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I have had Service America for over 20 years they "were" great truly, for many years, even though I have not had MAJOR issues over this period of time, always on time, rather professional and did their work quicker and accurately. Few years back I had an older stacked washer and dryer go out, they were courteous and very good, I had replacement coverage and basically the entire unit was covered. Unfortunately since then, its about 8 years now, I've stayed with them out of habit, I've had to make repeated calls for the same problem, or "it's not covered" -- it was before...technicians do not seem to be as professional and knowledgeable. I've had a ceiling fan problem and they can't seem to fix it. I'm even more frustrated now cuz they've changed their contracts and now there is a deductible on top of the service plan.
Is it even worth it...? and - their replacement coverage has changed.
Soooo, what exactly am I paying for and what am I getting, between averaged out monthly cost $50 and service call now $50 -- unless its a bigger problem- it not worth, and even then upi better hope its something that they cover, , , , ,
frustrated/annoyed/will cancel

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