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A Nov 29, 2017

Sl.No. Particulars Details
1 Name of the Indian company Mrs. Coleen Dsouza (individual) / Mr. Augustine Dsouza (Individual
2 Contact person with designations Mrs. Coleen Dsouza (individual) / Mr. Augustine Dsouza (Individual
3 Address C/512, Dheeraj Kirti, Mith Chowki
Malad (West), Mumbai 400064 - India
4 Contact No. [protected] / [protected]
5 Fax No.
6 E-mail [protected] /

7 Name of Chinese Company SBC Trading Co. Ltd.
8 Contact person with designation Mr.Eason Chan, Director
9 Address : : Building 1, Fuyong Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.
10 Contact No. +[protected] /
11 Fax no.
12 Email [protected]

13 Amount involved in US dollars GBP 695.12 was made on 17.6.2017
GBP 395.76 was made on 20.7.2017
14 Nature of complaint against the Chinese company This is regarding order no. [protected]. The person was and is still active on whatsapp till such time he took the entire payment for the order. Even now he is active on whatsapp. Since I have been bothering him about my refund as he has failed in his commitment to deliver the product he has blocked my number on whatsapp.
15 Present status of the dispute No progress. Desperately need some intervention from your end to nab the culprit
16 Certificate/documents enclosed • 2 payment receipt of payments made to the company is attached herewith
• Attached pl find advertisement from where order was placed.
17 Narration of the case with chronology Detailed narration is given below

This is to bring to your kind notice that an order was placed for 3 nos Samsung S8+ mobiles from website, which is based in China, in the month of May. Website ( (Annexure - 1 - Attached pl find screenshot of the website), where Mr. Eason Chan is the Director of the said company. Looking forward to some support from your end to track this person.

Following bank transfers were made vide Order no. [protected] to the below account as detailed below:
GBP 695.12 was made on 17.6.2017
GBP 395.76 was made on 20.7.2017
(proof of payment receipts attached)
A/C NO.: [protected]
POST CODE: 529085

I have through different sources tried to locate my order and was unable to do so as there is no response on the telephone line. On further browsing through the internet I found out that this company is based in China. I am trying to get in touch with the company but no response. Request your intervention to help track this person and get my money back.

The person is on whatsapp but refuses to respond to either calling or message. His telephone number is +[protected]. When I started sending him messages on whatsapp on this number he blocked my name. His number was very much active both at the time of taking the order and at the time of making the payment.

He also has another whatsapp number +[protected] which is active. When I started sending him messages on this number he blocked my number. This is a recent incident about 2 weeks back.
I requested a colleague of mine in China to help me out of this situation. She tried to contact the local police who refused to take up the case saying that it has to be done from India.

I contacted you because I have tried all means to get the person to revert my payments. I have realized the person is a cheat and someone has to take him to task. I have tried all possible sources, but get only one reply that is it belongs to a different jurisdiction or province and hence nothing can be done.

As an individual it is very difficult for me based in India to do anything. However, communication from your end. In such a situation we are absolutely helpless and look forward to your kind help and support to help us get back our money. Looking forward to some co- operation so that they may organize some help from the local police or negotiate with local security authority.

I have been given to understand from the internet that I am not the sole victim to this fraud. Your help to nab the culprit will also help others too who have been cheated. Tried to get in touch with the bank, but they are unable to freeze the account without any intervention from the police or court. The china police are not taking up the matter without the intervention of the Indian police.

My family and myself has gone through so much of mental anguish and stress for the past so many months we are only hoping that we get a revert on our payments to end this mental anguish. As you are aware it is a lot of money in terms of Indian currency. Almost Rs.90, 000/- close to a lac.

Looking forward to your co-operation and support, as seeking help from you seems to be the only solution to this problem of getting back my money.

SBC Trading Co. Ltd.
SBC Trading Co. Ltd.
SBC Trading Co. Ltd.

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    Kindly help me get a refund on my payment for non deliverance of the product

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    samsung mobile
  • Updated by Agnels · Nov 29, 2017

    refund of payment made

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