Service Americabeware


Last Tuesday, January 12 2010 I got a Service America Technician to see a problem in my Air Conditioning. He told me that the "disconnect box", a box with a regular breaker, was with problem and it was not covered by contract, so I must pay $250.00 for a new one. I went to a Home Depot and bought the same disconnect box for $27.00. I contacted Service America about the huge difference between the prices and asked if they could install the part for me and was told that I must buy from them to have the part installed. My contract covers electrical repairs and I really do not understand why they are trying to overcharge that amount from their costumers.

I tried to contact some director to talk about but have no answer until know.

I did the job for myself...

The message is: Be aware from part's price from Service America and understand your contract before to sign it!!

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