business of them as they don’t know me either but, they always have something to say; just to show you the evil part of them.
By her conspiring to get her friends to attack on me and purposely slandering my name, my cattery, defamation of my character and my race which it has nothing to do with her selling me a sick animal it just make more impact on her! Because the more your fellow breeders attack me and accuse me with their nonsense talk (with again, no proof!) the more you are hurting yourself. My advice to you is to stop using your “friends” face the reality and stop lying. I gave Ms Alexander a little more time to come back to me to resolve the problem in a quiet manner, but Ms Alexander chose to ignore me by way of not responding couple of my phone calls asking her to call me back and some letters I sent to her by via email asking her to send me my refund. (I have every reason to contact of her) Ms Alexander chose to not to respond of me, left me with no choice but to put my story in the complaint sites and she also engaged her friends in a harassment campaign to purposely slander me and to attack me with anything they can do sabotage me. That long letter I posted to Terrilyn on the post comments that is the same letter I send to her on via email on Dec 15, 2010 before I found this Board Complaint sites and before I start posting my complaints on January 2011 (After the 1 ½ weeks I had given her had expired to send me my refund). I have been asking them to tell me what does the Pet Lemon Law in California says? Instead answering my question, they just keep attacking me because they try to distract the peoples’ mind to not to be focused on the real issue of my complaint by throwing anything they possibly can. They hoped by attacking me they could not scare me away, and nor they don’t want the people to know of what their rights are under the Pet Lemon Law just as Ms Alexander tried to do to me. I have had to work so hard to find out what my right is on my own. As a buyer they, some breeders, don’t want you to learn of what are our rights are when it comes buying animals’ from the breeder which is a “VIOLATION OF THE LAW”; except those honest and reputable CFA breeders. If she accused me of “this” what you think she’s going to say also to you if you come back just a little bit time after 72 hrs when you finally find out the cat she sold to you is sick? She is only a hobbyist when she is charging professional price. You will then become a stalker, a scammer and that you slander her name like her friends said about me when they don’t know me personally. I decide to show you all of what I been talking about the “Pet Lemon Law” and if you don’t believe this information I found; you can double check this on your own computer by typing the word Pet Lemon Law in California and or go to the website listed below of this article.
At first Jeanne M. Nangle said, she never heard a Pet Lemon Law in California; she even saying to me that her all family lawyers and never heard Pet Lemon Law. Another friend of hers, Jean S. Green, sent me a threatening letter on my personal email at home saying also “MY SON IS A LAWYER AND I KNOW THE LAW!” you will be facing a big law suit. If I were you, I would remove those comments you posted on Google as quickly as possible because you slander of Ms Alexander’s name and her cattery and you hurting your own cattery by doing of what you’ve done of Terrilyn Alexander.(Telling the truth is not slandering! ) and Jeanne M. Nangle also saying that I make no sense about Pet Lemon Law, and that I confuse myself but, as soon a woman described her name Monique (Ms Clayton) made a comment about that there is a Pet Lemon Law in California right away, Jeanne Nangle attacked this lady and said, YES! There is a Pet Lemon Law in California, but my friend doesn’t fall of this as she posted on other complaint sites. What you mean she does not fall under Pet Lemon Law? When I found out that she “LIED” to Attorney General about her being a hobbyist that’s how she evades the Law. Jeanne M. Nangle said she never heard Pet Lemon Law in California and or don’t know where to find is and all the sudden she knows Pet lemon Law, she sound just like her friend Terrilyn Alexander a liar. I also realize that she is sneaky and a hypocrite in every way and every word she says. If you want to attack someone put your comments next to him where he made comments to you, it isn’t nice to play a game to him like that! Don’t jump to the other comments area to put your attack on him on the Shadowoak Persian Cattery site where he can’t see it his message (before the 2 two original posted comments in this site where removed). I like to go back again of what other word you posted that “God said”, love one another as you have love me, but as soon as someone can see my point of view and speaking up for me you attacking them to right away. I think you just don’t want other people to agree of my side story because you want to try to make people believe that your friend has done nothing wrong when it has been proven already that the cat does have a heart murmur.
I’m a new CFA Persian breeder unlike them, (I have never sold a cat to anyone at this time) and you just a regular buyer! What you think they are going to do to you if, for example Ms Alexander sell’s you a sick animal? She will blame you also for the illness of the cat and use her hobbyist status as an excuse to get away for her obligation to you. Under the Pet Lemon Law in California, hobbies are “EXEMPT FROM ANY LEGAL ACTION” Just look what she has done to me. Since she is only a hobbyist you will be stuck of the medical expense of the cat. There is no way you will “WIN IN THE COURT” in the future because she is only a hobbyist. (Unless you can prove otherwise) She told me she is professional breeder at the time I purchased the cat. My “ADVICE” to all of the buyers when you buy a cat from a breeder you choose make sure that they are as they said a professional breeder by have them put it down in their contract to you that they are “PROFESSIONAL CAT BREEDER IF, NOT IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK” because if there’s any problem; you HAVE NO GUARANTEE AT ALL! that means if you get a cat that is ill or have any birth defect you can’t do anything about it because the Pet Lemon Law “PROTECTS A HOBBY BREEDER NOT THE PROFESSIONAL”. By me saying of this, again make sure their “CONTRACT TO YOU HAVE WRITTEN DOWN THAT THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL BREEDER AS THEY SAID” because they can easily say they are professional just to get your money. This will be your proof and insurance if it has to go to court in case anything happened of the little one that you purchased, and you will “WIN THE BATTLE IN THE COURT”. Since she is not making lots of money like she said, she can care less whether her cat is sick or not. Just like this cat that she sold to me.
Isn’t that interesting her other friends’ said, on the Board Complaint Site that the “complaint sites” is for free for everyone to make a comment and when someone said something that it make a common senses of what Terrilyn Alexander did, if they don’t like the person comments made about the breeder, right away! Jeanne Nangle is attacking that person, I guess you have to agree everything of them whatever they are saying because if not! You will be their enemy too and accuse you that you are just like me even though the person doesn’t know me at all! She hates me so much that no matter whom the person is; she cannot see my point of view. That is why she has to attack everyone who is not in agreement with Ms Alexander her friend. Is also what other reason is she may have in her mind that she wants to attack me so badly that now she has become obsessed with attacking me as she seems to enjoy to do that.
I don’t need someone to defend me, Ms Nagle because I can speak up and defend myself without help from anyone else like Ms Alexander needs for to do for her. That is because I know what I got! Is to tell the truth which I have been doing and which your liar friend Ms Alexander doesn’t have. That’s why she has you to speak up in her behalf and to attack me since you all have the same of contract and policy as you stated, all breeders use the same contract. People who are smart can distinguish who is telling the truth and which one is the liar; they make comments about the breeder because those people realize too that what Ms Alexander did to me is not fair; and isn’t not nice for you to start attacking this other people that you don’t know. It’s just too bad that everybody don’t agree with you all no matter how much you try to destroy me by slandering my name. I had to work so hard to find out of who you are? A racist attacking me. You said I’m finished in the CFA. You are finished to as I will not stop telling everyone to prove how “RACIST” you are! You said, you been breeding cat for 30 years is that’s how long also you been a racist? “COWARDLY HIDE THEIR IDENTITIES” you want to tell me something tell me who you are don’t be a coward because when I made complaint about your friend Ms Alexander I display my identities on the complaint websites. You don’t like the complaint I posted don’t read it! It’s not for you to enjoy reading and making your day to be a pleasant day it’s for the buyer’s out there to beware, to read and hoping not to follow the same mistake I made who one time was dumb and naive to trust of your friend Terrilyn Alexander. As I have care for people, and YES! It takes me two weeks to found out that your friend sold me a sick cat with a heart murmur (whoever made this “no brainer” remark is just a selfish on your part as you are also not good as your friend Alexander is). How long also that Ms Alexander own veterinarian didn’t found the cats’ heart murmur? Because her record gave to me is very wrong and who knows what really happened of this cat before he come to our lives.
Ms Nangle you love to attack me no matter what the truth about your friend is because you are a racist and I am not taking your crap anymore. Even though I told you many times that you don’t know the facts, I personally don’t know you as you don’t know me either! And it’s not good for you to get involved with something that is not your business! Again, I guess you can’t control yourself because it’s also your hobby right? You need to grow up and try to be a nice person as “God Jesus Christ” wants you to be and wake up and face the truth and try to learn about the new world you live in. I judge you the way you behaved like a racist because I believe you are a racist! And you are not helping your problem by keep attacking me. If you had a bad experience with other buyer’s in the past you don’t put your frustration to the other people that you don’t know because I have not done anything to you and you are very wrong. Your friend Ms Alexander said, that I’m the most horrible mean person that she have ever met as hateful as me in her entire life (of course after she get my money) and enjoyed spending every penny of it until all is gone and I doubt she remember me that wonderful moment that she had while I’m here get stuck and paying the medical bills of her cat.
You and several of your colleagues seem to believe if you team up against me I will break. Jesus Christ was persecuted. I don’t care what you do how long you been in breeding business or who you know do not think you can say what you to say and I cannot say anything. If you want a good respond me, respect me too. You were not there when Ms Alexander and I conducted business and you don’t know what was said to me. I really don’t have to explain anything to you. I would like to go back where I’m hiding, but you can’t seem to leave me alone. Why you bother to contact me anyway? You only believe what Ms Alexander tells you. And again, God is my judge not you!
I heard enough of your all praise of Ms Alexander like she is all of you is your “GOD” now tell her to give me back my money if that’s how nice and etc person she is to you because I never seen anything you said about her that is good! All I seen so far is her selfishness irresponsibility, greedy and for her to turn to her back to him! Bestowed upon me to take care her cat needs and etc. I have had just so much enough beaten around the bush and had no time to argue you all of those nonsense accusations and racist attacks. I can be a nice person as you want me to be and I can be a mean person also if someone is trick me of my money that I work so hard for; who could be not? Especially when I come to this person with good intentions, honesty, good faith and been very respectful to her. It really hurts inside of what she did to me because I don’t deserve it as I have not done anything wrong to this person, and to those her fellow friends breeders who putting me down. If you don’t understand how I feel, you will soon.
If you think I’m lying about the cats’ heart murmur write a letter to the California States Attorney General because I’m not some illegal immigrant that you can frighten with idle threats! Going to prison for what? For telling the truth. Maybe if they find out the truth of Terrilyn Alexander she can go prison too. One of the other cowards has made Terrily Alexander destroy herself for being so greedy of the over little money $100.00 (one hundred dollars) that she is so tight- fisted to help her cat. Jeanne M. Nangle if you can prove it that I’m a crook or a scammer well prove it to me right now! Because I have had enough of your old style tactic racist attacks. I’m proud of who am I because I don’t have to be worried that someday someone from “IRS” knocking on my door. You want to kick me out in the CFA go ahead don’t tell me because I’m not afraid of you! You can’t stop me to keep talking about your lying friend until I get my money back. You can get fired too, if you don’t put your act together right and stop being a racist.
You saying I don’t have experience about Persian cat and that I’m a new breeder. Experience and long years as a CFA breeder is ” NOT” what makes a good breeder, is doing what is “RIGHT!” If I can take care of a small new born “HUMAN BEING” then I know also how to take care of the Persian cat too because it’s not very hard and required to be a genius to learn how to care of cats especially Persians. Apparently you don’t know either or Ms Alexander because she did it sell me a sick cat. New breeder is not a crime; it’s “CHEATING AND LYING” is the crime. It’s good to know that you know of Ms Alexander for long time but, it doesn’t mean she can’t lie as she don’t tell you all everything what she does in her home especially her “PERSONAL MONEY TRANSACTIONS OF SELLING CATS”. Ms Alexander is playing game like she is a victim when really the cat is the victim of her greed. Your friend is not a perfect person, and sometimes your friend will get called on her mistake; just like why you end up arguing to me now when you don’t know the facts and the person you attacking with; Maybe Ms Alexander does not fall under the Pet Lemon Law, but it doesn’t mean she can’t lie anything as she already have proven to me. If Ms Alexander lie to her own State Attorney General I wonder she maybe also lying about everything.
Jeanne M. Nangle no matter how much you deny it your own actions and your own words racist comments, your words that you posted it shows that you really are a racist. Racism is evil and it is not going to be tolerated anymore! You said no body in the right mind to sell me a cat, if they are like you and Ms Alexander I would not want to buy cat
Your contract it’s only “SERVING AND FAIR FOR YOU” but, not to the buyers and that is unfair; it is also unfair to you to tell to me as a buyer of how you want me to comply because it’s not your job to make a decision for me! If you don’t deliver of what you promised; the buyers do have the rights to get their refund no matter of what the health problem of the cat is specially if the buyer can prove the claim about the cat health problems in a legitimate way. It is not right for you to hold their money when you know that you are not right. No matter how hard you and your other friends try to explain, and to convince me to follow your unfair policy, contract and to try to destroy me. You can’t tell me how to run my business (I don’t need any of your advice!).
Shame on you, Ms Alexander, and for sponsoring your lying campaign to manipulate the people. They only know the half the truth by you feeding them your lies. Heart murmur existed long before the cat is in my possession and Terrilynn Alexander should know that with 26 years experience as a CFA cat breeder. I do have every reason to be upset with her. Pedigree animals are not cheap and nor are medical bills. Before you judge me put yourself in my place of how angry you will be if someone put you into that situation. I have every right to complain about it. I’m not satisfied with the product that she sold me and I’m within the rights by the Law to get my refund and to return to her the cat whether she likes it or not!
This is also my response to

