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I moved home in march and notified all my credit card companies of my new address.
I received a letter from SANTANDER CARDS informing me that i was being charged for a late payment!
I phoned up SANTANDER CARDS to explain that i had informed them of the change and that the penalty they were charging me was unjustified. The person i spoke to was very rude and not the slightest bit interested of the circumstances.
I am closing my account with SANTANDER CARDS and hope never to have dealings with them again.


  • Ky
    kyejay Jul 26, 2012

    oh my god im not the only one. i paid my debenhams card and was told on the next statement that it was late so i had to pay interest plus £12 late payment fee, like a fool i paid it. the next statement said that the late payment fee was also late and that i owed another £12 even though the date on the statement had " payment recieved-thank you" dated well within the deadline date. i phoned santander and they didnt care so i phoned debenhams and they said it was santanders problem not theirs.idecided to check with my bank and found out both payments were sent well before they were due. next stop ombudsman!!!

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  • Di
    disgusted of clacton Oct 14, 2011

    Santander are really bad they are the same as MBNA. SHARKS!! i paid a week early . on the date of the due date they called me at 1pm and said i had not paid, it was late. i was shocked but thought "well maybe they will get it tomorrow!" then the calls went on for 3 weeks. next i called the telephone banking and the amount showed paid so i know they had it . but still the calls continued. then they updated by credit rating with the payment being over 1 month late WHAT A LIE!!! i called the centre and just gave up hope really. the man said they recieved the payment, he said, 2 weeks 3 days after i posted it. he then said it took a further 7 days to clear, thus making the whole proceedure 3 weeks. I MEAN HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!¬!!! cant stand them. they never were like this but definately are now.

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  • An
    Angry of Kent Mar 02, 2011

    I've just tried to contact the Debenhams store card 'help line'. Firstly, I have to go through all the options twice because there isn't one for my complaint, then input security details. When I did get through to someone, she asked me 6 security questions and then couldn't help. I had a balance of 9p (I wrote a cheque for the wrong amount - OK that's my fault) then they charged me interest of £1.11 plus the 9p (£1.20). I rang to get this put right. Then I get the next bill and some brain has debited the interest again! and then added interest to that and - wait for it - account cover!!!
    I've cut up my card. Use TESCO - at least you speak to someone who understands English and you get points on your purchases. Debenhams was never that great anyway, those 20% off vouchers were supposedly for 'account holders' - you can download them or buy a newspaper with them in!

    Angry of Kent

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  • Ti
    Timmytoes1 Jan 31, 2011

    I agree Santander staff have been awful with me too! They have 'lost £700 worth of payments that I have made and have accused me of not making any payments even though it states that I have on my bank statement. Its been going on now since last september and STILL haven't had a reply. They keep making charges on the accounts and have persuaded me to make extra payments to cover what was due on the promise of sorting my problem and then they hung up. They have now taken a double payment without asking this month and the cards involved are house of fraser, dorothy perkins and debenhams cards. They are a disgrace!

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  • Be
    betsyglamgil Oct 12, 2010

    hia, i have a store card and its run by the santander bank.i pay in full a few days after my purchases.they made an error and are charging me twice on two items. i went through to customer services and the charges for the call was 8 pounds, i couldnt get anyone to make sense of the issue in that time, so i will have to write to them an dget fresh statements and so on, my own bank has references to the payments, but t oobtain new statements, as i shredded the last lot, i will have to pay 5 to 10 pounds for those as well, to prove the issue.otherwise it will be pay off the 35 pounds and cut up the card and pay in cash in future, good job i have good old ebay as back up and great stores like m and s around, these cards are no longer a temptress, demanding, attraction to the shopping areas and a nice flash card to boot.i know its nice to shop and pay for your purchases at another time, but after this, i say no to plastic cards with ribbons on.

