Service America Enterpriserefrigerator.

S Jul 05, 2018

My refrigerator died over a week ago. I called Service America and they came and told me it needs a new compressor. I scheduled an appointment. I was told it would be from 8 to 6 window. I have to work so my neighbor agreed to wait for me. I called the morning of my appointment and finally got through to them and was told it would be 8 to 10 am. My poor neighbor got up early to make sure someone was there. No one showed up at that time. I called from work which was extremely difficult since I am constantly busy and on the phone. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. I requested a call back. When I didn't hear back in a reasonable amount of time, I called again, put on hold and finally someone answered and told be they would be there from 2 to 3pm. When no one showed I called again and left a message for Service America to call me back. After all day at work, I was on my way home and they called and said they were on their way. My poor neighbor waited all day and I came home and the technician was working on the refrigerator. Then after an hour or so she had to leave to get some oxygen since she had run out. I waited for her to come back and it looks like it will be a long night. I am so frustrated, this is unacceptable. Its after 6 pm and the job isn't even half finished. I try to call Service America but its such a nightmare. I wouldn't have a job if I acted like this. This has got to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. The entire day was wasted, I had to inconvenience my poor sick neighbor and I'm home after a long day at work and its not even finished yet. I went without a refrigerator for over a week. This is terrible customer service. I would NEVER recommend Service America. They are more like No Service America.

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