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 14, 2011 4:44 pm EDT

This is a responce to those other individual who said I'm a scammer, rip off, etc and etc. Again, you don't really know the facts and you know nothing about me at all! You can't even tell me of who you are? So who's going to believe everything you said is true! It's not your business to get involve the problem if you can't help with the solution. Your friend Ms Alexander is good to accuse me, and she can't prove anything (at least I can proof mine which all the information has been forward to Attorney General's office in Sacramento California that now have the records). I only did business to Ms Alexander one time, and your friend is not " COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WOODS YET! " When the right time come your policy and contract will be end soon as I will tell and educate to the buyers their rights are and etc because it's " LEGAL AND THE RIGHT THING TO DO " ( I'm a new CFA Persian cat breeder never sell yet a cat to anybody).

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 13, 2011 3:05 am EDT

To: Jeanne Nangle
From: Sanci Hall

I would like to hear what you have to say. Please contact me via my email. Maybe we can come to a resolution and put these issues behind us.

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 13, 2011 2:56 am EDT

To: Jeanne M. Nangle I I would like to hear what you have to say. Please contact me by way of my email. I give you permission to do so. Maybe we can resolve the issues between us.

Sanci Hall

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 12, 2011 3:18 am EDT

To: Ms Nangle one more I forget to post last time.

1 days ago by J Nangle
Ms. Hall,

You did it again! You asked me about California law TEN TIMES! That is beyond silly!

Yes, God will judge you and you will be found wanting. Jesus said to "Love one another as I have loved you."

There is no "team" joining together to refute you. The only person who has commented on your attacks that I have ever met is Ms. Alexander. I have heard of one other who has posted but I have no clue who any of the other people are...does that tell you anything?

I am sorry for you. If all you have in life is attacking others it is very sad.

J. Nangle

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 11, 2011 11:19 pm EDT

Jeanne M. Nangle “REMEMBER!” your other words. Here are some other added comments complaining about me of whom I believe are made by friends of Ms Alexander. I thought about why not bringing them also here in one site Complaint Board their slanderous comments about me for everyone to read.

Nangle1872 says:
February 10, 2011 at 12:19 pm
Ms. Sanci Hall, who wrote the slanderous accusations above, is a liar, pure and simple! The breeder of the beautiful kitten that she received was healthy when she received it and only developed health problems when she failed to provide the proper care and nurishment. It was only a baby and she exposed it to her other animals- against the advice of the breeder – and it caught a cold and a tummy upset from not being fed the proper food. For a complete explanation of Ms. Hall’s devious actions please see previous posts by Ms. Hall. (Unaccountably, she posted the same complaint 3 times.)
She is actually trying to extort money from Ms. Alexander by threats and harrassment. She will not succeed! Be warned! Her newly registered cattery is Azurenascatz and she lives in Alton, Illinois. Do not buy a cat from her of sell a cat to her. She is TROUBLE!

Nangle1872 says:
February 2, 2011 at 1:06 pm
For some reason this silly person’s complaint was printed twice. For my response to this scurrilous nonsense, see the first printing of this attack.

11 days ago by himmikatz

Of course I do not know the specifics of the contract between the two of you, however as the breeder stated above, should you the buyer have a problem with this kitten, then you should return the kitten. Most breeders do not refund monies, nor pay for vet bills after the kitten in question has left the breeders care, this is standard.
Now also standard in most contracts is that in order for any quarantee to be valid the new owner must have the pet checked by their vet typically within 72 hours of recieving the animal some are 48 hours, however should you not have the animal checked then the guarantee becomes null and void. You don't mention that you had the kitten checked until almost 2 weeks later? However the breeder states that you told her you did and all was fine, therefor if that is the case then I don't understand how you can accuse the breeder of lying to you and selling what she knew to be a sick kitten?
Please don't miss understand me, not all conditions are noticed right away, which is why most breeders give a year guarantee on the replacement, therefor should this heart murmor be something you and your vet feel would be in your best interest to return the kitten, then return the kitten and until you give the breeder the time to break your contract it isn't very nice to start making these complaints about them.
Now I do not know either party, however after reading this, it seems to me that the gun has been jumped here? I don't know maybe I am wrong?

14 hrs 36 mins ago by maggiemay20

You seem to be one of those people who thinks if you can't be right, be wrong at the top of your lungs and you will get what you want.
The cat had a vet check when it was shipped. You had it two weeks and it showed symptoms of illness--which is enough time for it to get sick at your place. You have not properly verified that a heart condition even exists (a vet say so is not sufficient--you have to do a test). The breeder has offered you a replacement which is more than most would do. An animal is a living thing and cannot come with a promise of a lifetime of perfection and payment of all expenses. Good luck to you if you are considering trying to get cats for your own breeding program. No one in their right mind would deal with you given the way you are acting.

11 days ago by Cat Problems

Let me get this straight - you had the kitten for 2 weeks before seeing any illness?

I've found that it is not at all unusual for a kitten to get a cold when they go into a new place, especially if you have other cats. All cat homes have their own set of virus "bugs" that a newcomer can get. 2 weeks is just about the right amount of time for incubation of such a virus.

The breeder offered you a replacement as per contract when your new kitten turned up with a problem?

I assume you signed a contract that said if there was a problem that you would receive a replacement. If she replaces your kitten with another nice kitten then you should count your blessings. I can't tell you how many breeders won't replace a kitten with a problem at all! Or as on one occasion when I purchased a kitten for $1, 500 I never got the kitten or my money back. Nor was I even offered another kitten. Or the time I was sent a breeding male cat that tried to kill my females and he was replaced with a cat with a crooked face and nostrils so closed in that surgery was required to correct the breathing problems.

If you get a replacement, then you can count your blessings that you are dealing with a reputable breeder.

Remember, these are not objects, but living creatures that can and do get sick, especially under the stress of going to a new home. The kitten must have had a Vet check if it was shipped and I don't know of any Vet that would allow a sick kitten to pass the exam. To do so is to risk his license.

I hope you will get a nice replacement for your kitten.

14 hrs 9 mins ago by maggiemay20

Read the comment from the experienced breeder above. You are way off base and have no grounds for your ranting. You are the reason I no longer sell cats to people unless they have references from people I know. The breeder has done everything expected in the contract and has even offered a replacement

6 hrs 7 mins ago by Karen0803

Hi, I have known Terri Lyn for quite a while now. AS a retired Persian breeder, I can tell you that Terri Lyn did everything in her power to try to rectify this situation. As her contract state no refunds, this is very important that buyer understands this. Most breeders I know do NOT offer refunds, only replacements and this is customary. Per Terri's contract, she was required to replace the cat not refund if problems were to arrise, from what I understand and this is also customary for Top Show Persian breeders. No one can control fate. Sometimes, unfortunately, there is a bad apple in the bunch and even though we do everything we can to make sure that the cats are healthy before we send them out after we get total health exams with health certificates attached, some things can still go wrong. That is what our contract are in place for, "the worst case scenario". I feel that if the buyer had a problem with her cat, she should have been put on the list for the next available of equal quality cat. From what I undersand the buyer was not ok with this and signed the sellers contract that she agreed that no refunds were due. So as far as I see, there is no refund due here and therefore, no coplaint should have been in order especially since the seller had offered buyer a replacment and she refused. Just remember when you purchase a kitten or puppy from a breeder, READ your contract and if you can't stick to it (worse case scenario), don't enter in the deal. Thanks!

