S and R Decorators Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Amex / Bad Service Bad Company


When you have a "Gold Card" that has no pre-set limit and you pay it in full every month on time, then why do they claim that all of a sudden there is a "pre-set limit" based on the economy???? I have employees stranded in other states who i can't get home because AMEX has "suspended...

Amex / Gift cards scam

Don't reward your customers with AMEX gift cards. They will curse you for it. I had 2 amex gift cards which expired and AMEX isnot willing to re-activate my AMEX GC. Each time I got a new 800 number to call. Basically I am out of $50. I am a happy customer with their Credit Cards but their Gift Cards suck.

Amex / Credit line reduction


While am on a business trip in Africa. Amex reduced my line of credit by $25000 to less than the balance on my account; rendering my card useless and causing me embarrassment and costing me money. Amex sent me an email that you had reduced my credit line. I am appalled at the way Amex...