ScholarinnStolen design, functionality and content


This website has completely stolen design from (with all blocks, widgets, ideas, EVERYTHING), slightly changed texts and started their "business" by placing ads at Google Adwords.
Please beware if this scan service and think twice before you pay them your money. What kind of service can this company provide if stealing is basis of their business?

Proof: domain was created in 2004. Creation Date 07-apr-2012 (2 months and 29 days ago)
You can check it at any whois services. Here's one of them:

At web archive you can see snapshots of made several year ago and see that has copied*/


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    Arnika Jul 05, 2012

    sue them for copyright violation

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  • Ja
    jaysyn1111 Jul 18, 2012

    so bad.

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  • St
    stupidstudent Sep 04, 2012

    Scholarin writing company is horrible. I paid them $130 for a paper and they did not deliver. They do not have professional writers at all. The APA formating and references where incomplete with no citations. Do not waste your time and money. They promised a revision and nothing changed.

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  • An
    Andrew67 Sep 06, 2012

    I to paid them right around the same price, and received probably a 8th grade level paper. Additionally, the asked me to submit the same order twice since there was a problem with the first order. Stupid me I listened and still haven't received a refund for the duplicate. At this point I have the means to sue them for fraud. Please let me know if you would like to be included and I will file a class action lawsuit against them for everyone that has had this experience.

    This is considered graduate level writing to them:

    The roman baths were given great importance than anything else. The architects and other people take best care of the designs and other things that help in making roman bath more beautiful and different. The roman baths were given even more importance than Colosseum because that time people spent most of their time in baths and not in Colosseum. The structure and architecture of roman bath was just wonderful and no other thing could be made such special and with full passion...

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