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Complaint description - written 8/25/2009

My air conditioner failed on a thursday evening. They sent a technician who failed to test it, but only added freon. On sat I was without ac. I called for service but couldn't get an apt. Until tues. On tuesday, it was discovered that the coil was leaking. The technician told me to call the presidents office to have the coil removed on weds, and have a courier pick up the coil and take it to the shop on weds, so it could be repaired and returned before the weekend. I contacted service america and arranged for the coil pickup and courier service for weds. On weds, only 1 tech came out, not two that were needed. I assisted tech in removing coil. When he called the courier, the courier said no way he was coming. I called the presidents office since I had been without ac from sat to weds, in terrible heat, and was told they would not pick it up until thurs, which probably meant I would be without air condition until monday. I pleaded with them to hire another courier to pick up the coil, but they refused to do so. I called a competitor weds evening, sansone, who installed a new air conditioner on thursday. Service america failed to provide service in a reasonable time period. If they don't have enough trucks, or equipment they should contract out for additional manpower, to move equipment. I think being without a/c for a period of 8 days is unreasonable, the temperature in the house was over 90 degrees harmful, to pets children, and exposes the house to possible mol

Complaint summary

Failure of service america to provide purchased contract service on my air conditioner.
Resolution sought

Service america was required to repair or replace the air conditioning unit under the contract. Since it took unreasonably long to replace the coil because of their failure to have sufficient courier service to pick up the coil, they should have replaced the outside unit when they couldn't repair the unit in a timely fashion. Their replacement dollar amount for a unit is a maximum of $3000. I believe that this is a reasonable amount for the damages I incurred, by being forced to purchase a ne

Additional information
Date problem first occurred:
Product or service: the company offers a service contract for air conditioners.
Model name or number: trane 5 ton ac


  • Ve
    ventana110 May 30, 2010

    Their a/c department is the world's worse. I am currently sitting with no a/c, also in 95 degree heat. The system was bought from them 12/09 and already, is is now may 30. 2010, it is down. I was told that the a/c i bought was the best, a trane xl20i. Of course, it is a holiday weekend and this prima donna company is not taking any calls today and so now I will be without a/c till tuesday and i probably wont get an appointment till god knows when. They dont care and can do whatever they want because they have your money. They could not care less about the temperature in the house and if someone has a breathing problem. Every other a/c company has 24/7 service but not service america. This is disgraceful but telling them this goes on deaf ears.

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  • Dk
    DKFL Jul 01, 2010

    Anyone interested in a class action suit against Service America please email me
    at [email protected] I have had enough of their lies !!!

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  • We
    west palm beach 1 Jun 02, 2013

    don't blame the tech they have 12 calls to do in 8 hours plus driving time no one can do this

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  • In
    intlprofs Oct 02, 2017

    @west palm beach 1 Over the years their service has deteriorated, not so much with the technicians as some are good and conscientious, but with trying to make an appointment.

    As with Comcast, there is an inverse relationship between increased profits and increasingly poor service

    I've waited as much as 33 minutes on the phone so I'll never use it again and probably drop them.

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  • In
    intlprofs Oct 02, 2017

    @west palm beach 1 True!

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