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Samsungbad service

I purchased a plasma samsung television less than a year ago. The sound broke down 3 weeks ago. Rang samsung, they sent out a repair man to fix it, he took it away to a shop in Penrith. I have 4 children and no television for the past 3 weeks, nightmare. I was told I would have to wait another 10 days for news. I will never trust samsung again.


  • Al
    Alyshajvv Nov 19, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I gave in my Samsung Tablet under warrenty to Darro Electronics 30/09/2013 for repairs, I had to contact them every week to find out when is my tablet fixed. They never got back to me, and my last but not least phone call I made out of frustration was yesterday 18/11/2013 as the same story was told to me for 7 weeks now that they have received spared and the technician was busy with it. After I had to put some pressure on them they called me to tell me my tablet was fixed and I can collect.

    I arrived there agter waiting +-25 minutes that they can search for my tablets, gave it to me without opening the box to show me its fixed. I went to my car, tested the tablet and realized my sim card was missing. I went back in the store, they searched for +-5 minutes and then asked me what service provider my sim card is. I received the sim (hopefully my own sim) and inserted the sim into the tablet where it could not pick up my simcard.

    They gave it to the technician and he also could not fix it. He told me he got my sim out of the old motherboard that was replaced. I asked for the manager which he came and spoke to me telling me very rude he is not layable for the accesories.

    First he asked me if my sim was Rica's which it is! Then he told me the sim must be damaged, which I forsure didnt do. He said the customer assistant lady must pay then as she is responsible.

    I truly had the worst experience in my life I stood in the shop crying telling him I will never purchase a samsung product.

    Usually when I give in any phone for repairs, they remove the back cover, battery and sim and hand it over to me.

    As this is my first tablet I didnt know what was required and they booked in my tablet with the sim, changer, even my manuals.

    I am just very upset they way this was handled, as the technician reaked of alcohol aswell. Please advise me what to do, as it seems I am fighting a loosing battle with this branch.

    I have always had Samsung products but from this bad experience I do not know if I will anymore.

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  • Im
    IMMANUEL Sep 30, 2009

    Dear sir,
    am rex before one month ago we went to purchase washing machine on the Jain son showroom which is located at madurai in Tamilnadu, India. and we happily purchased front load washing machine from samsung and when we came to come it comes to know us the given product is faulted one but sales man deceived us so again we ask the delear to change the product on samsung itself but they proposed to purchase whrillpool .. so we went to whrillpool. but we are happy ony with samsung.. so take further action

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  • Kr
    Kraig Jorgensen Aug 19, 2009

    Have a 2008 29 cu ft French door Samsung Refrigerator-- It quit after 5 months. The warranty repair company indicated the compressor is shot. Samsung said they would extend the warranty one month---WOW! We spent 2600$ for this "top of the line" model. If only I had checked the web -- If you're looking for a refrigerator, don't buy a Samsung and do buy an extended warranty because reliability on modern appliances is not what it used to be.

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  • Sa
    Sanjay Binwal Jul 03, 2009

    I am vry agree with any complaint against samsung. I am Sanjay Binwal... I am also the customer of samsung washing machine. but SAMSUNG services are PATHETIC... SAMSUNG CUSTOMER CARE PEOPLE don't know WHAT IS THE FOLLOW UP. I called cutomer care atleast 40 times in a month for my complaint follow up.. They closed my complaint without sending any engineer... they told me U r out of town that's why We closed ur complaint...okay... Many of the conversation I don't want to highlight beacause they only give me excuses... after that i found out samsung service center no. i called them ... The Girl Ms. roma told me that this complaint forwarded to Mr. Arun... After that she told me i will give u call back ... after 10 min. she called up n said yesterday Engineer Niraj visited my place and my servant told him, he don't know about the problem... PUNCH IS THAT... I DON'T HAVE ANY FULL TIME SERVANT AT MY HOUSE...KNOW U ALL GUYS CAME TO KNOW THAT IS THE SERVICE SAMSUNG GAVE... I am also going to forward this complaint to consumer form...

