ServiceAmericaincompetant company


This company is the most incompetant, unservice and customer relations friendly firm I have ever used. We have a service contract that we did not need to use for the first year and a half. At that time we noticed that the dishwasher was not latching properly. Their service man came, said he had to order a part and it should be in in a few day. They never called, we called back 2 weeks later and they said the part was never ordered. 2 weeks later their rep came out and said it was the wrong part. They scheduled the appt for a week later which we felt was unacceptable. After 4 hours of hold time and unkept promises of returned phone calls, we were resolved to that appt. THey never called or came. WHen we called to find out why, they had rescheduled for a time that we were not available without ever asking. After another 2 hours on hold and with supervisors, they have promised to come tomorrow morning. And now, even tho we paid a co pay, they have already charged our card with a charge for the part. The whole idea of their service is to provide replacement parts and labor when needed. If you put any value on your stress level or time, DO NOT USE THIS FIRM. THEY CHARGE FOR ITEMS THAT SHOULD BE OVERED< THEY DO NOT COME WHEN PROMISED AND THEY MISDIAGNOSE THE CORRECTIONS.

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