Safelinkhave phone-no service-no minutes

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Had a new phone from safelink one week. Been on phone with service techs, supervisors, transfered, re programmed phone 6 times, for over 3 & 1/2 hours. No service, wont take minutes, wont work, wont send me new one, - complete run around, and around - Simple - it don't work, . I have a new phone that wont work. I am sure that they are collect subsidies for it, isint this fraud?

Their customer service is the worse, the calls go to broken english speaking people in Belize. If you are spanish-speaking- that is ok. Some of the 7-8 people that I spoke too spoke better than others. They all asuured me that it was fixed. Over and over, call after call. Get no where.

They gave me a phone number that is long distance from the home location? What is wrong with this bunch of idiots?


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      Apr 30, 2019
    SafeLink Wireless - Phone service
    5930 Marshfield
    United States

    Would like to know what type of crap safe link is pulling stating they can not verify my identity! they have all my personal information, yet they have claimed they can not verify my identity. I have not had a phone since 2015 which is insane, safe link had the mexican's giving phones out at the food pantry. I773-939-0636

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      Sep 15, 2019
    Safelink wireless - turning my phone back on
    United States

    Having problems turning my phone back on why I did what yal told me to to recertify and get it turned back on

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      Oct 07, 2019
    Safelink wireless - Safe link track phone android
    United States

    Safe link was to send me new phone
    they even sent me email of tracking number 1Z7X28F002699052
    I even tried lZ7X28F002699052

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      Nov 07, 2019
    Safelink wireless - Phone
    United States

    Your phone was give me headaches after touching it u said u send me basic but send same one with with different name it doing same thing called and u guys said they would not help so I cancel my account so I like send it bk because want out my house and u guys are crap and lyers

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      Dec 17, 2019
    Safelink wireless - Phone
    Safelink wireless
    United States

    I have applied for safelink years ago when I had Medicaid and food stamps after years later not having service with safelink I just got back on Medicaid and etc I enrolled back to safelink but still hasn't received my phone yet. I need help understanding what the problem of all the waiting I'm having to go through.

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