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  • Ka
    KaylaMccloy Jun 26, 2009

    Think your safe with purchasing brand name products? Not with Samsung!

    Most people will purchase big name products for the security of knowing they care about there costumers enough to help them they are at fault, well think again.

    I called Samsung June 23 09 to find out how to get a new battery for my digital camera, the lady on the phone gave me the "product code" and a few places I would be able to find it, most of the places didn't have it but I managed to find it at The Source. They said they didn't actually have the battery but could order it in but it would cost $15 on top of the cost of the battery, I agreed and paid upfront. A few days later I went back to pick up my battery and realized it was not the correct one! I looked at the "product code" on there box and it was indeed the same one I gave them. They refunded my money for the battery but did not refund the $15 delivery fee because, of course, they gave me exactly what I had ordered.

    The next day I called Samsung back to tell what had happened, the lady on the phone was extremely rude and told me I must have wrote down the wrong code, it's not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked her if she would give me the code again and this time it was 3 digits shorter! So she is basically telling me I somehow added on 3 digits to my code? I talked to my boyfriend who previously worked at a future shop and he told me that even if I did somehow add on 3 digits, the chance of it being another product code is slim to none.

    I decided to take it higher, I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone above her and she gave me ever excuse in the book as to why that wouldn’t be possible. Primarily it was that there was no supervisor, then the phones where unable to transfer, and eventually I pushed and she said that there would be someone above her who could call me back in 48 hrs! If your supervisors are that busy that they will be on the phone for 48hrs before they can contact me, obviously you guys are doing something wrong. When the supervisor did call me she was already angry she told me the only option was to order another battery from a store called global electronic supplies, and it will take 10 business days to arrive and I would have to pay another shipping fee! They also said that they can’t remove any shipping fees because it was not there company. I tried to find someone higher then the supervisor but they dragged there feet in the mud the whole way and said they couldn't give me any information on contacting anyone higher.

    After spending almost a week giving them shot after shot to redeem themselves, I surrendered. I decided to just buy another digital camera that was not, and that no product ever will be again, anything from the Samsung brand. So let this be a lesson I learned for you, think going with big name products like Samsung will mean better service? Think again!

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  • Tr
    Tran May 13, 2009

    I purchased a SyncMaster2344BW computer monitor. It got 3" wide dead pixels on the screen with less than 30 days after using it.
    I contacted the customer service department and had been given a # to fax them the proof of purchase. I faxed them the packing order, and had to wait at least 24 hours to call them back for completing the exchange process.

    I called them back and after processing my exchange order, they told me within 7-14 days, I would receive a new monitor in exchange at a local UPS store.

    Waiting for 15 days, nothing happened. I called them back again. This time, they told me that my exchange order is not qualified because the packing order I faxed in earlier wasn't the right document!

    When asked why no one has informed me for on that, the answer I got is that they will not call-out to customers. I (the customer) need to call them in order to get updates.

    Overall, SAMSUNG SERVICE IS REALLY BAD!!! I will never purchase another Samsung product.

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  • Ba
    basheer Mar 04, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    very bad service ([protected])

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  • Ho
    Howard Dec 11, 2008

    Samsung is unable to provide service and honor their warranty in the metro Atlanta area. A metro area of over 4.5 million people and Samsung can�t find a single dependable service technician.

    The Samsung Saga����Part 1

    Almost 3 years ago my wife and I moved into a brand new home. We bought new appliances for the new home; one appliance was a Samsung RS2630SH refrigerator. It looked good, stainless steal, water, ice, child lock, all the bells and whistle.

    Six or Seven months after the purchase the refrigerator started to make a very loud squeaking noise from the bottom. The refrigerator was still under warranty so I called Samsung. They promptly set me up with an appointment with Jiffy Appliances.

    The Jiffy Appliance technician came out, stood next to the refrigerator, and diagnosed the problem with out touching the appliance. I should have known then something was wrong. He said I know what the problem is; I will order the part and be back within a week. Needless to say he never came back. Later on through discussions with Samsung I found out that the technician billed them for the work he didn�t do.