3 days ago by Kensington

Shadowoak persians is reputable, honest. she always holds up morally for over 25 years . sanci HALL - AZURENASCATZ tired to scam take advantage .. so people there is always to sides to stories we dont hear it ALL

It is sad SANCI HALL AZURENASCATZ -- has nothing better to do -- harrassing to no end, take advantage .only ever paid 600 dollars,

Shadowoak persians sent out at time a very healthy, VET checked, approved by vet . This breeder even let this kitten go without FULL payment, SHadoawoak trusted and loves to help others.
--where is our list for the bad buyers who lied, scammed us out of cats, money, buyers we trusted with our babies never to uphold our contracts, just like Sanci hall

All breeders will know of her worldwide, warning all about her not to deal or buy from her

did this kitten develop a issues-yes, did Shadowoak know of this condition, did her Vet-- certainly not--NO
unfortuantly these are living animals and just like people they can develop issues at anytime that we have no control over

the whole issue then resolves around what happens when something like this takes place, kitten unexpectantly develops a issuse, --that is why you Sanci hall need to start reading and learning--it is easy to play the blame game

Contracts then come in place or if no contract the breeders and buyer handle it in a CIVILIZED manner--Sanci hall did not--you are way out of base
Teri the breeder and her vet sent at time out a healthy kitten to you, unfortuantly a heart Murmer was detected by your vet later, Regarding heart issues sometimes they can be hard to detect, at times they do not show up until later etc.. We breeders dont plan nor want our kittens we raise and love to have issues, unfortuantly justs as humans get issues that pop up, so can animals, at times it is out of our control, --so sanci what dont you understand---grrrrrrrr

Now regarding contracts and sanci you should not have signed it if you where NOT going to abide by it, you should have walked away from buying the kitten--OH but then again, you had a good thing going not paying fully for the kitten before it was sent, --Teri is to nice, i wouldtn be scammed like that

This is how almsot ALL breeders have been taught-worldwide(please contact anyone worldwide and read the contract)

no refunds or money given--only repelacments
once leaving all vettingis the responsibility of the buyer
the buyer must maintain kitten in proper health and grooming and never to be left for long periods of time
Replacment is offered as soon as one is available if there is found to be a gentic issue or if the kitten dies of a gentic issue
the kitten in question is to be sent back to the breeder at buyer cost if wanting a replacement unless the breeder requests that the buyer finds the kitten a suitable pet home--in NO way is the buyer to keep this cat and also get a repelacment.

the breeder can request a second vet oppionion at buyers cost

all records written and signed from a liceneced vet of a gentic fault is to be faxed over sent to the breeder if they are to get a replacment

I suggest Sanci HALL - AZURENASCATZ get educated on the persian breed

I suggest she start educating herself on GENETIC issues, health of this the breed

I know just from reading Sanci HALL HALL - AZURENASCATZ postings on internet she is very uneducated on this breed genetics and contracts.

we our here to promote this beautiful breed, but being educated in the key-

pleaseeeeeeeeee seek some help as it is not normal to spend days on end ranting and raving on the internet, your actions just showcase to all that maybe you have many issues you need to work on

2 days ago by Cat Problems

Samco0-Hall: Just keep this going and your digging your own grave. No one has agreed with you yet. Does that tell you anything at all? Why are you making this vendetta a career? Have you nothing else to do in your life? I'm done reading anything more on your issue. What a waste of time

2 days ago by J Nangle

Ms. Hall,
I am curious. What is the Canadian "ozone?" (Ozone layer?)
An observation: No one is trying to distroy you. You are distroying yourself

1 hr 56 mins ago by Kensington


do you think that you can go around and threatedn people, , is that how you think you can get around in life? If you dont like others to comment on this list get off of it, it is open for comments to anyone.

Contract do come into play, do you think you can think or twist anything to what you want, but the contract is there . If you have issues why dont you go to court? why waste your time here on the internet where you dont get anywhere ?
many reputable good breeders have written to you persoannly and here and on other lists and tried to explain and help you, but your ignorance prevents you from listening.

Teri has done everything right, you where lucky that she was reputable breeder and offered you a kitten right away, I know many incidents where people never got replacments, unfortuantly. you where lucky you where dealing with a reputable, nice breeder. Why cannot you see this.

-- go take her to court if you feel you where wronged ? she will win, is that what you are afraid of.

Teri does not fall under the lemon law, have you not read it properly, if she did you would have already done something ? it is online to be read by anyone,

But contracts do come into play, sorry if you dont like what you signed. It isnt dismissed just because you want to think it is, why dont you find out, you dont decide, the Judge does.

o suz says:
March 1, 2011 at 3:51 am
SANCI E. HALL, AZURENASCATZ PERSIANS, 2809 Circle Drive, Alton, Illinois, 62002, phone [protected], cell [protected], email, .
Scammer, breeder of persian cats — beware of, rips off other breeders, takes advantage and lies, does not follow contracts
SANCI E. HALL, AZURENASCATZ PERSIANS, 2809 Circle Drive, Alton, Illinois, 62002, phone [protected], cell [protected], email, .

You have a new message

4 days ago
It's a shame the way you have wrote such hateful posts on this complaint board about Mrs. Alexander. I personally have known her for years & she is NOT a racist. She is a devote Christian who has always been good to anyone no matter what race they may be. Your spreading lies repeadly on complaint boards about her & I just want to set the record straight. You need to think hard before you start typing away & sending your hateful posts.
As for selling you a sick cat, that is NOT true. That cat had a clean bill of health before it was sent to you. The problems with that cat started after it was in your posession & you would be wise to stop your vindictive posts. Your a very hateful person & it sure shows in the posts you've spread all over the Internet.

Cat Lover commented on 19 Feb 2011, 06:24:57
Ms. Hall does not recognize the truth! The breeder was very worried and concerned about this poor abused kitten and deeply regrets that she was duped into thinking that her darling was going to a good home! Ms Hall did not follow basic good sense and let this kitten be with her other pets from whom the poor kitten contacted a cold and she also did not feed the correct Premium food and the kitten had a tummy upset. Before she was aware of the charactor of Ms. Hall, she immediately offered a replacemtent kitten when a future litter was born, as provided for in the sales contract that both signed.This did not satisfy the greedy Ms. Hall and she began a course of harrassment by phone and email. When this did not work, she began to post her lies all over the Internet. It is unclear if this kitten does indeed have will go to ANY lengths the get her way. In my opinion, she is a very dangerous threat to civilized society!

a heart murmur, as claimed by Ms. Hall, as she has not furnished any proof to anyone. Beware of this person! She does not follow the terms of the contract that she signed, she does not care for her animals correctly and she is vicious and mean spirited. She

1. TLA says:
February 8, 2011 at 6:37 pm
SELLERS BEWARE OF SANCI HALL – AZURENASCATZ, ALTON, ILLINOIS. She does NOT know how to read or follow contracts. She does know how to post fake claims and accusations. It is called SLANDER!

Persian2781 7 weeks ago
Ms. Hall is a dishonest person. She has stalked Ms. Alexander by telephone and email to the point of illegal harressmant. She does not understand that she signed a contract and then did not forfill her part of this contract. She seems to think that if she yells the loudest that she will win! Not so! All the medical records on this kitten were given to her at the time of the sale. She apparently thinks that a 5 month old kitten would have an extensive medical record. Again not so! By trying to ruin the reputation of a well known and well respected person, she has only succeeded in ruining her own. She now will be unable to purchase from any other reputable breeder as she is now known as a "Trouble Maker" and a swindler who tries to get "something for nothing" and is unable to understand a simple contract...and as one who does not follow proper procedures and advice for the proper care and health of an innocent kitten. Fellow Breeders beware!

o sus says:
March 28, 2011 at 9:51 pm
Beware of breeder and buyer
SANCI E. HALL, AZURENASCATZ PERSIANS, 2809 Circle Drive, Alton, Illinois, 62002, phone [protected], cell [protected], email,
who scams other breeders out of cats without full payment given, then hassasses and lies, with lies on top to suit her own needs and ways–does not abide by contracts she signed, aggreed with before signing them.
— and that isnt the end,
Every reputable breeder worldwide knows of this cattery and person and is wraning even the public
stay away from this cattery
dont sell to her, DONT BUY FROM HER
get a lawyer and take this AZURENASCATZ to court, that is exactly what I would do.

TLA says:
February 8, 2011 at 6:37 pm
SELLERS BEWARE OF SANCI HALL – AZURENASCATZ, ALTON, ILLINOIS. She does NOT know how to read or follow contracts. She does know how to post fake claims and accusations. It is called SLANDER!

suz says:
February 6, 2011 at 5:22 am
her cattery is AZURENASCATZ Alton, Illinois
United States-Sanci Hall

sus says:
April 5, 2011 at 9:24 pm
Gee not as good as drugs you take, but then again I wouldnt want to take your drugs, you have already been though 4 husband, s that says how crazy you are, oh, lets talk about the rest of your background, since you love to rant and rave online.
it is alwasy nice to know someone background as gives people inside to why they act the way they do toward others
Oh–dotn forget–when you bought a stunning cat you should never buy if you dont have the money to begin with–next you should never sign a contract if you cannot abide by one–
you should also have treated Teri with kindness after she offered you a replacment, you went off on a RAGE and ranting, trying to suit your own selfish thinking which makes no sense—gee looks like you lost
see your lemon law didnt get you anywhere, your complaint to attorny didnt get you anywhere
you know why
becasue you are WRONG to begin with
even though so many people tried to help and communicate with you, you had a one tract selfish mind

sus says:
March 31, 2011 at 2:47 pm
Beware of breeder and buyer
SANCI E. HALL, AZURENASCATZ PERSIANS, 2809 Circle Drive, Alton, Illinois, 62002, phone [protected], cell [protected], email,
who scams other breeders out of cats without full payment given, then hassasses and lies, with lies on top to suit her own needs and ways–does not abide by contracts she signed, aggreed with before signing them.
— and that isnt the end,
Every reputable breeder worldwide knows of this cattery and person and is wraning even the public
stay away from this cattery
dont sell to her, DONT BUY FROM HER
get a lawyer and take this AZURENASCATZ to court, that is exactly what I would do.

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 05, 2011 2:23 am EDT

Jeanne M. Nangle owner Macglen Bicolor Persian Cattery New Address: 16 Cricklewood Place. Frontenac, Missouri 63131 Email: http/

You are a very " EVIL RACIST AND PITYFUL LIAR ! " a racist is someone who likes to put someone down of another race of color to feel better about them self. A racist really doesn't like him or her self.

