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unauthorized transaction

I was charging twice this month 9.95 dollars each, I've never made a purchase at this company, I thing...

unauthorized charge

I have no idea who this company is. I noticed a transaction for 33. 95 was made today. I called my bank, and they knew nothing about the merchant, other than the time zone. Which is eastern standard i believe. Anyways, i had my card blocked, and everything is more complicated when your debit / credit card is in limbo. Has everyone been able to get there money back?

taking monthly amount from my visa without authorization

It would appear that an amount of $9.05 per month is being taken without me having had any dealings with thi...

fraudulent bank account withdrawal

I found an unauthorized withdrawal of a small amount from this company through my MasterCard account. I have never done business with this company and never provided them my credit card number. It is a scam, where they take out a small amount and if you don't notice they take out a larger amount the next time and on it goes. Thanks for providing this website to list fraudulent business like this. I've informed my bank not to allow any other withdrawals from this company.

unauthorized bank withdraws

I saw a charge of $11.95 paid to SEGPAYEU.COM GIBRALTAR GI on my online bank statement. The name seemed familiar, but i hadn't purchased anything recently for that amount from anyone. In checking my records, when i made a purchase last month SEGPAY was their checkout method. It is too late in the day to contact my bank, but i will be calling them first thing in the morning to notify them NOT to allow any more funds to be withdrawn by them. I emailed SEGPAYEU.COM GIBRALTAR GI requesting a refund of my money and to cease any future requests for money from my account. I think i too shall contact the BBB. I have no tolerance for scammers and that is what SEGPAYEU.COM GIBRALTAR GI is...a scam!

  • Cu
    Curtis Brown Aug 17, 2011

    Just noticed a charge on bank statement for $9.00 plus international fees that I did not authorize.

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  • Pa
    Paul87 Mar 24, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I haven't ordered or required online service from Segpay and it is charging me over 30Euro TWICE every month on VISA. I want this to be stopped and please cancel me from whatever list!!

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unauthorized charges of usd 49, oo, already three times

This firm has taken three times an amount of USD 49, 00 from my VISA card. I have never been involved with this firm in Gibraltar, and I dont know why they take money from me nor for what.
Visa has given me pay back till now but they (SEGPAYEU>COM)still keep on going to collect money from my VISA card.
Hoflaan 222
1967 NC Heemskerk

illegal withdraw


unauthorized charges

An unathorized charge of $29.95 made on 12/26/2010 has appeared on my Visa bill and has been doing so for...

fraud charges

I had a fraudulent charge appear on my Bank of America card in November. I was notified by BOA and I canceled the card. They reissued me a new card and they said they would remove the charge from my card. I have just received notice that BOA would not remove the charge from my card and that I have to pay it? Why?? I have not bought anything from that site. I have no clue what it is. Please give me some advice on how to get this charge removed from my card. Thank you.

  • Za
    zakie Feb 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have have had monies debited from my account unauthourized for purchases I have not made on regular monthly bases for 2 months.I would like and expernation for why this happening and how to stop this happening again

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unauthorized credit card charges

I am being charged $9.95 every month from this website but I have no idea how because I am not using...

unauthorized cgarges

On 07/27/2010 my checking account was billed (debited) $29.95. I submitted a complaint & asked for a refund into my account with in 72 hours or I would contact the Better Business Bureau. My checking account was credited, but only $18.98. Then my checking account was again charged $39.98 on 07/28/2010. I DO NOT KNOW what your company, or your afilliates deal with, BUT YOU WILL CEASE & DISIST from charging my checking account, (or anyother account of mine.) YOU WILL CREDIT MY CHECKING ACCOUNT THE REMAINING $10.97 from the date of 07/27/2010. YOU WILL ALSO CREDIT & REIMBERSE MY CHECKING ACCOUNT $39.98 with in 48 hours. I WILL be speaking with my financial institution & The Better Business Bureau regarding these situations. My name is Glen Bassett; phone # [protected]. This BETTER NOT, & WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! Thank You, Sincerely, Glen Bassett.

