Found out how they operate. You can get the same service for considerably less expensive if you purchase directly from the company that made the plugin: Blackwood.Productions. Don't waste your money. They charged $720 for the first month and they don't even put the plugin in until the second month. Every month they charged $720 for exactly what I get now for 240USD (roughly 300 CDN). They claim to do on-site SEO but they did next to nothing. One of their disgruntled employees told me all about what they do. So I canceled, removed the plugin and waited a couple of months before contacting Blackwood.Productions. I now have the same plugin at a much better price. The plugin is great but the Canadian company was overcharging so much I feel ripped off. They also told me the plugin was their creation which is a lie. And the American company put the plugin in the first day I paid. They had no idea I used their service through the Canadian company. The former employee told me it was best not to mention that. That is why I waited a few months after canceling the service with SEO resellers Canada.

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