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  • Pi
    pixydrops Aug 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    debstan: i work for santander cards collections, it infuriates me that customers never accept th consequences for their actions. if you use the online payment facility correctly then your payments will never go missing. the common problem is people forget to put their account number as a reference when sending payments which obviously makes it impossible for us to know where the payment is to be applied.
    as for missed staztements, we send them out but if problems occur in the post and it doesnt reach you then we are not responsible. you have obviously had the account for long enough and should therefor remember your due date. did you suddenly think you no longer had to make payments??? you could of easily called the company to check when your payment was due or checked one of your old statements as due dates never change

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  • Ra
    rabidii Jul 21, 2010

    I totally agree with what's been said.'.The payment account states that you can pay into any bank or building society! Wrong! Even Sandander Bank, where I have a bank account, refused to take my payment. As did 2 other banks and building societies! I had to scrap the cheque and go to my nearest Debenhams to make a cash payment! As I had to make another trip- I incurred the late penalty charge of £12...on a balance of £12 (viz... 100%).
    My Santander Branch refused to comment as it was not their responsibility! Debenhams store told me to phone Santander Cards.
    I emailed Debenhams - No reply or acknowledgement. Therefore I phoned Santander cards (PREMIUM RATE) and they totally disbeleived me - I asked them to register it as a complaint and write to me ...not a dicky bird! I object to being virtually called a liar, when I was merely trying to pont out a flaw on their payment slip !

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  • Yo
    yourm Jul 04, 2010

    I totally agree with review above the level of customer service when you ring Santander is atrocious, after pressing more than 5 buttons you finally get through to a representative, who more often than not is unable to help. I pay dd every month and am currently looking for an increase in my spending limit, i have rang more than 7 times and have still to be given any information on the increase. Also they seem to be very slow at allocating the payment to my account, i would say its definitely more than 3 working days. I think they are a poor credit card option

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  • Re
    RE77 Apr 15, 2010

    You are so lucky to have been able to talk to call centre staff! For me it's been completely impossible. They have a range of recordings on an 0845 number that you have to wade through and with random security questions (e.g. home phone number - I don't have one and kept failing the question because I don't have one!) i've just been left out for 3 months accumulating late payment charges because no human seems to work at Santander call centres. The only way I could speak to a human (or alleged one - i still think he was too rude to be human) was by ringing from a Debenhams store - how user unfriendly is that! I finally manged to pay £48 for my original single £12 purchase, snipped the card into about 48 pieces ... and ... they are still ringing me 4 times a day demanding to know my home phone number so that they can tell me something! This has been one of the worst customer experiences of my life and percentage wise by far the most costly! Stay away!

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  • De
    Debstan Apr 14, 2010

    Reading 'Disgruntle's' comments I almost fell over!!! This mirrors my experience completely! Four years with GE-never any late payments-always paid the full bill every month-never any problems. Santander take over and in the last 5 months I have had 2 'lost' payments paid on line through my santander (!?!?) bank account and two missed statements incuring charges. Call center staff actually had an arguement on the phone with my wife. I feel sorry for Debenhams being linked to such a poor company as this. Deb card now shredded and account closed

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  • Di
    discgruntle Apr 08, 2010

    Hi, I am so glad that I am not going mad. I used to have a store card which was from Debenhams Stores. G E Money was the bank dealing with the store card. Alas then Santader Cards took over G E Money, since then there has been absolute chaos. I was never in debt, I always paid my bill on time then low and behold SC decided they were going to fleece me for anything and everything. They don't send the statement out on time when they do they don't show that you have paid your bill, they add the 12.00 late payment fee increasing the risk of damage to your credit, then when they are contacted by phone, their call centre employees are disgraceful, they have no compassion or sympathy for their customer, they are not willing to listen to your complaint and WILL NOT enter into any discussion as to why the statement came late without the payment you made on it. I used to make payments on line WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM since SC they have made a total hash of internet banking, I do not have any problem with any other credit card company on line except them. THEY ARE RUBBISH

    SANTANDER FRENCHY ARE RUBBISH AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, obviously someone in this country is backing their policies. I will be contacting them yet again by letter but I will also be informing the Financial Ombudsman of their callous and disrespect to their customers, when this is all settled I will then be cutting up their so-called cards and informing anyone I meet not to touch them.


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  • Re
    RE77 Apr 06, 2010


    are you sure you work at Santander? I took your advice and went to a Santander branch to pay my balance. In fact I had to go to 2 branches ... and all I have for it is 3 printed letters from 2 branches of Santander in Bedford stating that they cannot take payment for my card because i don't have my account number. Even though they own the Debenhams card they cannot find my account details ... and they are again charging me £12 for not paying ... Santander is rubbish! ... Abbey National was tragic but Satander is terrible ... BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE ... even on this forum employees like Cahyle are spreading nonsense.