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 05, 2011 1:21 am EDT

Nangle1872 says:
February 1, 2011 at 2:07 pm
The person who filed this complaint is a neophyte who somehow was led to beleive that breeding Persian cats was a profitable business -INCORRECT! It is a very expensive leisure activity! She did not follow the terms of her contract and has persisted in attacking Shadow Oaks Cattery by telephone, by email and on the Internet. No attempted resolution has been satisfying to her and so she is attempting to ruin the reputation of a well known and well respected Breeder and Exhibitor. While trying to impugn the honor of Shadow Oak, she is revealing that she, herself, has no honor. I can only reckon that because she is either uneducated or not accustomed to the values that we, in this country, hold dear, she is not aware of the ramifications of her actions. What goes around comes around! Now her apparent dream of becoming a Persian breeder will never come right! No other reputable Persian will ever sell her another cat or kitten! Her name is now known to all breeders as one to steer clear of! Too terrible – she is finished before she has begun!
Ms. Sanci Hall is NOT a nice person. She has posted her vendictive comments all over the Internet for the last few months...after months of yelling and threats by telephone and email. She is ignorant of the manners of polite society and seems to feel the if you yell the loudest and say nasty things over and over again - you win. WRONG! She has actually bitten herself in the foot, for no honest or ethical Persian breeder will ever sell her another cat or kitten. No one wants to have anything to do with someone like her. Why would anyone ask for her kind of trouble? I, personally, would advise Ms Alexander to NEVER replace the kitten. Ms. Hall obviously did not have the knowledge or care enough to care for the original kitten properly. How can you send another poor baby to that enviornment? Ms. Hall has recently registered her cattery with CFA. She apparently thinks that she will earn lots of money this way. Again - WRONG - this is a very expensive hobby. The amount that a buyer spends for a pet kitten does not begin to cover the cost of feeding and loving the kitten for 5 or 6 months. Ms. Hall, in my opinion, should go back to where ever she came from and be quiet!
J. Nangle

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 05, 2011 1:06 am EDT

o Nangle1872 says:
March 1, 2011 at 12:34 am
Dear Ms. Clayton,
You apparently suffer from the same problems as Ms. Hall – that is, you do not have a excellent comprehension of the written word. Nowhere in my answer of February 1, 2011, did I say any thing that could remotely be construed as saying that Ms. Hall is a racist. If she is, I am not aware of it. I DID say that she was not a nice person, that she has terrible manners and that she is vendictive. Her words tell all of us that.
Yes, California does have a Lemon Law but it does not apply in any way to my friend. And, yes, there are many ethical breeders…but they have been watching this discourse. No one in their right mind would want to be subjected to the barrage of hateful comments and outright lies that Sanci Hall has spouted from her mouth. She is intentionally trying to ruin the reputation of an experienced and honest person. That, my dear, is against the law! …and who would willingly subject then – or a precious kitten – to such nastiness? At most, Ms. Hall is making a fool of herself..and she certainly does not need any help from me to do that! Her words and her very own actions have told the cat breeding world to stay very far away from her. I suggest that you do that same…if in fact you are not just another name for Sanci Hall? I wonder?

15 days ago by J Nangle

Goodness me! I do not know your could I? You could be Black or Brown or White or Yellow or Red or Pink or Purple...You could be Spanish or European or Asian or African...You could be Christian or Hindu or Moslem or Buddist...or anything at all.
This is America where all of the above have come and become citizens. My ancesters did that. In this country it doesn't (or shouldn't ) matter. Ms. Alexander has never told me what your nationality is...I do not think that she knows what it is. I do not know what it is. What I DO know is that you are a rude, vicisious and vendictive matter if you were born in Peoria or Pretoria. Some where along the line you failed to learn how to behave like a normal civilized person. Yes, Ms. Alexander is my friend and I will always defend her...especially against borish and rude people like you. I am not insulting you...I am merely stating the facts as evidenced by the words that have come out of YOUR mouth. I am not a racist and I have raised my children to treat all people I have always done. Because I do not approve of your actions and rudeness has nothing at all to do with where you may or may not have come from.
However, I do wish that you would go away and leave Ms. Alexander in peace. All your words and actions will not allow you to win this argument because you are wrong. J. Nangle

49 days ago by RedlineM203

@J Nangle: Ironically you sound as nasty as the "shouting" person.
Personally, I recognize you as a shiller. That tactic is often tried but never works under my watch. Those who are on ComplaintsBoard will recognize your actions for what they are

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 03, 2011 7:23 am EDT

Jeanne M. Nangle owner: Macglen Bicolor Persian Cattery New Address: 16 Cricklewood Place. Frontenac, Missouri 63131 Email: http/


2 days ago by J Nangle

To Redline. etc. Apparently you still do not understand. Ms. Hall has stated that Ms. Alexander has a business. That is not true. She has a very expensive hobby. Ms. Hall did not get the immediate satisfaction that she wanted so she is attempting to ruin the reputation of a very nice and ethical person. That is not what a nice person would EVER do! Ergo - Ms. Hall is apparently not a nice person. I do not know her and I can only judge her by her words.
What is a shiller? I am not a familiar with that term. If it means some one who stands up for their friends, then you are correct. If you are calling me something rude, then you are in the same catagory as Ms. Hall.

9 days ago by J Nangle
Ms. Hall, It is apparent that you did not forfill your part of the contract that you signed and because you did not meet your contractual obligations, the kitten has suffered. I have been breeding Persians for over 30 years and I understand that Ms. Alexander has also many years of experience. She also enjoys a stellar reputation. Most experienced breeders give their kittens their vaccinations themselves and the first time a kitten sees a Vet is when they are ready to go to a new home or to begin their show 4 months of age...therefore that is the only Veterinary Medical Record in existence and you received it. Some young kittens show heart mumurs that dissapear as they get older. Your savage and rude attack on Ms. Alexander's reputation goes beyond the pale! If your intention is to become a Persian breeder, you have sabotaged your own ambitions! No reputable breeder will ever sell you another cat! I certainly would not! Your response to Ms. Alexander's defense appears to have been written by a different person than the first complaint...who is writing for you? I am very sorry for you because you are truely a disturbed and vendictive person! Shame on you! You should ask your family to help you find the guidance and help that you need.

Nangle1872 says:
February 9, 2011 at 11:33 am
Ma. Hall,
Again there are comments on this venue made by people of whom I have no knowledge.
Shame on you for you lies and terrible manners!
To be forgiven, you must retract al your lies! Lies always come back to haunt a person. Liars always get caught! Shame on you!
J. Nangle

Nangle1872 says:
February 1, 2011 at 2:07 pm
The person who filed this complaint is a neophyte who somehow was led to beleive that breeding Persian cats was a profitable business -INCORRECT! It is a very expensive leisure activity! She did not follow the terms of her contract and has persisted in attacking Shadow Oaks Cattery by telephone, by email and on the Internet. No attempted resolution has been satisfying to her and so she is attempting to ruin the reputation of a well known and well respected Breeder and Exhibitor. While trying to impugn the honor of Shadow Oak, she is revealing that she, herself, has no honor. I can only reckon that because she is either uneducated or not accustomed to the values that we, in this country, hold dear, she is not aware of the ramifications of her actions. What goes around comes around! Now her apparent dream of becoming a Persian breeder will never come right! No other reputable Persian will ever sell her another cat or kitten! Her name is now known to all breeders as one to steer clear of! Too terrible – she is finished before she has begun!
Ms. Sanci Hall is NOT a nice person. She has posted her vendictive comments all over the Internet for the last few months...after months of yelling and threats by telephone and email. She is ignorant of the manners of polite society and seems to feel the if you yell the loudest and say nasty things over and over again - you win. WRONG! She has actually bitten herself in the foot, for no honest or ethical Persian breeder will ever sell her another cat or kitten. No one wants to have anything to do with someone like her. Why would anyone ask for her kind of trouble? I, personally, would advise Ms Alexander to NEVER replace the kitten. Ms. Hall obviously did not have the knowledge or care enough to care for the original kitten properly. How can you send another poor baby to that enviornment? Ms. Hall has recently registered her cattery with CFA. She apparently thinks that she will earn lots of money this way. Again - WRONG - this is a very expensive hobby. The amount that a buyer spends for a pet kitten does not begin to cover the cost of feeding and loving the kitten for 5 or 6 months. Ms. Hall, in my opinion, should go back to where ever she came from and be quiet!
J. Nangle
Posted 6 days agoReport
Nangle1872 says:
February 1, 2011 at 2:07 pm
The person who filed this complaint is a neophyte who somehow was led to beleive that breeding Persian cats was a profitable business -INCORRECT! It is a very expensive leisure activity! She did not follow the terms of her contract and has persisted in attacking Shadow Oaks Cattery by telephone, by email and on the Internet. No attempted resolution has been satisfying to her and so she is attempting to ruin the reputation of a well known and well respected Breeder and Exhibitor. While trying to impugn the honor of Shadow Oak, she is revealing that she, herself, has no honor. I can only reckon that because she is either uneducated or not accustomed to the values that we, in this country, hold dear, she is not aware of the ramifications of her actions. What goes around comes around! Now her apparent dream of becoming a Persian breeder will never come right! No other reputable Persian will ever sell her another cat or kitten! Her name is now known to all breeders as one to steer clear of! Too terrible – she is finished before she has begun!
J Nangle

Ms. Hall, You ask why I am commenting regarding you visious
attacks on Ms. Alexander? Because I know about people like you. I have had a registered cattery for over 30 years. I love my cats and I love to show them. Occasionally I will have a litter and I am very careful who those kittens go to...but sometimes buyers can fool you did to Ms. Alexander. She thought that you were a nice person. Nice people do not behave as you have behaved. Nice people behave in a civilized manner and settle their disputes quietly with good manners. Apparently you are not aware of the norms of American society or you would not have said the things that you have said. Your behavior is disgusting. Most of the breeders who register with CFA are nice people. Not all - but that is the same with any group: university, cooporation, church, or club. All of the breeders of BiColor Persians know or know of each other. We communicate with each other and we socialize with each other at cat shows, meetings and seminars. We are all working very hard to produce and show nice healthy well behaved cats who meet and exceed the CFA Standards. But Man proposes and God disposes. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over. Then we try to make things right to the best of our ability and and to follow the dictates of our contracts. Over the years cats from my lines have made a name for themselves all over the world...Asia, Europe and Great Britain. Not alot because I do not breed alot. I work for CFA and for my breed and I treat People as my Mother taught me...with respect, kindness and a smile. You are ruining any chance you may have ever had by the way that you have treated Ms. Alexander. I see that you have just registered a cattery...that was a waste of money, Ms. Hall. No one wants to have to deal with a person like you. Life is too short! Nice people are more fun! No one asks for trouble and you are trouble. I am curious - why did you ask me 5 times about the law in California? I know nothing about California Law...why would I? You could ask me about the law in some other state and I might know where to find it...I could ask my Husband, or my brother, or my daughter, or one of my 5 neices or several nephews, or one of my brother-in-laws. They are all lawyers and one could give me an answer, I suppose. Asking me about California law just shows how confused your mind makes no sense at all. Now why don't yo make a GOOD decision and stop all your nonsense and go back into where ever you hide...and try to be a nice person! J. Nangle
Nangle1872 says:
February 9, 2011 at 11:33 am
Ma. Hall,
Again there are comments on this venue made by people of whom I have no knowledge.
Shame on you for you lies and terrible manners!
To be forgiven, you must retract al your lies! Lies always come back to haunt a person. Liars always get caught! Shame on you!
J. Nangle
12 days ago by RedlineM203

