SENTINEL/id protect$100.00 rebate from WAL_MART not going through and when I go to, it doesn,t accept the activation code either.

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I received a membership card from SENTINEL PROTECT, along with a pin number. In the package was a $1oo.00 Wal-Mart REBATE and activation code. I keyed in the activation code at, and they didn't take. The computer had a paragraph explaining that I needed to get the $100.00 walmartrebate from I keyed in this address, and it would not take the activation code. From what I can understand, I am supposed to be able to purchase items and then print the rebates. However I can not get the system to take the activation code or my e-mail address. Help. JUDY


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      Jul 01, 2009

    Dont bother trying anymore!!! Its a scam!!! I've been trying to contact them since Feb and nothing. They dont even have a phone number to contact them. I even got another offer rebate from the same people and when i explained to them my situation they had nothing to say to me. I demanded a phone number and the people offering the rebate hung up on me. Cancel any memberships with them. I even lost money to the auto rewards crap. Dont bother mailing the rebates for the gas. Im so pissed off.

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      Jul 28, 2009

    How did you get involved with them. I got involed through a call from Donte Marketing out of Florida. They even changed the date that I was called so that I was past the free period so that I would be charged the membership fee. Could not really understand the person due to his lack of the english langue and the speed of his sales pitch. This is the second time that I have been screwed from a marketing company out of Florida. Beware of anyone trying to get you to try something on the phone telling you that you can cancel if you do not want it. I can't even find out how much one of the memberships cost. It just says, for a couple of dollars a day.????? Sentinel ID Protect. Does anyone know anything about this company.

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