SAIA Truck Linesdelivery not completed as requested


SAIA Truck Lines has the WORST customer service of any trucking company that we deal with (and we deal with a lot of trucking companies). We have large deliveries made to our business on a weekly basis and whenever we see the SAIA truck drive up, we groan because we KNOW there are going to be "issues" ... either they will demand COD payment (we've NEVER been a COD delivery and have never kept any cash or even checks on our premises, everything is paid through a corporate account, which they should know after all these years) or they will bring it in and dump it in the middle of the floor instead of putting it where it belongs (and we do pay extra for that 'sort & segregate' service) but they will argue it every time and sometimes refuse to do it the way the customer wants. Our corporate office made the unwise decision to have them on our approved vendor list, which tied the hands of some of our suppliers to having to use them. However, I have just made it clear to the supply chain segment that we will NOT order anything again from any supplier that is required to use SAIA, as I am not dealing with this BS every time we get a delivery. Enough is enough. The bad thing is that SAIA doesn't seem to give a rip that their tactics are going to cost them customers. Oh, well, there are plenty of other trucking companies and we will definitely be using them from this point forward.

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