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So I found an ad in the newspaper on this business called, "Maverick Management." I called and they were very quick to interview me the next day at 1:00 pm. When I got to the interview it was a very small office with posters on the walls and chairs and magazines. They were playing very loud rap music in the background and it seemed like a pretty fun place. In the next few minutes I saw that two other people had joined me and I found out that myself and this other young girl were being interviewed together. They brought us in and the interview lasted 5 minutes if that. They didnt ask about prior working experience etc. They then told me that at 5-5:30 that evening I would recieve a call back if they were interested in a second interview with me. I recieved the second call and I was told to dress sharply and bring a notebook and a pen to take good notes. At the second interview thursday, at noon I along with nine other people were brought into a room with ten lawn chairs and a dry erase board. They gave me a two and half hour lecture about how we are gonna make 30k the first year but they never really tell you anything about the company. It is extremeley shady. Well after this whole process they tell you if your hired or not. I got hired and so did the nine other people im assuming they didnt turn anyone down. They then give you a paper asking you for all of your personal info including social, license number, make and year of your car etc. and they tell you to fax it before ten am tomm. morning. When I got home I looked them up and did some major researching. Low and behold their a FRAUD! They jump city to city changing their name closing in on innocent people who want a job just like I did. What they don't tell you is that your not getting paid for a six to eight week training program and selling illegal ### perfume out of your car. Do not go for your training if you have gone this far and make a difference like im trying to do!!!


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    kellyscott Dec 15, 2008

    you know how to NOT GET A MAJOR HEADACH??? dont signup with these knuckleheads... and your not alone TRUST ME... my all time favorite HOOK??? or lets say 2 favs... we are very selective on who we choose...yea right (scam)!!! if your breathing you will get me!!! now the next one (lets take a look??? shall we!!! we use other peoples money... how???? now with the friendley???folks at thrive..dont for heavens sake DONT GIVE THEM A CARD #???why in my case??? dont matter how much or how little you have in your acount??? it will be taken out..thank god for overdraft they care NO!!! i have 2 laWSUITS PENDING AGAINST THESE SCAMMERS!!!

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    loveher Nov 29, 2009

    i just got the job i start training monday there new address in case u needed it is 9320 annapolis rd suite 1b lanham, md 20706 in the basement called selah management now

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    LeT99 Feb 09, 2010

    Biggest scam I've ever fallen for. They trick you into thinking you're going to have a store and sell their product but you end up selling perfume to people in the streets, or parking lots, or the mall, (until security throws you out). Then if you sell enough and actually get "promoted" you'll end up with an office and a phone and you'll recruit innocent unemployed people like yourself to come in listen to your crap, and then go sell perfume in the streets like you did.

    Horrible people run this company...don't waste your time or energy!

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    menani319 Jun 04, 2010

    i am in the same condition..i got offered a job and im not going to attend their training because i found its a scam...they dont even have a web site..PLUS their million dollar guy that they say is Larry Hahn if you search his name he is barely in there...people that are millionares should have stuff about them...and all his stuff i look at says SCAM...HMMMM there is something wrong there..

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    Dontplaywithher!! Jul 19, 2012

    Dont fall for their scams, wish I could sue just for time wasted, but lets be realistic, I didnt have to their BS "interview".. ugh.. Was so disappointed in myself for a very long time for even going to the 2nd day training!! They prey on those desperate for employment and should be ###ed up for that... The least I could do is write a review. Wish more ppl would have done the same months ago when I believed I would manage an office!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM.

    Location I went to is: 8800 49th Street North Pinellas Park, FL 33782
    (727) 546-1188

    Check this link out

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