Service America Floridatotal incompetance


These clowns are a joke. From long wait times on the phone, to rude customer service people who apparently don't communicate with the technicians (loosly used term), to never being able to speak with a supervisor/manager, to missed appointments, to just plain bad service. When our old A/C unit gave up, Service America sold us a Trane 20I, top of the line A/C unit. Only problem...they don't know anything about repairing the unit. We had the first yearly service on April 9, and have had nothing but problems with the year old unit ever since starting a day after their supposed tech left. We've been calling them weekly/twice a week. We've had to wait for service, wait for parts to be ordered (they said it was the thermostate - ha), wait for them to decide they really didn't know what the problem was, ask us for the repair manuals, not know what the error codes were, then finally tell us to call Trane as the unit was under warranty. THEY SOLD IT TO US. A call to the 'we want to purchase an a/c' line was answered rather quickly. The person there sent an email to the A/C supervisor asking him to call us. We're still waiting. These people don't know what they are doing...A rip off. Then there's the ice maker that was leaking all over the floor. We called them on a Monday and had to wait until Friday for service.. Two days later, the unit started leaking again...all over the floor again. Had to wait another week for them to show up. Ruined the floor. They said oh well...not their problem. Watch these guys. they claim to have an AA plus rating with the BBB. Liars.

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