    A few weeks went by and I called Samsung back to let them know that the technician never came back. They seemed a bit astonished considering he had billed Samsung for parts and service. From that point on Samsung was more concerned with them being fleeced by a crooked technician than fixing my refrigerator.

    The Samsung customer Service rep said that she would have to call Jiffy Appliance find out what went wrong and call me back. Needless to say Samsung never called me back so after a few more weeks I called Samsung back.

    Once again I go through the motions with Samsung, and they set me up with another local repair shop. AAA Southern Appliances this time. They gave me the number to AAA and told me they would set up the appointment. When I called AAA to confirm the appointment date and time, I got voice mail for days on end. When I finally got though to AAA; I was told that Samsung can not make appointments for them and that they never got a call from Samsung.

    So I called Samsung again and was given the run around. I was told by Samsung that someone would get in contact with me. No one ever called me back, so my wife, an attorney, mailed Samsung a letter they sat on the letter and never called me back.

    Part 2����The Samsung Saga Continues

    As this noise from the refrigerator continues it has steadily gotten worse. I was holding my 20 month old daughter trying to get her to go to sleep. However the squeal was so relentless and lasted so long my efforts were futile.

    We moved to another part of the house, I got her to go to sleep, and once again I called Samsung. We went back through all of what I just told you and the customer rep was surprised that no one ever called me back. She said they received the letter and that it was in my file.

    She was nice, took my compliant and passed me off to the ECR team. I believe it stands for Executive Customer Response. After talking with them I didn�t feel like an executive. After once again explaining to them what has happened with my refrigerator the customer rep was more concerned about Samsung paying Jiffy Appliances for services they didn�t provide, and less about my refrigerator.

    I was told by the ECR rep that my warranty had expired. I reminded her that when I initially called my appliance was still under warranty and that Samsung never resolved the problem. She told me she was going to call Jiffy Appliances, find out what went wrong and call me back.

    I finally called a call back from Samsung. They told me that my refrigerator was out of warranty that they would provide the parts but I had to pay for the labor. I told them I would think about it and get back with them

    Needless to say I�m online looking at prices for a new refrigerator. I will buy a new one. Place this less than four years old Samsung refrigerator in an open field, strip all the sensitive parts, let the neighborhoods kids throw eggs at it, beat it with hammers, and have a New Years Eve bonfire in the heart of the worst appliance I�ve had in my life.

    My new refrigerator will not be a Samsung. I will check diligently to make sure that the new manufacture of my refrigerator can provide adequate service in a metro area as large as Atlanta. Over 4.5 million people and Samsung can�t find a decent repair technician to honor their warranty.

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  • Ja
    JASVINDER SINGH Nov 12, 2008
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    Verified customer


    NEW DELHI-110058
    PHONE NO. [protected]

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  • Valerie Nov 04, 2008

    I purchased a Samsung Plasma Television in April 2006 for $2506.00 in Sears in Jersey City, NJ. By October 2008 there were red blotches on the screen. A Samsung approved tech came by and chanrged us $426.00 to repair it last week. They said they had no receipt availible when I requested it. Today the red lines have re-appeared and we are told that the next reapir may cots up to $1000.00. I should have never bought Samsung--I never will again.

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  • Valerie Oct 28, 2008

    We purchased a Samsung television, model LNS3251D serial number AEEE3CQLA14090J in September we took it in for repair, at which time we were told we needed a new panel which cost $739.86. We purchased the television from Sears on January 4, 2007 for $877.99. The television is less than 2 years old and is only watched an average of 4 hours per week. We have contacted executive relations and given transaction number [protected] as of today we have not gotten a response. We feel Samsung should pay for the repair or replace the television with a new one.

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  • Valerie Aug 27, 2008

    I purchased a Samsung 50" Plasma TV on 3/2/08. On 8/3/08, it stopped working. No picture, no sound. I did the usual, checked the cable box, checked the connections, checked the surge protector, unplugged and replugged the unit. Nothing.

