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Everyone should be aware of the depreciation and maintenance costs associated with a Segway. My three year old $5800+ Segway XT stopped working. I took it back to the dealer where it was purchased (this is the third owner of that dealership). The problem was a charging module that would cost $675 to repair and by the way, the $2000 batteries would also need to be replaced. So I asked what would my trade in be on the current Segway X2, the answer: $500 since the charging module that failed and caused the batteries to fail would need to be replaced. Actually they said that my unit would be used for parts as Segway is not making replacement parts for the older model. BEWARE!


  • Valerie Aug 04, 2008

    It all started about a year and a half ago. My segway batteries went bad under warranty. They replaced one and said it only had one bad battery. The dealer had the segway for over 3 months. By the time I got it back, it was fall, so we didn't use it. It was stored inside and plugged in per the segway manual. This spring we went to turn it on and low and behold it didn't work. After hours of phone conversations with segway and the dealer and 4 months, the dealer agreed to give us a battery free of charge. We brought the segway home and charged the battery over night per the dealers orders. We went to use it and again it didn't work. I returned the segway to the dealer who claims the 1st battery they replaced was defective and now segway says they won't replace it. The batteries are $800 and I already spent 5k on this peice of *&^%$#. I want it fixed so I can sell it. Segway SUCKS!!

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  • Fi
    Figlover Aug 11, 2010

    Lousy engineering from steering column which is a real threat to life and limb, to Inability to "park" it without dumping it on the ground. Don't. Uy the cargo carriers meant to be attached over the wheels. These will bruise the he'll out of you on even the smallest bump - again, lousy engineering as no stabilizer bar. The charging module has been junk for years and segway could care less. I think they are going under as they have fixed none of the most serious problems, and according to one of our dealer's employees, have known about them for years.
    A piece of junk with brilliant technology on a chip. August 2010, and we unfortunately have three of them.

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  • Se
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