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Safewayrude cashier/assistant manager

V Oct 29, 2018
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October 19, 2018, receipt shows 10:37 am, Rose Hill Rd Safeway in Alexandria:

Cashier/Assistant Manager by name Keisha (may be misspelled) was very rude person. When I friendly reached out with my hand to grab a gallon of milk that she wanted to bag together with a big juice bottle, she did a very quick and rude hand gesture that was saying to me :"Get out of my way". I was shocked and first I thought that I may have touched her hand, but it happened so fast that I was not sure if I touched her or the bag. Anyway, I apologized to her saying in calm voice : "I am sorry if I touched you in inappropriate way...", just to be on the safe side . I really don't remember what she said, she may have said: "OK", or whatever, (I was in shock...) but even after that, I started to feel so bad, so low, because my feelings were hurt, because I didn't think I deserved her attitude and hand gesture and all I could tell at the and to her was, in a low tone: "By the way, that was very rude from you...". That is when she started to be even more rude. I was expecting for her to apologize, and she was actually even more arrogant and disrespectful. Her body language, her voice, saying that I can go ahead and complain, that they have security cameras to check, and she didn't allow me to finish any of my sentences. She was constantly talking and interrupting me. I looked around and there was Loretta, cashier that I know for many years. She was bagging some items behind cashier stand next to mine and she was just looking down. I thought that she was embarrassed by what she was witnessing, but later on I realized that Keisha was current store assistant manager, so that was probably an extra reason why Loretta couldn't even say anything, either to calm me or Keisha. Regardless of who is wrong or right, someone should have reacted from the store side. I didn't want to make even bigger scene and I left, thinking that Loretta would report the incident to whoever was in charge, but if I knew that Keisha was assistant manager, trust me, I would stay and complain more.

I feel so bad and so low. That Safeway is my home store for over 16 years and all people were always so nice and friendly. Keisha is a totally new person to that store, I never saw her before, but if this is how the assistant managers and employees are trained, how to bag gallon of milk..., and how to show kind and warm customer service, she is far, far away from properly trained person.

I called yesterday, October 28th at 9:58 am Safeway Customer Service, spoke to Diane and she recorded my complaint. She was very nice and understanding, regardless of what she thought who was right.

After that, person by name Mrs. Johnson (I hope I didn't remember her name wrongly), called me from number [protected] and started to explain to me that she spoke to both Keisha and Loretta, that Loretta said that Keisha was not yelling (yelling/raised voice can be interpreted in many ways...) and that Keisha showed that she was OK with me apologizing to her, ...after which I should be OK...(!!). I tried to explain to Mrs. Johnson that I actually didn't feel OK at all and that is why I told Keisha that she was rude, but I saw where the conversation between me and Customer Rep Mrs. Johnson was going. Even she started to behave like Keisha and didn't allow me to finish my sentences after which I didn't allow to her, too, and I didn't like how that whole conversation sounded like. My impression was that she was defending her employees and there was no place for me in that conversation. I finished the conversation with something like: "I don't want to talk to you any longer. Have a nice day" and I hanged up.
I still feel so bad and low and I hope that both Keisha and Loretta learned something from this case. I learned for sure and one of the things is that I should have recorded all of it with my phone and to have better evidence...

I hope that someone can watch the store security camera recording for that day and see from the tape the improper behavior and body language that I am talking about...I wish you could have the sound, as well.

Thank you in advance for reading my whole complaint. You may think whatever you want about me, but if you can at least record that one person complained about Keisha, it may raise a red flag if another customer complains, too. If nobody ever complains about her, than I will be so happy to know that she is finally doing her job properly or that she is not coming in situation where her unprofessional attitude and personality is coming out...

My best regards,
[protected] (my cell phone)


Please delete the names of the people in my text. I apologize that I didn't pay attention to what this Board is about. I honestly thought that my letter was going to Safeway Board and that they would just talk to all people involved. I put names and my cell phone number only for purpose of contacting me by customer Service Representatives. Please delete the whole post if necessary. Thank you in advance, Vera

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