    I called Samsung customer service 8/3/08 at 10:53 PM, spoke to Peter. He suggested unplugging it and replugging the unit. Then suggested plugging directly into the wall by passing the surge protector. Nothing. He then gave the name of a service provider. Told me to call the service provider and they would come to my home within two days.

    8/4/08 - called the service provider. He said he would not come to my area, too far away. Said he had told Samsung this on a number of occasions.

    8/4/08, 10:41, called Samsung service and spoke to Anthony. He said he would find another service provider. He called two companies; neither would come to my area. Anthony told me I was in a "no service" area and would refer my call to the Executive Customer Relations group. Anthony told me someone from ECR would call me before noon of the same day.

    8/4/08, 7:55 PM, called Samsung, spoke to Josh. He told me there was nothing in my records about "no service" area or ECR. He suggested I call ECR the next day as ECR closes at 5PM.

    8/5/08, 11:33 AM, called Samsung, spoke to Kim in ECR. She said nothing to report, suggested I call the next day.

    8/5/08, 11:32 AM, called Samsung, spoke to Cathy in ECR. She explained that Samsung would have to exhaust all efforts to find a service provider. I asked how long that would take. Cathy said she didn't know. I asked how they would find a provider, since the closest providers to my area would not come to my house. Cathy said she didn't know that they do something with the computer to find a service provider. I asked if she could give me a ballpark range of how long it would take. I asked if I could speak to someone who could shed some light on the process. Cathy said there was no one else to speak to since I was dealing with the ECR which was as high as you could go. She again said she didn't know but told me I had only been waiting for three days, which isn't a long time. She suggested I call back on Friday, 8/7/08.

    8/7/08, called Samsung, spoke to Debbie. Debbie said they had found a provider and placed me on hold to call and set appointment. When she came back on line, she told me that provider does not service my area. I asked how they were going to find a provider, since no one covers my area. She said they would have to work on it for 21 business days before they would consider any other options. I asked when the 21 days started, on my initial call, or when they found a service tech. She wasn't sure but assumed it would be from my initial call. She suggested I call back in a couple of days.

    Here's my beef:

    1. $2, 500, brand new Samsung 50" Plasma stops working 6 months after purchase.

    2. Samsung can't find a repair technician in my area, but tells me to hang on for 21 business days while they try to round someone up.

    3. I have to continually call them, instead of Samsung updating me on their progress.

    I will never purchase another Samsung product.

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  • Valerie Aug 04, 2008


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  • Valerie Jul 17, 2008

    Sai Services - Samsung's authorized service agent is the most pathetic service provider I have come across. They will never send people on time for servicing. They will call you but will never send the service engineers. Samsung should strip this agent of being its authorized service provider if they care about their reputation.

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  • Bi
    Biplab Tah Jul 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    This is regarding your worthless after sales and warranty support system. We are very much unsatisfied with your support. I have 3Pcs Samsung HARDDISK within warranty period. but our local service center refused us to receive the material. Would you please reply me what we have to do for the next????
    Biplab Tah

    For Advanced Computer System

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  • Ro
    Roxane Brown Apr 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband & I bought a Samsung 42" HD TV with stand and 36 month service repair plan. The total cost of $1949.24. Our TV had a code come upon screen(check fan 2) then it went off. It will not play when this happens. I called the service dept. They told me it would be 2 weeks til someone could come out. They sent a tech. out on April 3, 08. He looked at it & said it was a small bug in the fan. The TV played for 4 hours then, another code came up(check fan 1). So the TV went off again. I called the service dept. again. When the person told me another 2 weeks, I was very upset. The service person got very mouthy with me. She was very unprofessional and is hurting CONN"S buisness... She & my husband exchanged words. I asked to speak to a supervisor, she put us on hold. She came back on and said he was out and she could take a number, he would return our call. That did not happen. I called back the next day, still no results. We will NEVER buy from CONN"S again. This I am sure of. We will not stop untill something is done about this service dept.

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