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I had an AC problem and they sent out 7 - SEVEN!!! different service people that could not fix the problem (doesn't include cancellations or them showing up late). Last visit they asked me to pay money to clean something, and that is why we have the warranty! It is not in our contract and the higher ups in company won't return my calls. Very poor service, save your money and hire reputable contractors when you need it and forget the service contract from this company!


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    dukeaubie Jan 18, 2010

    I do not recommend anyone purchase a service contract with them. As a matter of fact, I'm finished with these service contract companies. It is all just a scam.

    This is my latest fiasco with Service America.

    1. On 12/29/10 called in service because flame would not stay lite on furnace, sent out a technician who said there were loose wires and said it was fixed � problem not fixed when cold front hit New Year's weekend the heater would not work

    2. On 1/5/10 sent out another technician that spent about 5 minutes and then told me it was too complicated for him so they would have to send out a specialist, he couldn't come out until Thurs 1/7/10 (in the meantime FL is being hit by the coldest system since the 70's, temps in the 20's at night and 40's during the day).

    3. On 1/7/10 specialist shows up and spends a good deal of time diagnosing the problem and determines it is one of two things; 1) sensor, or 2) circuit board. To be on the safe side he said he was going to order both parts but they would not be in until Tues 1/12/10

    4. On 1/12/10 another technician shows up with only the sensor and then tells me it is not the sensor but the circuit board and dispatch had sent our circuit board on another service call and he wouldn�t be able to fix it until Friday 1/15/10

    5. My husband called to speak with the customer service supervisor and no one returned his call

    6. On 1/13/10 I call Service America and request to cancel my contract and a refund of payment and they put me through to Pauline the customer service supervisor (funny how that works). She tells me that the circuit board never was delivered from the manufacture because it is on back order (different story than what the Tech told me) and now they want be able to fix the heater until Monday 1/18/10 (temps go back up into the 70's/50's now). This puts us into 4 weeks after the initial call when the heater should have been fixed in the first place. If they had sent out a competent technician to begin with this whole fiasco would not have happened.

    7. Called on 1/15/10 to verify appointment for Monday

    8. On 1/18/10 did not show up at scheduled time (8am - 1pm). Called Service America Customer Service and spoke to Sharon. She said my appointment was scheduled for Thur 1/21/10. I asked her to provide me with the amount of my contract renewal in August and then asked for the number of service calls that had been made since my renewal with the exception of this incident which began on 12/29/09. The contract renewal was $534.85. There was one service call for the washer that totaled $132.90 (which I actually wrote them a check for). I then asked to be transferred to Pauline and left a message on her voicemail that I wanted my contract cancelled and my money refunded. Pauline returned my call but told me they could only cancel my contract but could not refund my money.

    As I stated before, I do not recommend this company. I actually went to their website and their VP of Operations actually has the nerve to have this posted...Nancy's motto is "treat the customer as you or a member of your family would want to be treated"

    Is this how she treats her family?

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    FrankTB May 25, 2014

    CONSUMER BEWARE!!! Stay away from SERVICE AMERICA!!! Wish I had checked out their reputation before I renewed my contracts and actually purchased a new A/C unit from them!!! They installed a new unit in Feb 2013. Here it is May 2014 and the air handler is leaking water like a sieve... I call them up on Saturday (a normal work day) at 10:04am. They tell me because of the Memorial Day weekend the EARLIEST they can come is Tuesday!!! I am a long-time paying contract customer... this is how they treat their customers??!! I state I need service quicker than that as we cannot run A/C (90+ degree temps this weekend) with water pouring out of the unit... why not that day, or even willing to pay for that evening... "not possible"... They agree to get me an "out of hours" service call for Sunday... at the cost of $105.00 trip charge!!! Cannot believe it, but I accept, and to top it off they tell me the SERVICE WINDOW is between 8am and 5pm!!! A 9 hour service call window??!! Sunday comes, I call at 12noon to confirm that we are going to see a service tech... "you are confirmed and a tech will be there between 8am and 5pm. Now it is 3pm... I call again... "don't worry, someone will be there eventually... don't worry about the 5pm time...???!!! I advise them if the tech does not show by 5pm to let their HQ know I will be calling on Tuesday, and not to bother coming out past 5pm because community will not allow them in. Now, after waiting 9 hours, I receive a call from the tech at 5:30pm telling me he can be at my home in 15 minutes!!!??? I tell him to forget it, what happened to 8am to 5 pm??... and he simply says, "sorry, they will reschedule the call"... I just wasted 9+ hours waiting for a tech who never showed within a 9 hour SERVICE WINDOW!!! WORST service company I have ever experienced. Too bad they were the ones to take over the business from the old company. SERVICE AMERICA has no idea what customer service, customer care, and customer longevity means!!! I am contacting our Master Association to ensure they are but on the AVOID LIST and hope to have them removed from this community altogether... 36 villages within our community, I hope they lose whatever business they have here. CONSUMER BEWARE!!! Horrible service and very poor customer service personnel... no empathy, no concern, no attempt to make things right...

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