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Scarborough Research Complaints & Reviews

Scarborough Research / constant calling, and last night called at 9:53 pm

Lonnie Nordby on Jun 30, 2017
Usually ignore their call due to caller ID. But last night the phone rings at 9:53PM. Looked at caller ID and saw it was Scarborough again. This time I picked up, and asked if this person if he knew what time it was, he told me 9:53PM my time and 12:53 from where he was calling from. I...

Scarborough Research / survey

Reviewer64047 on Oct 31, 2015
First - this survey is a BIG BS. If companies trying improve quality, service etc - they shouldn't hire Scarborough Research. Just open complains about Comcast, Verizon, GM, Ford, food suppliers, TV or radio etc - and this is a 100% EVALUATION . Why I need to spend my time to respond for $...

Scarborough Research / Research Survey

Reviewer33479 on Oct 19, 2015
I have stopped scammers like this by NOT HANGING UP. Please be advised that the scammers are paying for the air time on the telephones. When I receive an unwanted call, I simply place the receiver on the counter and go about my business. When I hear the phone beeping...then I know THEY have hung up. It also locks the line so the can't call use it.

Scarborough Research / Rude repeated phone calls

frustratedinWMA on Apr 4, 2015
Scarborough Research calls our home no less than 8 times a week, sometimes 4 times a day despite multiple pleas to stop calling us. Their phone people do not/will not listen and continue to call and ask for us to do a survey. Since when has the word NO become confusing? Where - please tell...

Scarborough Research / Whole company, data mining for Obama/Democratic Party

politicalphd on Oct 24, 2013
Haven't all you people figured all this stuff out yet? Scarborough ISN'T a survey company, they are a data miner for the ultra-radical left extremist end of the American Democratic Party, and Obama Administration ultra leftists. Their main objective is to gather as much...

Scarborough Research / culture jamming

Imprimatura on Jun 27, 2012
I took the call. So here are some tips: To keep it short, tell them you're married to Rupert Murdoch. They will ask if you or anyone in your family works for a radio, newspaper, television, etc. If you want to keep it short and not have them call you again, the answer is "yes." They...

Scarborough Research / Relentlessly RUDE

AvodahKat on Jan 13, 2012
This company began calling me a few weeks before Christmas & they haven't stopped since (they literally call anytime during the day/night). They call 2-4x/wk & REFUSE to listen to me. I have told them I do NOT want to participate as I do NOT have cable, read/get the newspaper, nor...

Scarborough Research / constant calls

stop the ----calls on Jan 7, 2012
We too, have received numerous calls from this company. I have told them DO NOT CALL, we are also on the do not call registry. Well, they sent a post card stating "We didn't mean to upset you... but we will try calling again. Please talk to our interviewers when they call". I have blocked...

Scarborough Research / Agressive callers/Company does not remove number from call list despite multiple requests

NOVA L on Nov 20, 2011
This company repeatedly has called our home phone--off and on for way too long. We've answered, asked them to stop calling and each time have been peppered with questions in response, until finally forced to end the calls after a "Thank you. Goodbye." Again, the calls have resumed...

Scarborough Research / Harassing Phone Calls

nottalking on Oct 22, 2011
They keep calling wanting to talk to the female head of household only. I don't want to give out ANY information and have told them so but the person on the phone says she cannot remove my name from the call list, and also said the "do not call list" does not apply. They keep calling...

Scarborough Research / Harrassing/Repeated Phone Calls

cwpoll79 on Sep 21, 2011
Scarborough Research has called multiple times in the past few months. I've asked them to stop calling. They call at all times of the day (8AM until 9PM) and have woken my two year old daughter a few times. When I ask to be taken off of their list, I was told that they have no control...

Scarborough Research / Harassment

Irate 1 on Apr 7, 2011
I have received at least ten or twelve calls from Scarborough Research wanting me to complete a "...short survey concerning local radio/tv preferences". They have been repeatedly told that we do NOT participate in any phone surveys or solicitations, but these representatives will not take...

Scarborough Research / Privacy breach

Berner on Mar 19, 2011
I cooperated with a very lengthy phone survey with Scarborough Research. I specifically requested that the company NOT send me a follow-up paper survey, and declined to give my name and address when asked. I stated that I wanted to protect my privacy and also not do another survey. The...

Scarborough Research / unethical practices

This componay called me 25 times when i finally agreed to take their over the phone survey they told me they were gonna send me 50 dollars for a tv report of what I watch and a household item list of what I bought they did'nt, I then contacted the company and spoke to a very rude man...

Scarborough Research / Rude callers

Brea Howard from Scarborough Research called and badgered us constantly to participate in their survey. I told her no, and she continued speaking, saying that the "do not call list" doesn't apply to them and that they would continue to call. The number she provided to me to speak to...

Scarborough Research / Rude service

I would like to file a complaint about a Company called Scarborough Research. They called me numerous times at all hours of the day or night and even left a message on my answering machine! These people are very rude and won't take no for an answer. I was told that my phone number can...

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