I was thinking of siding with Terri/Persian Cattery here, but then Karen came in and one-timed.
Around here, a distinct sign of a fraudulent company

6 days ago by J Nangle

To RedlineM203 You are mistaken! There is no "business" or "company"
involved here. On one side is a person who had devoted many, many years to developing a Persian kitty according to the Standard set by CFA. (The largest Registary of Pedigreed Cats in the World) On the other side is a petulant nasty person who thinks that if you yell loud enough and say nasty words you will get what you want. That tactic is often tried but never works with honest, diligent, and hard working people. Those who are involved with breeding to the CFA Standard recognize Ms. Hall for what she is!


Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 03, 2011 3:47 am EDT

To: Terrilyn's Alexander friends who say I'm a scammer;

1. Terrilyn has " MY MONEY "
2. I don't " OWN " the cat
3. I"am " JUST AN AGENT "
4. I " FEED " her cat
5. I "GROOM " the cat
7. Terrilyn has not gave me a dime
I don't really want the cat because it has heart murmur, but Terrilyn does not want to give me my refund. Now how am I a scammer?

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 03, 2011 3:34 am EDT

To: All Terrilyn’s Alexander Friends who say I’m a scammer;
1. Terrilyn HAS MY “MONEY”
2. I don’t “OWN” the cat
3. I’am just an “AGENT”
4. I “FEED” her cat
5. I “GROOM” the cat
7. Terrilyn “HAS NOT GAVE ME A DIME”
I don’t really want the cat because it has heart murmur but, Terrilyn does not want to give me my refund. Now how am I a scammers?

Update by Sanci Hall
Apr 01, 2011 12:30 am EDT


This is the respond of the any comment you sent to me in my email. It’s true that you gave me 72 hrs in your contract, but this finding problem found of Cadillac (Gotee) its beyond than ordinary illness of any healthy feline cats. This is congenital defect from Cadillac’s parents’ genes, and it has nothing to do with who is taking care of him now. Although your own veterinarian did not discovered his heart murmur before, he left your home it does not mean that he had no health problems just because he looks good, big, and looks healthy.
Cadillac had only 2 appointments to my licensed vet, the first visit he had to Dr.Goss because of his light cold and not eating. Dr.Goss is only taking important information from me of Cadillac’s’ symptoms, physical exam, and pkd blood test and prescribes him with antibiotic for his illness. According from Dr. Goss, Cadillac is also need to have vaccine for leukemia because that is the only vaccine that he never received by your vet according to the vaccine record you gave to me. Dr. Goss are not willing to give to him that day because of his illness. Dec 6, 2010 was a second follow-up appointment to Cadillac to see Dr. Goss and to have leukemia vaccine that it is due at the time.
Dr. Goss was unavailable at the time to see of Cadillac, so he had to see different Dr. that day who is also works the same office of Dr.Goss. Dr. Hilbert diagnosed to Cadillac to have 4/6 rated heart murmur and was recommended him to have echo test done by a specialist. Dr. Hilbert was giving only one shot to Cadillac for vaccine leukemia, and that’s all, and I don’t understand of what you are trying to tell me about having a lot of shots because nobody really giving him so many shots as your statement made in your email send to me (so make your point).
I send you a copy by email the report diagnosed of heart problem of Cadillac because you were requesting me to gave you one, so that you can showed to your own vet like you said to me on the phone. I high light the date, and diagnosed so you can see more easily. I also gave you twice the phone number of Dr. Hilbert for you to call to answer your questions you may have about the diagnosis, since I’m not professional Dr. to answer all your questions or have your own vet to call for you.
I don’t think you made any effort to call Dr. Hilbert and even showed your own vet the any information I had given to you. I’m wondering also why you don’t do any of this, you seemed to be so shocked at first you found-out the problem of your sick cat. Cadillac has a 4/6 heart murmur to me that is almost half way to severe. Heart murmur severe is 5/6 to 6/9 from what information I had gathered. I got Cadillac Oct 8, 2010 and found out his heart problem Dec 6, 2010 less than 2(two) months. There is no way he get this under my care when I only give to him all the love, good care, all attention, and take him to the Dr. when he needs to go. The true fact is his born with this problem, and that he just don’t showed any symptoms at the time of your care because he’s still very young and not yet developing more complication. I had been trying to get your permission fourth time already allowed your vet to release the complete medical file of Gotee, because according to your own vet they are more than willing to give it to me unless you are allowing them to release it.
The way you are behaving, is not professional .What are you doing? I wonder are you hiding something from me. Since you refuse to release Gotees’ medical file to me. You are right I don’t know what is the cause of his heart murmur, but I know that for sure that he’s already sick before you sold to me. You seem to be so very positive and proud to say that you sent to me a big healthy boy when he don’t even have a regular check-up like you said. So how could you 100 percent sure that you sold and send me a healthy cat that when I ask you a question on the phone of have you ever have both parents of Gotees heart echo test done yearly before you bred them ?You answered “No! It’s because it’s very expensive to have it done, and the results are still not accurate.”I understand, but there are new technologies developing all the time. I just found out that it is only $325.00 to have echo test done not over thousands dollar like you try to make me believed. That is a small price to pay to insure your cats will produce healthy kittens!
Your been breeding cats 26 years like you said, and making lots of money selling their kittens. You can’t even provide them a complete health exam to make sure you are breeding healthy cats. The price you sold the kitten to me was $600.00 as pet only, and breeding rights cheapest $ 1200.00(but you charge more than that to other people like you said to me almost $3000.00). seems to me that you just kept breeding sick cats and let other people to worry as long the cats is gone with no responsibility as long as you are making money. You said in your email to me that you don’t like to be screamed at, when really you are the one who start screaming. I am the one who lost money because of this, and I’m the one who stuck with your sick cat and his medical expenses. I should be screaming! I come to you for the very first time with the good faith, good attention, honesty and been very respectful to you and it really hurt me inside of what you did to me because I don’t do nothing wrong to you and I don’t deserved to be treated like what you did to me.
I come with you with the good faith and offered a fairness resolution to the problem, which is only asking you before to give me refund $400.00 so I can used the money for Gotee’s echo test that Dr. Hilbert recommended. You only offer to give me $300.00. So I have to pay charge echo test $325.00 and another $85.00 for the consultation fee and the total is $410.00 due immediately after the services. Its only works for your favor because you’re not the one who is stuck with the responsibility to have to pay his medical needs.
I bought this cat from you to be another addition of my new small cattery business to be breed and produce healthy kittens for me to sale. Instead you sold me all the great impression about him and etc. That’s why I bought him from you. By the” States Law and CFA Rules” I’m not supposed to sale and breed sick cat especially with the heart murmur and if I can’t breed him then there is no point for me to keep him . I don’t need a pet. So far I know from your own words this cat had only one time health check-up on my own expense that you charged of me of $65.00 when I just found out from the other breeders that it’s supposed to be your own responsibility to pay the health check up of your own cat before sale.
Right now, I am very disappointed in you and very angry the way you handled me as your customer who you sold a sick cat. Papers you gave to me is the only:
1. The sale contract
2. Certificate to prove that the cat had no contagious transmitted disease.
3. Certificate of the vaccines record date that the cat received from your veterinarian
4. Form statement with the signature of your own vet stating that the cat is healthy or appears to be in normal condition under her observation that day of his Dr. visit.
5. Receipt copy I received directly from the Continental Air Lines St. Louis Airport, Missouri for received the cat arrival.
6. A small packaged dry cat food taped attached to the cat litter carrier delivered
You did not send me any of Gotee’s complete medical records as you have said in your email respond to me. So I don’t know what other medical records you are talking about.
I can only wait this amount of time because I don’t enjoyed and had no time to argue the problem with you over and over and still not getting resolved. I gave you starting today 1 week and ½ to send me my refund $700.00(seven hundred dollars). Also I realize since you send and sold me a sick cat now it’s your turn to pay the shipping back to you. As soon I received the money I will sent to you back the cat in your address. All I want is my money back, and money to the pay shipping to send to you back the cat! That’s all. And if I have to fight to get my $700.00 I will! Because I will never, never give up until I get my money back. So far I know according your own words the cat is only have health heck up at the time of my own expense $65.00 you charge to me for your vet check up. (this is the copy of the letter I sent to her on via email on Dec 15, 2010)

You’re “VERY WELCOME TO SUE ME!” and please, take me to court so I can display you and the fact of your connection to that “PITYFUL LYING RACIST” Jeanne M.Nangle. Also Jean Green who sent me a threatening letter on my email is finally come out here on Complaint Board. If you know the Law like you said to me do you know that it is against also of the Law to sent threatening letter to the people that you don’t know. Don’t you ever send me a threatening letter again!

Update by Sanci Hall
Mar 31, 2011 10:30 am EDT

If Jeanne M. Nangle and Karen Pratt endorses her friend Terrilyn Alexander selling me a sick cat with heart murmur (congenetal defect from the parents) then maybe they won't care to sell you a sick cat.