unknown/unauthorized gharge

The address, phone #, & email address above belong to me. Looking at my online bank statements i noticed a gharge for $29. 95 debited from my checking account. The amount did not state what, or who it was for. It was charged to gi gibraltar> i request to know what this charge was for. And, i demand that my checking account be credited for $29. 95 for what ever this false charge was for. I expect to see the $29. 95 credited back into my checking account with in 72 hours from this notice, or i will contact the better business bureu. The date of this letter to to is 07 / 27 / 2010. The date of the charge from my checking account is also 07 / 27 / 2010. Please take care of this as swiftly, & smartly as possible. Thank you, sincerely, glen v. Bassett.

unauthorized prelevation of money



I discovered a total of 38, 20 Euros were prelevated from my visa electron card. I NEVER heard of your agency.
I'm not the only victim of your actions:
Your are not authorized to prelevate money from my visa card. I never got a receipt or anything from your part with explanation
what this all is about.

Where did you get my card number from?
Ofcourse I want my 38, 20 euro's reimbursed.
I hope yours was an error.
If I get no quick answer, I inquire to initiate prosecution.

Here are the facts I found on my visa account:


I count on you to resolve this problem. As I wrote, if I get no quick answer, I inquire to initiate prosecution.

Please answer to this E-mail address: [email protected]


Claudia ...

  • Ka
    karatekla Apr 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understood at the end what had happened. I suscribed in december 2009 and automatically had to subscribe to segpayeu to pay for the download of files. I just used it once and didn't remember i subscribes a contract with segpayeu.
    The contract sended buy mail said:
    "If you have any questions or concerns regarding this purchase, please feel free to contact our customer support department in one of the following ways:

    The quickest way to solving any billing problem is to contact SegPay's customer support department before your bank or card company.

    By Email: [email protected]
    By Chat:
    By Telephone: US and Canadian Residents: 866-450-4000
    By Telephone: Direct Dial: +1-514-788-5368

    Your purchase today was for 1 Week Trial of Torrentprivacy service to

    For your privacy, will appear on your statement.

    This is a recurring membership and will be billed next on 12/20/2009, and then every 30 days afterwards until cancelled.

    You may receive a few e-mails containing your username and password for accessing the system."

    So they were clear. I didn't remember anything about this mail.
    They have suddenly after my request, without any problem, canceled, deleted my account. The payments are stopped.

    It was my fault not to remember anything, so I didn't ask back my 38, 20 euro's.
    Anyway I wrote them that, seen the problems I had encountered happen to many people, it would be better to send an E-mail to the payer to let him know every time money is taken off his creditcard...

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  • Aj
    ajpuk Feb 04, 2011

    Just had money taken out of my account! I have no idea.

    Anyone suggest ways I can get my money back or unsubscribe to what ever is authorising these transfers?

    contact [email protected]


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unauthorized charges

On 01/19/2010 I was billed by SegPay, Coral Springs Fla, two times once for Segpay and once for +CREPASS, Sing. Both amounts were for $39.62. I telephoned this number([protected])at 1130 PM and spoke with Ashley and complained that I had not authorized my account to be debited. She identified both charges and indicated that my account would be credited because of a misunderstanding. A couple days later my account reflected that credit.

Again on 02/17/2010 my account was debited thru Segpay, Coral Springs, [protected]) in the amount of $39.87. I was not aware of this charge until I was reviewing my account. I did not authorized the debit to my account and called the same telephone number listed above and spoke with someone who failed to identify themselves. I indicated that I wanted a refund to my account since I did not authorize the debit. I was told that they could do nothing about the charge. Request that this charge be refunded and that future charges to my account be stopped.
The last six numbers of the account are 984981(visa)
Thank you.