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  • Ca
    Cahyle Mar 31, 2010

    I too, work at Santander Cards. They are not one to watch for, if you know why you're doing. With regards to the payments, it's your responsibility to make the payments reach the account by the sue date. I you have access to the account number, then there are several ways to pay. Store, Bank, Cheque, Giro, Santander Online, Switch payment over the phone etc.
    The charge on the account, however dramatic you make it, is a fixed charge of £12 for every month that passes that the account is in arrears. Saying it's 100% of your balance is just making the situation sound colourful - it's not relative. Petty arguments like the above, are down to ignorance and naive money handling by yourselves. The buy now pay later scheme isn't santander's fault, they finance it, and if the store have entered it incorrectly, it's the store's fault. They can only action what's on their system. Data protection is there for a reason, and if you are organised and knowledgable about banking you will keep ontop of it. If you don't recurve statements, find out. If you don't know something, find it out. Don't wait till it's two months in arrears, and then go complaining. Ou signed the credit agreement that you would meet the payments by the due date. Simple as.

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  • An
    ANONANONANON Mar 31, 2010

    I agree that Santander need to be watched very carefully. I made purchases on their buy now pay later scheme last year and having a substantial remaining credit balance in December i made a another purchase. Using their automated service i thought i cleared my original purchase only to find a month later that they had split the payment between the two purchases leaving me an unpaid balance for which they charged me. The second purchase was not even due for a payment for another 5 months.

    Trying to sort this matter out has been frustrating and costly. Spoke to a manager last month who said he would refund the charges and put my money where i had intended it to go and agreed that i have nothing to pay till August. Two days ago i received a statement and he had not done as promised and i have another months charges. I have requested that the telephone conversation betweeen myself and that manager be listened to and some action taken. In the meantime i paid £30 that i do not owe and I'm still waiting for a response. Incredibly the amount remaining unpaid was 30p. Received a letter yesterday stating i am not allowed to make further purchases due to the state of my account! The state of my account is that i dont owe a payment until August and still have over £300 credit available to me. I will not be using them again or selling their credit as i work for a company who uses them. How can i reccomend them if i dont trust them myself?

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  • Re
    red satan Mar 20, 2010

    I've just got a late payment fee, despite paying off the full amount well in time.

    They cashed the cheque, but did not credit the payment.

    It appears Santander need to be watched very carefully, and people need to cover themselves by paying a branch, keeping receipts etc.

    In my case, and reading what Google throws up about Santander, I feel a long dispute coming on...

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  • Re
    RE77 Feb 23, 2010

    I've been charged £24 late payment fee on a £12.60 original amount!

    My payment was 2 months late - mostly because I couldn't speak to a Santander call agent without my account number and I didn't have an account number because i did not have access to my post!

    It's shocking - 100% penalty per month! I've paid the initial amount and requested the card closed, but am still being pestered by Santander ringing me up multiple times per day. I have now managed to collect my mail and have my account number but for some reason fail the security question on my home phone number so still haven't been able to talk to an agent. Santander has taken "data protection" to the absurd level. They've actually made it impossible for me to pay me account, then charged rediculous amounts of late penalties.

    Whoever if thinking of opening a Debenhams card BEWARE!!!

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  • Gr
    gr8mohawk Jan 21, 2010

    Why the hell have you posted all your personnel account details online?
    I work for Collections and all someone needs is you Date of birth to pass security now.

    But yeah you need to call up. Statments are sent the same day every month. And it's hard to be interested when you hear the same thing day in day out.

    But actually we need to legally send a statment every 6 months, but the terms and conditions of our contracts state we will send one monthly.

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  • Mo
    mohan nandra Sep 30, 2009

    My card was cancelled by you about eleven months ago because i was not using my card. Card was issued by Debenhams Swindon Wiltshire. Account no.[protected]> Mr.Mohan Nandra, 19 Millgrove Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 2FW. Why i got the Statement Dated 25 september 2009 today 30/09/2009.

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  • Kl
    kleverer Sep 06, 2009

    I agree with dlakers, you obviously still have to pay ... they only need to send you one bill a year

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 14, 2009

    So when the bill didnt come that month, you thought you didnt have to pay?

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