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Jul 13, 2021 1:34 pm EDT

You are a very evil woman that has posted terrible threats & etc. towards Terrilyn. I call this harassment & that my dear is against the law. Terrilyn is a dear friend, have known her for many, many years. Also a very respected Persian breeder with some of the best cats in this country.collar for Goldendoodle puppy

Mar 09, 2014 5:04 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I came across this from finding a complaint about cat breeders in California. First off, all of you should be ashamed! The breeder of Shadowroak, Mrs Nagle, the author of this complaint and all breeders supporting her! First of, this is a living breathing being, that loves, feels, and not a commodity such as jacket! I feel sorry for this poor kitty! How could you, not want him because he has a defective heart! You can use him to socialize kittens, and he still can be a wonderful pet. The way all of you speak about felines is appalling, and the way you treat each other is horrid! Do any of you have an ounce of professionalism and maturity? You suppose to represent the highest in pure bred standards? That is a laugh! These are animals and none of you deserve the honor of breeding such beautiful animals. It seems to all that matters to you all is that these kitties make you money. The owner should have returned the money, because that was the ethical thing to do in this situation instead of this drama. You, writer, are just as awful for wanting to rid yourself of your cat. If you had a actual heart, you would love him, and not want to part from him. Instead, you do not consider him yours. You Mrs. Nagle., should not judge anything since you lack human decency, love causing drama, and lack compassion and a racist. Your friend's cattery is now flagged on a website of bad catteries, so anyone looking for a purebred cat and does a google search will see this drama. I would not purchase a cat from any of you, and have serious concerns about how the lot of you care for your animals since you seem to have plenty of time to defend your friend. Cats are not just a pay check with you horrid group seem to have forgotten. I hope all of you loose your catteries, and every potential customer sees the immaturity and cruelty displayed by all of you. I truly hope karma bites all you "ladies" in the ###!

Mar 26, 2013 2:25 pm EDT

I can say I purchased a kitten last year from the last litter, this cat is now about a year old, he has been healthy, well socialized, etc, we STILL remain in contact [Me and miss Terri Lynn], and my kitten has no medical issues, He is a friendly, happy, well rounded feline, this breeder had to ship the cat and was absolutely a wonderful breeder, she answers any questions I had through his upbringing since this was my first Persian, I share his pictures and all with her, and she also offers help! I am sorry your cat had issues, but perhaps it is not hereditary, which is why a breeder would normally refund. I see no need to bring her friend into this argument/ complain as her friend has nothing to do with it, it seems you have an issue with Mrs Terry more than the fact you have an ill cat, and are moreso trying to trash her name.

I will attach attach a picture of the cat I have, a beautiful, healthy, happy, Persian cat.

Dec 04, 2012 7:11 pm EST

This addresses every single person who posted on this board. The most sickening part about this entire barrage of emails from ALL of you people is that every single one of you talk about your kittens (even your sick unfortunate babies who won't live long or healthy lives) like you are talking about a product in a store. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? If you were half as caring about your animals as you proclaim on your websites to be (and yes I've looked at ALL of them), then you would not be birthing out hundreds of the poor little creatures a year and trading them out like baseball cards. YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF FRAUDS. Not concerned about the suffering of any of these poor baby creatures but only worried about how much money you are losing when you sell or buy and you don't give a damn about them after they leave your care. You should all be ashamed.

Aug 04, 2011 5:51 am EDT


I have know Terrilyn for 6 years. She is nothing how you make her to be. She is the most honest person and takes VERY good care of her cats. She has over 25 years experience breeding Persians. How long have you been in the business?

It is not very professional of you to bad-mouth her the way you do. You have been posting on so many complaint boards, and for what? I don't see any other complaints except the ones you have been posting. It's almost as if you're obsessed and going extreme lengths to get people to stop buying from her in hopes that they will instead do business with you. And, it is not right that you are posting her personal information for the world to see.

I'm not an expert on cats, however I do know that this particular breed can have many congenital problems. You are complaining about a heart problem that was undetected at the time of sale and you are even accusing her vet of lying. She was willing to give you a replacement, however you declined that offer and chose to raise hell. I'm sorry, but I would NEVER do business with someone like you. Sounds like you are in it solely for money and you don't know the least bit about breeding. You signed a contract, and that is that. Most people don't even offer replacements and Terri was more than willing to work with you. She cannot guarantee that the cat will be free of health complications; just as human's cannot be guaranteed a healthy life, we too, have congenital issues beyond our control.

I've seen your website and don't understand why you don't want people coming into the home that you raise your cats in. The pictures you post don't even look like a a place that cats should be raised in! Rather it looks as if you're advertising for vases. You're Cattery doesn't even come up with your website when it is Googled. Why is that? Are you trying to avoid people reading these complaint boards about your cattery "AZURENAS-CATZ"?

For any prospect buyer of Shadowoak cattery, do not buy into Sanci's complaints. I've seen Terri care for her cats and she goes beyond extraordinary lengths to ensure that they are well groomed and kept.

I would say buyers beware of AZURENASCATZ or AZURENAS-CATZ. She will harass you as she does Terri. Not professional :/

May 19, 2011 5:50 pm EDT

On giving my own comments here some thoughts, I realized that I left some important things out. Teri Lynn has been accused of being a "bad breeder". I thought I might outline for you what a bad breeder really is so you and anyone else considering this hobby should be aware. A bad breeder will very likely not want you to visit their cattery because of things they do not want you to see. Bad breeders keep their kitties in cages - row after row of cages. I went to look at a kitten one day, and the owner's 9-year-old daughter invited me in. She was so proud of all their kitties. They were all in cages, shaved to the skin. Every single one of them had terrible eye infections. I was horrified. Needless to say, I did not get a kitten from them. Bad breeders sell kittens with nasty infectious illnesses. It is not at all unusual for them to offer to deliver the kitten to you. They do that so you cannot see where or what the kitten is coming from. Their kittens frequently have ear infections and mites, eye infections, fungal infections such as ring worm. If they do agree to let you in the door, the first thing you will notice is the overwhelming smell of cat urine. If you see fleas - RUN!

Your kitten should be pristine clean with a thick healthy coat. Eyes should be clear and free of crusting, red sores and heaven forbid - pus. They should not be "squinting" from painful eyes. Their coat should have no bare patches. Toenails should be clipped and clean. Kitten should be free of ear mites (look inside the ears for any kind of thick, brownish gunk - ear mites!), fleas or ringworm which will result in bare patches in the coat. Kitten should be unafraid of you - should not cringe if you try to touch it. A good breeder will give you a supply of food the kitten is currently eating as changing their diet suddenly will almost always lead to diarrhea. Your breeder should provide you with a list of the kitten's vaccines, exactly what was given and the dates. You should receive copies of genetic tests done on the parents of your kittens to verify that PKD is not present. You should get a copy of your new baby's pedigree and the CFA blue ship (with PIN# if you have purchased breeding rights). You must follow your written agreement with the breeder to the letter. If you have three days to take your kitten to the vet for evaluation, do it within those three days. Failing to do that will invalidate any warranty the breeder gives you. Notify the breeder in writing and by phone call of any problems that are found. Make sure to include any medical reports from your vet. manner. The one thing I find most offensive about the comments here is that this buyer states unequivocally that this breeder knowingly sold a kitten with problems, yet by her own account the problems were not there on the kitten's arrival but appeared along with an illness that the kitten may very well have picked up in its new home (the timing of the illness is very suggestive of this). I have a cat from this breeder and he had NO illness whatsoever. If this breeder was selling sick kittens, all of them would be sick. Be kind, friendly and do not say anything in a accusing manner. A good breeder will take the kitten back during the agreed upon period and promise you another kitten (nobody, but nobody can guarantee you how long the wait will be. I have been waiting months for a kitten my favorite breeder and I will continue to wait as long as necessary). If your kitty does reveal a genetic problem within the first year, your breeder should be willing to allow you to return your kitten (at your own expense) and will replace it as soon as possible.

Most importantly, be NICE! Call your breeder and explain nicely what the problems are and be very clear about how you want to resolve the situation. Don't ask to resolve it in a way that was not agreed upon in the original contract. Do not send emails about these things unless they are to back up what was said on the phone. Emails can quickly degenerate into "shouting matches". People frequently say things in emails that they would not dream of saying face to face.

Lastly, try to remember that you too will be in the other seat with a buyer calling you about a problem with one of your own kittens. I guarantee you that it WILL happen. Think long and hard about how you want to be treated by your own buyer when that happens. Name-calling is totally unacceptable. If you are nice to other breeders it will go a long way towards building a good reputation in the breeder community. If you are ever going to get to be a top notch breeder you are going to need the cooperation of other top notch breeders to help you get your own kitties. I gosh-darn guarantee you that nobody with any reputation at all is going to sell to the person who wrote this complaint.

To anyone out there who is thinking about starting a breeding program, I hope you have reviewed all of the posts here and have learned what can happen. Do not make the mistakes made here. You must go out and get the best kittens you can afford. You will need to have enough money to pay your vet bills and it is not going to be cheap. Breeding Persians IS a hobby. It is not a money-making proposition for anybody. It is a very, very expensive hobby. Do your homework first. If you cannot pay for veterinary care your kitties are going to suffer and that is just plain wrong.

To the other breeders out there - I hope this will be a lesson to all of us as well. The internet is a great thing but it also allows people to say all kinds of nasty things and ruin people's reputations. People who know better will ignore this stuff, but it is painful. I think some of this can be prevented if you are proactive. When you sell a kitten, keep the lines of communication open. Contact your buyer at one week, one month, six months, one year and three years to see how your kittens are doing. Find out if anything is turning up that should make you reconsider breeding certain cats. You can not predict how any given kitten is going to turn out. Did you sell it as a show kitten? Are you selling multiple kittens as show kittens that are turning out to be pets? Are your kitties jaws growing correctly and are their bites nice and straight as adults? Have any of your kittens turned up with a genetic problem? You really, really need to know this stuff. Your job is not done when you ship that kitten off to its new home. I know this stuff all takes time, but the consequences of not following up can be terrible for the kitties, the buyers and for you. I am sure you want your buyers to be happy with their new family member and doubly sure you don't want your kitties to end up in shelters because disgruntled buyers don't get what they expected. It is all part of the job.

May 18, 2011 10:14 pm EDT

Dear Sanci:

I think it would be best at this point for you to take a breath and calm down. I don't think you are listening to anything anybody else is saying here.

You seem to have gotten into cat breeding without having done your homework first. I actually saw a posting on where a person stated that there is lots of money to be made raising Persian kittens. All you have to do, according to her, is get yourself a male and female and bingo - you are in business.