  • Jo
    jonathan wonneh Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    from [email protected] segpay is going to my accaunt every week some times two times a week, i have no trasaction for three months now. please i beg you for god and send all monies taken from my accaunt. and please stop going to my accaunt. alexandria virginia 22306.

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  • Bo
    Borednow Aug 17, 2011

    This outfit is still in business, fraudulent charges to my credit card from HHNETWORKS.ORG 8663654 866-365-4621, NJ 08243 ALLNETAPP.COM 877-543-2576, CARTSINFO.COM 877-563-4281
    country code MU. Had to call my credit card loss prevention and change my card number.

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account debit

I have been getting charged to my Visa, this "SEGPAYEU.COM8009906276 NICOSIA" i dont know what it is, and i cant find a way to cancel it so i would like it to be tooken off ASAP, thank you.

The visa number is "[protected]"
My name is Joseph Maillet

and the charge appears as on my statement 2010-02-02 SEGPAYEU.COM8009906276 NICOSIA


Email - [protected]

  • De
    Des1952 Feb 28, 2010

    I wish to close the account which has been paid by mastercard for$39.95. This is for a wed site I no longer wish to subscibe to. Many thanks.


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[Resolved] unauthorized credit card charge

received bank statement today, 2/6/10, I have two charges from one for 34.95 for unknown and the...

unauthorized charges to my visa

I got a call from Chase Visa yesterday asking about fraudulent activity on my account. It was this for $29.97. I told them I had never heard of them, and to cancel my credit card (which I have had for 42 years!) because I was afraid of fraudulent activity. I was not home at the time I returned Chase's phone call, and now that I am, I am looking at all my statements and I have been charged $29.97 every single month since January, and have paid it!!! Chase assures me they will cancel the charges and invetigate, but somebody needs to shut this company down. Chase told me they probably got ahold of my number from some purchase made over the internet. How can these companies do this???? What can we call do to prevent this?? I have just joined LifeLock, which has put a red flag alert on my credit reports, and this is so horrid that honest, hard working citizens have to do all this when some fake company can get away with scamming hundreds, probably thousands of us? To whom do we turn???? Any ideas???? Thank you.

  • Be
    BeachDreamer78 Oct 06, 2009

    I have been with LifeLock for over a year, and I love it. Luckily, I've never had to call and dispute a claim.
    But when I applied for a car and personal bank loan, the banks will call me to verify it is really me who is applying for the credit. Plus, you get your credit reports on a regular basis...all for $10 a month...

    I really feel safe with them.

    Hope you will too...

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  • Gr
    graham davy Jan 18, 2010

    my graham davy unit 28/43 carberry street my email [email protected] i would like cancel my memmbership with you please rely

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  • Gr
    graham davy Jan 18, 2010

    i would like canel my memmbership with my graham davy of unit 28/43 carbery street .

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  • Fa
    factual Jan 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hey did you guys hear that some of lifelocks employees are or may be stealing your identity it was on cnn or msnbc but it IS TRUE!!!

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unatherised charges to credi card

this company charged my credit card for 119.00 and i dont even know for what. i sked them to refund but they have not yet.

  • Bi
    Billy the kid Dec 22, 2009

    I was going over my credit card statement and noticed two charges of 14.99 from segpay that I didn't approve and I had no ideal who they were, I do now after doing a little research I found out they are a boarder line scam company, putting false charges on peoples credit cards and checking account cards. They are a bad company take my advise and stay far far away from them.

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false recurring charges

SegPay has taken monthly unauthorized debits of $39. 93 from my bank acct. They claimed that I purchased a...

unauthorised charges!

I am not sure on how this works but i have looked over other complaints and am now more worried!! I was charged by something called segpayeu nicosia at 9.95USD and 0.40 AUD (which doesnt make much sense in itself) and i am a single parent on the pension, I CANT AFFORD FOR THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN!! What can i do besides cancelling my card??

  • Am
    amrita May 24, 2009

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