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V Aug 04, 2018 Review updated:

We would like to inform you that we have placed above service order and the following dates your technicians came for repairs and different problems diagnosed by each technicians:-
We are dealing with the situation since Jun 21st, 2018

1st technician Jun 21st : First Technician who came just opened up the Refrigerator and said compressor & main circuit board to be replaced and he did'nt even bother to see further. He told us that he ordered the part and rescheduled and left.

At that point we agreed to wait for the spare part. Next appointment was reschedule on Jul 02.

On Jul 02 : Another Technician came and checked, he said all the parts are not arrived so we have to reschedule. At that point we called to claim department and he gave us $ 250.00 check for delay in parts, food and time loss. Next appointment schedule on Jul 11.

On Jul 11 : Technician came and first two hours he did not do any job but was just figuring out what to do. Later he started doing the job and finally said he cannot figure it out as he felt that one part was still missing from order which he will come next day with the part. We have got the email from Sear reschedule on Jul 12.

On Jul 12 ; Sears cancel the appointment on us stating that they don't have technician and it was an error. That point we try to talk to your supervisor and they were very rude and was not ready to accept anything what we say and put us in frustration. Also we try to check what did technician put under remark and they said technician requested for another technician or need two technicians to fix it instead and did not mentioned anything about missing part. We have put an complain or quality check report on that technician.

Jul 24 : When the next technician came he said compressor was fixed wrongly and cannot be repaired they need to reorder the same parts as the earlier technician damaged whilst fixing. That day there were two technicians and reordered the same parts and went. Again we called the Supervisor complained them and they agree to give $ 50 two cards for rescheduling number of times and for our patients to wait for the repair.

Aug 03: Your technician came and he said that parts which was there before are all okay but Cooling tube is damaged and that is to be replaced. He ordered the cooling tube and next appointment reschedule on Aug 16. Also he took all the parts which was ordered before (New Compressor, main Circuit bard, Compressor copper tube) has taken back stating that will be return to sears. Today Aug 04 we called Sears and they connected us to Claims Supervisor and they said none of the remarks in the system that they have taken the parts back . I don't know whether these parts taken by Technician or really sent back to Sears. Please check on that as we will not be responsible for any consequences. Your claim department has to give us further compensation as we are without refrigerator for long from working condition to non working condition and its totally unexpected for what we are going thru. Looks like none of the technician are qualified. Now they have reschedule on Aug 16. Your Supervisor today was very rude and we cannot fight each and every time. It ruins our health and put us in mental distress. We need the replacement of refrigerator at your earliest convenience as we don't know what mess has created by each technician.


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      Aug 04, 2018

    Your in the wrong place this is not a Sears website. The complaint board is a website for complaining about all businesses, not for getting your issue resolved.

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