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Sephorasephora scam!!!

I received a Canadian online order but it had NO packing slip in it!!! So then I made a call to the U.S. to them and they told me that they CAN'T send me the packing slip due to it should have been included in my package as they're unable to re-print it but will also input a note into my account and that I can print it off from the order history!!! So I printed that off and went in-store in Canada to return a product that I wasn't satisfied with and they told me that I COULDN'T return it because I didn't have the original packing slip!!! I've told them the problem and how over in the U.S. told me that they've inputted a note into my account and that they CAN'T send me the packing slip as it should have been included in my package due to they're unable to re-print it, and the store manager, the lost prevention officer, and the other employees, told me that I needed a vaild Government-issued photo ID in order to make the return!!! I DON'T understand why that's necessary in order to make the return as I CLEARLY HAVE PROOF that I purchased it from YOUR company!!! I want a THOROUGH INVESTIGATION to be implemented and a CLEAR EXPLANATION as to WHY my packing slip WASN'T included in my package and I want them FIRED as they FAILED to do their job properly for SCAMMING ME!!! I'll NEVER SHOP at Sephora online AND in-store again for I'm COMPLETELY UPSET with the HORRIBLE customer service that YOUR company has given me due to I've COMPLETELY LOST FAITH in YOUR company as I simply CANNOT TRUST whether I MIGHT be SCAMMED AGAIN from ordering online with the MISSING product(s), the WRONG product(s), AND/OR WITHOUT the packing slip and how I MIGHT be SCAMMED in-store if they DIDN'T include/give me the receipt for my purchase(s)!!! I'LL DEFINITELY BE PASSING THIS ON!!!


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    anonymous_user_101 Feb 27, 2011

    @ Brenda - Well I didn't have any on me at that time as I don't carry any IDs with me, since I lose things too easily, unless I know that I have to beforehand, as well as they never had to ask for my ID before anyways!

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    anonymous_user_101 Feb 28, 2011

    @ Xenophobicons - Thing is that I don't live near that area and I hardly ever past near that area and I hardly ever go into that mall.

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