That is obviously not the case or everyone would be doing it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money. But before you go into an endeavor you really need to do your homework and find out what you are getting into. The people who told you it is impossible to breed Persians and make money are absolutely correct. It cannot be done. To truly be a good breeder, you need to research all of the different Persians, colors, existing breeders in order to identify exactly what your goals are. You cannot just pick up a couple of cats and start. Every cat you bring into your cattery must be tested for genetic disease (PKD). At one year of age they should have an ultrasound to screen for disease that cannot be uncovered on genetic testing. Before I would ever let a kitty lose in my home I have it at the vet and have it disease tested to make sure I am not bringing a deadly disease into my cattery that will hurt my existing cats. All of this costs money. Diet is very important and you should be well-versed in the best diets for your cats and this requires research as well. You cannot just go buy a bag of grocery store cat food and expect it will meet your cat's needs. What are you going to do if your males get loose and get into a fight and get hurt? That right! More vet bills. What if one of your your females has problems during delivery in the middle of the night on Saturday? Off to the emergency vet and a c-section is a definite possibility! Guess how much that costs! No really - guess! If you don't know, you should not even begin breeding.

I do not think that is a cattery owner on the planet who will give you your money back after all this time. It is common and standard to talk to your breeder about what has been found. Be very clear with them right from the beginning about what you would like to do. Do NOT do it by email. This can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings that can lead to the type of situation we see here.

I think the breeder here did the standard thing - offer a replacement kitten. Perhaps the law allows for a different outcome in your state, but you should understand that that is not the standard in most catteries. You signed the contract and knew up front what both of your responsibilities were.

I am so, so sorry that things went this way for you just as you are starting up, but it happens. Biology is not perfect. No breeder can promise you a perfect kitty. Impossible! I purchased a gorgeous Persian male ten years ago for my foundation male. He was perfect. Unfortunately, he ultimately proved sterile. I did not go back to my breeder and demand a replacement or my money back. I was so in love with that boy that I just moved on. He became the best pet I have ever had in my life. I bought a kitten with show potential last fall. He has really "fizzled" so to speak. He is not show quality and will never be shown. Do I consider that the breeder's fault? No way! In good faith we both agreed that he had great potential. It just didn't happen. I would not think of blaming her. We love him and his insane antics and he will stay here forever. We are waiting for another male.

We ALL work hard for our money. Breeding cats is frought with risks, and that is why people tell you you cannot make money doing it. We all do it because we love the breed and our cats so much that we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to do so.

Perhaps you think I am not listening about the fact that your kitten became ill. I am hearing you. In fact, this is so common as to almost be standard with both puppies and kittens. Taking them from their mommy, siblings and the only home they have ever known stresses them and they can become sick. You did make a big mistake if what TeriLynn says is true and you integrated that kitten with your cats without a reasonable quarantine period. That was a huge mistake and one I made myself a long time ago. All of my cats became ill and it cost me thousands of dollars to be my precious babies healthy again. Again, I did not blame the breeder. My daughter just bought a gorgeous GoldenDoodle puppy from a well known breeder. He came with both an antibiotic and a tummy medicine to treat him prophylactically for the illnesses that they have come to expect from the stress of being moved.

The problems that you have outlined do not make TeriLynn a bad breeder at all. Many catteries have cats who have been exposed to all kinds of diseases - primarily from shows. Cats can be healthy their whole lives but be carriers of various things and this is something you really need to educate yourself about. Fortunately, most of these things are treatable and your cats recover and lead healthy lives from then on. You must always, always have your own vet test for the fatal diseases before ever exposing another cat in your cattery to them. Your new kitty should be well settled into the home before meeting his new mates.

You should also know that $1200.00 is a very cheap breeder kitten. I have paid upwards of $2000.00 for each of my cats. That is normal and shipping is extra.

I want to give you one other thing to think about here. I worked in cardiology for people for over ten years. Do you know that people can get heart murmurs, not just as a result of a genetic problem, but as a result of an illness? It is pefectly possible that this baby got sick from one of your own cats and that that is what caused the murmur! If you have children I am sure that at one time or another one of them got strep throat and your pediatrician treated it pronto. The reason for the speedy treatment is that untreated, strep can lead to scarlet fever which can cause rheumatic heart disease. So you see, this is not a really simple thing.

When my kitties were so ill, I called the veterinarians at Cornell University and spoke to them. They really educated me about cat illnesses and I would like to suggest to you that you visit their sites which have a whole wealth of information available for you. They were running a study at the time on calici viruses in cats. At the beginning of the study, every single cat in the study was negative for these viruses. None of these cats was exposed to any other cats during the study. Two months into the study, one of the cats turned up positive. Within a month they ALL were positive. At the time they were theorizing that people were actually bringing viruses into the building on their clothes. They just were not sure. So ANY cattery can have a cat that is positive for an illness. It is absolutely 100% impossible to eradicate all illnesses and guarantee anybody anything.

I have experience with TeriLynn myself and I think she is not the "warm and fuzzy" type. But I also think she is a very, very good breeder. I think you have made up your mind that the only thing you want is your money back without understanding that you waived that right by the contract you signed. If you continue on, be sure you go over every single line in the contract and if you do not like it - do not sign it! Buy from somebody else. Nobody even asks me to sign a contract anymore because they know me and know I understand all of the risks involved. I will never give a breeder any aggravation, but before I buy from somebody I ask around and find out everything I can about them.

Who to ask? Go to the cat shows. Make friends with the breeders there. You will find some of them kind of standoffish, but many of them LOVE to chat about their cats. They adore them and are passionate about them and will help you. That is how I learned everything I know. Get a mentor through the CFA - somebody who will be willing to take the time to explain things to you and help you as you go along. You are going to need how to give vaccines, how to tube feed, how to support a kitten that suddenly "crashes" (IT WILL HAPPEN!) and all kinds of things.

Lastly, I want to ask you to go back and read what you have posted here. If you can be honest about it I think your own words will literally make you cringe, they are that nasty. I read Jean
Greene's post here. She did not say one nasty thing to you! She was trying to help you! I have known Jean for years and as far as I and many other people out there are concerned, Jean is the finest breeder of Persians in the entire world. I have gone to her for advice for years and she has been so kind, caring and willing to share all she knows with me. I would be very careful about talking to her that way. Have you ever seen her cats? If you have not been to her website you should really go look. You will be flabberghasted! Nobody, but nobody has cats with the look she has achieved! I would be willing to eat Ramen noodles for months to pay for one of her kittens. If Jean tells me the moon is purple, I will not even go look. It is purple! I have not met a nicer person in all my years.

Go look at all the cats out there. Research, research, research. What lines do you want to breed? What look are you going for? What color types. Even within the breed standard there are many, many variations. I have bought kittens from all over the world to try to get a look I want and will continue doing it until I get it - even if I have to eat Ramen noodles every single day. That is the mindset you need to have to raise Persians. Make money? Not gonna happen! Ever.

Again, I am so sorry your first experience did not turn out the way you hoped. If I were you, I would pull down my posts here, apologize for getting so upset and nasty, beg for another kitten from TeriLynn and learn, learn, learn. You are not the only person to have a bad experience. I bet every single breeder outthere can tell you horror stories about things they learned the hard way. There are, in fact, bad breeders out there. TeriLynn Alexander is simply not one of them.

Apr 11, 2011 7:33 pm EDT

First of all I am tired of repeating myself...I DO NOT KNOW MS.HALL... I honestlly feel like Mrs.Alexander has done nothing wrong... She is offering to replace the cat, So why is this still dragging out?perhaps because you continue to debate with Ms.Hall? Mrs.Alexander is handeling this situation with class and proffesionalism..You my friend continue to insult and make racist insinuations.. The only reason I why I even took the time to comment, Was because of your ignorant, racist postings.I do not know Mrs.Hall but it is evident from her post that English is not her first language...So cut the crap..your comments were ignorant and racist and directed towards her...

Apr 11, 2011 8:22 am EDT

Ms. Disheartning,
Now you are telling me that you and Ms. Hall are from a foreign country. I guess that explains a lot of things! But because Ms. Hall is from a different culture does not mean that she is not an American NOW! You are talking in circles!
Alas, I only have a BA in Fine Arts with minors in psychology and philosophy. I was too busy having fun and then marriage and children took up all my time. I am the only one of my siblings that doesn't have at least a Masters. (9 degrees among the 4 of us...and 9 degrees [ another coming soon] among my 4 children.)
But, again, that is neither here nor there! There are many people without much formal education who are somtimes much more intelligent that someone with many is not what you have but HOW you use what you have.
From the evidence that I have seen in Ms. Hall's rants and ravings, she is not very intelligent and probably has, as I have said before, some sort of mental problem. If she is a foreign born American, as you say, that is not an excuse for her irrational and illegal behavior. My Grandparents were foreign born Americans and they NEVER behaved as Ms. Hall has! They worked hard to raise and educate their children through the depths of the Great Depression and taught them values and manners which they, in turn, passed down to my generation.
You have been educated... how can you defend Ms. Hall's terrible behavior? Why aren't you trying to help her?
Can't you talk to her family about this? Do they know what she has been doing? If you are really her friend you will do something!
J. Nangle

Apr 10, 2011 10:22 pm EDT

Mrs. Nance... I have not but to notice that you are very comfortable with insinuating that we do not have the intelligence to understand or speak proper english.So you should along with your ignorant postings attatch your credentials or degrees in English or any other related field, since you alledgedly have mastered the English language so well...I have a masters in Cultural Anthropology A BS in Human develpoment with minors in psychology and yet I dont go arouond insulting the intelligence of people from foreign countries...Any reasonable or ethical person knows in America, There are always to sides to a story...Since your so quick to "jump the gun" without hearing Mrs.Hall's version of events, perhaps because she is not American.. Sounds pretty racist to me...

Apr 10, 2011 10:09 pm EDT

To "Disheartning, " (correctly spelled disheartening)
I am assumming that you are a friend of Ms. Hall' she at one time lived in California, as you do. So it is OK to defend your friend and not for me to defend mine?
I, too, have had an animal shipped to me - from Germany. In addition to the price of the animal, I paid for the shipping, all the vaccinations, health certificate and European Union Pet Passport. I paid for my Vet to inspect the animal the next day, and when the pet developed an ear infection few weeks later, i paid my Vet for that, too. I signed a contract with very strict provisions pertaining to this animals offspring and and his care. All of this is standard procedure.

Regarding the charge of "racism" - I was raised in the South and to me that is someone who discriminates against Black people...perhaps in your part of this Country the word means something else.
When I said that Ms hall should go back where she came from, I meant that she should crawl back into the hole that she fell out of...not return to a particular place or country. I know that sounds mean (and it is) but her vicious attacks on my friend really annoy me! (Remember Peoria or Pretoria?) I state again that I have no idea where she is from.
And, yes I am "...quite an American" as you put it...and I am very proud of being an American. My ancestors started coming to America almost 400 years ago and continued for the next 300 years...from Britain and Northern Europe. I am very proud of them because they came here for Religious and political freedom. As I said before this Country is home to folks of many colors, different religions and different political ideas. I welcome them all! You and Ms. Hall are probably proud of your ancestors, too, and rightly so. But all this is neither here nor there!

