Service Americaincompetent techs, unprofessional employees


Service America is unreliable, irresponsible, employees are really rude and the techs are incompetent. My air conditioning unit went on the fritz on Tuesday, September 28. I noticed the thermostat was 85 degrees, so I turned it off and found a soaking wet filter and a nice size puddle under the unit. The tech "couldn't" be here until Thursday afternoon, 9/28. He was prompt, pleasant, and told me my coil was in need of an acid wash and would not be covered under the contract at the tune of $500. He then tried to pressure me into getting a new unit altogether, from Service America. HE ALSO TOLD ME THAT I COULD RUN THE AIR CONDITIONER UNTIL THEN WITHOUT USING A FILTER. My mistake was in trusting that advice. By Friday night my entire floor was drenched and my thermostat said 88 degrees. I guess he really wanted me to get a new unit, and I may have to now thanks to his ill-given advice. Today they are supposed to be here, but in the meantime the house is hot and humid and unhealthy air has made my dog sick. The scheduling department told me that I was number one on the list and that the techs would be here at 830 at the latest. It's now almost 2 oclock, I just spoke to someone who told me that I needed to be patient. When I told her that patience by this point is totally impossible, she became very defensive and nasty and hung up on me. VERY PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR!!! (NOT!!!)
I will be fixing this with another company. BBB will be hearing from me very, very soon.


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    Dadlani Oct 13, 2012

    How many Service America personnel does it take to change a light bulb?
    But it takes 5 visits!!!
    Took 3 weeks and 5 visits to get our dryer working
    Loss of their man hours - our man hours and staying home and missing work is not important - of course...

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  • My
    MyReply Jan 21, 2015

    If you had replacement coverage for your ac, coil cleaning was it's not. And the price Service America charges to do this is ridiculous.

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