Ruth's Chris Steak Housethe food, the portions, the temperature, the wait staff, and the manager.

I visited Ruth's Chris Steak house on September 21st of this year and was greatly disappointed. The restaurant was empty when we arrived, and yet it took ten minutes for us to be greeted. The server was stressed, and so out of shape that he breathed heavily and was sweating profusely. It was unappetizing. The Salad came and the dressing was spoiled, to which the manager took the salad off the bill as if that was a solution to the problem. The steaks came without the normal sizzle and were undercooked, and definitely not the weight advertised on the menu. I asked the server to get bring my valet ticket up to the valet, as I had three small children to tend to. He went up to the hostess, and came back with the paid check and said that the valet guys were not there, so he left the ticket with the hostess. He did not know that I saw him and he lied to my face. He put the check down and as I stood to get everyone up, he placed an empty beer bottle from another table on my table, for the busboy to retrieve. To make matters worse; I complained about the matter via a feedback request and received a call from the general manager. I told him that I had nothing to add to my complaint, and asked why he was calling. He said that he wanted to show me that Ruth's Chris could "hit it out of the park for my dining experience" and wanted to get me back in to show me that. I asked him how he wanted to do that, and he told me that he wanted to send me a gift card for less than half of what I spent on my botched evening. I told him to keep it. I told him that "it sounded like he half wanted me to come back.

Oct 05, 2019

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