My objection to Ms. Hall is her meaness and lies. She is and has harrassed my friend by telephone, emails and by posting to every site that she can find on the Internet...and most recently screaming insults into her telephones. The resolution of their dispute is between them and the Law...which Ms. Hall is breaking again and again and with increasing frequency. I, of course, have my own opinions on that matter but they have no bearing here. But if I did not try to point out on the same sites that Ms. Hall uses - the true facts of her behavior and lies, another person might be duped by her rants and accusations.
She truely seems to have a few loose screws. It is just not normal to carry on as she does...normal people just do not behave that way! If you are Ms. Hall's friend, you should try and see if you can persuade her family to provide her with some Mental Health Counseling.
I have been told by an authority on the matter that the California Lemon law is very specific and does not apply to a Hobby Breeder with 4 or 5 cats. I know nothing more that that about it.
J. Nangle

Apr 08, 2011 2:58 am EDT

Mrs.nangle im sorry I had to read your post again..Perhaps you dont comprehend the written word good..I said YOU were a racist not Ms.Hall...

Apr 08, 2011 2:44 am EDT

I am in no way associated with Mrs.Hall..I actually came across this post researching Mrs.Alexander and her beautiful cattery...First of all I personally feel Mrs.Alexander is not in the wrong..She sold a sick cat, I will giver her the bennefit of the doubt and assume she had no ideal at the time. She is offering to replace the cat, which she should rightfully do... Mrs.Hall should send the cat back..COD if neccesary, that is possible I've had a dog sent to me and I had to pay the shipping fees when I picked her up.. I understand just what you are saying in regards to the contract, But it is not fair that Mrs.Hall had to pay vet bills either..So to meet half way perhaps mrs.Alexander can cover the shipping and Mrs.Hall will have to accept the vet fees..That way they will both break even.. Now Mrs.Nangle..You are a racist.. I have read a few of your post where you stated that Mrs.Hall should go back to where she came from, and you stated that she should learn the way things work in this country... If you had no ideal where mrs.Hall was from or what nationality she is, what exactly where or are you insinuating? You've implyed it more then once... You even stated that perhaps I dont understand the english word... Wow arent you quite the American... who do you think you are..I will be sure to let my collegues and associates know not to deal with YOU because you are unprofessional and a racist.. You continue to argue and hold these huge debates with Mrs.Hall and this situation really has nothing to do with you..You have nothing better to do with your time as well... And as far as the lemon law not pertaining to Mrs.Alexander..Please explain to me why she is above the law? She sold a sick pet and in California that is illegal so yes by LAW she either has to replace the animal in a timely matter or refund the money... I am done this is none of my business like it is none of yours...Good luck Mrs. Hall

Apr 05, 2011 10:27 am EDT

Ms. Hall - You are apparently hallucinating. Never in any of my comments to this board have I said that you were a "scammer." Actually, I am not familiar with the correct defination of that word. I don't think that I have ever used it in any context.

Note: To those who may have been following this discourse and are confused by seemingly unrelated notes and comments: The Complaints Board removed all of Ms. Hall's rants and lies. Days later, Ms Hall has reposted her complaint and the ensuing no logical order...indicating that she is seemingly confused and illogical. J. Nangle

Apr 04, 2011 5:09 am EDT

You are a very evil woman that has posted terrible threats & etc. towards Terrilyn. I call this harrasment & that my dear is against the law. Terrilyn is a dear friend, have known her for many, many years. Also a very respected Persian breeder with some of the best cats in this country. What your saying aout her is totally untrue. You need to STOP & think before you let your evil fingers tap on that keyboard of yours. Get a life!

Apr 01, 2011 5:06 am EDT

OH! My Goodness! Ms. Hall why are you still out there on the Internet spewing your hate and lies? I do not think that you understand the issues here: you just stated that it is ilegal to send threatening letters to people that you don't know - having read all the comments on this board, the only threats that I have seen have been posted by YOU! No one has threatened YOU! Ms. Green send you a very kind letter explaining the facts to you and giving you some advice to follow...and you think that you were threatened by her. I think that you should re-read the letter. Perhaps you will understand it better.
You also calls me a racist - on what basis? Nothing that I have said to you would lead a normal person to come to that conclusion. You also called me a liar -on what basis? I have never lied to you.
Another error that you have posted is that you said that CFA Cattery regestrations last only for 5 years...that is a recent rule. My cattery has been registered for many, many years. I have had the same cattery name for all those years and it is mine forever. I do not have to reapply or reinstate it every 5 years. Why would I ever want to change it? You implied that some breeders change their cattery names every few years. I have been around a long time and I have never heard of any breeder doing that...where did you get that idea?
You should hope that you do not have to appear in court to defend yourself. The facts do not support your slanderous accusations and lies and you might find yourself in a world of trouble. I personally would not waste my time and money suing you for the dreadful things that you have been saying about me. I have an honest reputation and you silly lies just bounce right one beleives you. Do you know the story of the boy that cried wolf? No one listens to some one who complains ALL the time!
J. Nangle

Mar 31, 2011 4:29 pm EDT

Jean Green wanted this letter posted:

Hello Sanci,
My name is Jean Green and I have Steeplechase Cattery. I have read your complaint about Terrilyn. I feel, as others do, that you are a novist breeder and perhaps do not fully understand the ethics of breeding. I have known Terrilyn for many years now and she is an avid and respected breeder of persians. Her cats are of superb quality and her reputation as a breeder surpasses many of the most respected persian breeders that I've known in the past 25 years. According to Terrilyn's contract, you have 72 hours to take your kitten to a vet to have his health checked out. IF and ONLY IF, a problem is discovered within this time limit, then you will get a full refund of the kitten. IF a problem is found out AFTER 72 hours, the kitten will be replaced with another kitten. HOWEVER, the rule of thumb is that the BUYER pays all expenses for the return of the kitten including any vet bills that could have concurred and then another kitten will be sent to you AFTER the 72 hours have passed. The contract you got from Terrilyn is a standard contract that most breeders use. SOOOOOOOO, has Terrilyn broken her contract? Absolutely not! Did she offer to replace your kitten which is what all ethical breeders would do? Yes, she did but YOU are expected to pay the expenses of the vet AND for the return of the kitten. In the past 25 years, I've had to do this many MANY times. I have recently received a kitten from Belgium. I paid $600.00 for a "fly boy" to pick up my kitten for me and bring her to S.C. where I live. I immediately saw this kitty had an underbite and although I loved her, I could not use her in my breeding program. Also about two weeks after she arrived, she developed a bad upper respiratory and got bad diarrhea (this is very common when cats are sent to a new environment). She also was diagnosed to have a problem with her soft palate which caused her to snort. Hence, I must pay another $600.00 to have her flown back to her breeder and bring my replacement kitty to me. I also had around $500.00 worth of vet bills which I am responsible for. I don't complain about this as this is what is expected of me if I ask for a replacement kitten. Terrilyn has done NOTHING wrong. I'm sure as a novist breeder, you do not know about the ethics in breeding and what is expected of you and what is not expected of you. You will learn IF you stay in this hobby long enough. Because you have placed this complaint on Google, you have slandered Terrilyn's cattery name for a reason which you obviously don't understand. Terrilyn has done NOTHING incorrect and has followed her contract. Unfortunately for you, this could turn into a slander suit against you and your cattery name (Azurenascatz). My son is a lawyer so I do know the law. By doing what you have done, you have hurt YOUR cattery name and other breeders will NOT sell to you. To my knowledge, most every breeder (that is anybody in the cat world) knows Shadow Oak Cattery and the reputation it has. If I were you, I'd get those complaints off of Google as quickly as I had them put on. If not, you will probably have a big law suit against you and take it from the experienced, you WILL LOSE! I don't mean to speak harshly to you. I am only telling you this to help you and especially if ever you do decide to get somewhere in the cat world. I'll be happy to discuss this further with you. Sometimes experience IS the best teacher.

Jean Green
Steeplechase Cattery

Mar 31, 2011 4:01 pm EDT

On October 8th, 2010, I sent to my knowledge, a very healthy pet to you SANCI E. HALL of AZURENASCATZ PERSIANS, 2809 Circle Drive, Alton, Illinois, 62002, phone [protected], cell [protected], email, . I had a health check done on the kitten before he was sent to you and you received the medical certificate upon his arrival. In our contract under stipulations you were to have the kitten vet inspected within 72 hours. Any problems will be promptly reported to me for return and refund. You told me that he was doing fine and had him checked by the first vet two weeks later and he said he was healthy at that time. You made a food change that caused the kitten to have diarrhea and he caught a cold after you place him in with the rest of your cats. As I told you last September before purchasing the kitten you should always quarantine any new kitten or cat before being introduced to your cats. Since you are a new person that just registered with CFA on October 13, 2010, you have a lot to learn about how contracts work. When you sign a contract you are agreeing to the terms. All the breeders basically have the same contract.
In mid December, ten weeks later, you called me yelling that the kitten had a heart murmur. I informed you that I would replace the kitten when I breed again next year according to our contract. I never received a medical report signed by the examining veterinarian before a replacement is made. When you called my vet demanding the kitten’s records, my vet told you that it is the California State law that a person cannot obtain records on an animal that is owned by someone else. I have told you a dozen times that you received the only medical record that the kitten had at my vet’s office. My vet would not lie to you or cover up the health of a kitten in the medical report that was sent to you last October, 2010.
Breeders cannot predict what will happen to cats. We offer replacements according to our contracts and that is what I offered you. I have someone that can pick up the cat from you before a replacement is provided. I have always had many happy customers and I receive letters and videos from people who have purchased a Persian from me over the years. You only made a partial payment for the cat and you did not pay in full what the asking price was I quoted you. I will repeat myself again, I would be pleased to replace the kitten once the kitten is returned to me and you will receive a kitten of equal value when available. Our transaction is not covered under the CA Lemon Law as you have mentioned, I know, I live in this state and my attorney has verified this information for me. All cats that are sold from my cattery are health check before leaving. You keep threatening me and harassing me and no one in the cat world will want to sell a Persian to you if you keep this up. I hope you can find something more productive to do with your time.