Sears Carpet CleaningLack of customer service/missed appointments


I have been a customer of the carpet cleaning component of your business for years. I called to make an appointment and as usual I spoke to Scott. He gave me an appointment Wednesday 10/23/2013 at 4:15pm. That Tuesday, I moved all of my furniture out of the way to make it easy access for them (which I have always done) so they can clean my carpet without hindrance. On Wednesday, I left work early - rushed home and waited for them. No one came or called. I called the [protected] and the [protected] to see what happened and no one answered. I left repeated messages. Thursday rolls around and I call all throughout the day and leave more messages. Still no return call. Finally, I called from a different number and Scott answers on the third ring. I question why my appointment wasn't kept and even if he could not keep the appointment, why no phone call. He told me that he was working on a job at that moment and he would call me back. Of course, that didn't happen no phone call. Please keep in mind, we are living with my furniture in the kitchen because I am anticipating them coming. Friday rolls around. Wash, rinse, repeat - I'm calling, and leaving messages. Nothing. I called from a different phone and you got it - He answers. At this point, I just need him to clean my carpet this final time due to the short notice and I can't get another company to come out so soon. I know that this business relationship is done but my furniture is moved so I truly needed this last service. He assured me that he would be to my home that day (Friday 10/25) to clean my carpet. I told him I would be home by 4:15 and will wait until whatever time he could show (Another inconvenience because I had plans that I had to cancel). I arrived home at about 4:05pm and immediately called him to tell him I was home. He says they were working on a job and would be there as soon as they could. At a little after 6pm, he called and stated they were still working a job out in Cazenovia and he just wanted to keep me posted. I thanked him and advised that I was still here waiting and to please come when they were able to. Guess what? They never showed - AGAIN. I called repeatedly and guess what? They never answered - AGAIN. My furniture has been in my kitchen for four days - 4 long days. I cannot believe a company would have employees that would do customers this way. I also work in customer service and if we treated customers the way that I've been treated, we wouldn't have a job. He totally blew me off. I've called so many different numbers trying to get some resolution - [protected], [protected], [protected]
and no one can help me. Please, do not use this business. Go to someone else with more professionalism than what they can offer.

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