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I was a participant of the original claim several years ago. My husband and I filed our claim and we received a claim number. During the period when the claim was being settled our home was annexed by a city so our City and Zip code (only) changed on our address. In 2005 I notified the administrators of the address change along with our claim number (I have all emails of this correspondence.) I wrote again and verified that I had completed all I needed to do and that when the checks were distributed it would be mailed to our corrected updated address. I received a response that yes indeed our home mailing address had been updated (again this was back in 2005/2006 time frame and I do have all correspondence.
The checks were distributed, when I heard and had not received my check I called to verify that they did not mail to my old address the one they swore had been updated...and to my amazement they mailed to my old address, an address that is no longer in existence with the USPS. I sent forwards of all the emails and they refused to reissue my check to the correct address even though it was their mistake until I mailed to them a letter stating my address had changed what it was and that I did not receive the check...really!! They would not accept a fax, email, nothing SNAIL MAIL! So I wrote the letter they have it documented as received on 6/30/2013. I was told the check would be mailed within 4-6 weeks at the longest, that time passed, I called again, mind you the customer service will not give any names, or attorneys who are "in charge of them" there is no accountability at this organization at all!!! No check in 6 weeks, then they said they were having a lot of problems and it would be 6-8 weeks, I was like no wonder with the way you handle your business affairs! Okay, 8 weeks later, no check... I call again, they are EXTREMELY RUDE, no names and now I have emails also that show their passive aggressive answers and round about way of not responding to one single question you ask, One being what the heck are you doing with all these thousands of dollars you are getting interest on, am I going to get my interest since you are sitting on money that is MINE!!!
They then told me it would be 8-10 weeks, it is not beyond the 10 week mark, and I feel after they have been unable to meet their own deadlines on multiple occasions someone with some authority needs to look into what this company is doing with these funds. It seems they are sitting on a very large sum of money and letting people they feel are insignificant pay the price. It is our money, they are our claims, they are working for us, if we had not filed our claims you would not have funds to distribute. SEND THE CHECKS!!! Who does this get reported to, my last email basically stated they would send it when they basically wanted and I could keep calling or emailing to check to see when it was finally mailed...really? That is the best this multi-million dollar company that accounts for these settlements treats the people who have these funds coming to them? Then they say they cannot tell you how much the checks are. We purchased a significant amount of valid jewelry during this period, as we were dating and married. And I was told that indeed it would be worth me pursuing my check, because I was so frustrated I wanted to just forget it. So I know I have a significant settlement check, they will not tell me how much, they made the error and made me go to the back of the line due to their incompetence back in 2005. Do you think they would be professional and even admit to their error and somewhat apologize for their treatment of my claim, no way, and that is what is beyond annoying. They will not even say, yes, we made the mistake and it will be xx days or weeks before you get the check and be HONEST!!! So I am not waiting every week and calling wasting all this time. This money was going to be used to assist in travel to see my mother in law who is passing away, instead I took out my 401K to go because I could not get any information from them. All I want is the check that was issued to me almost 4 months ago sent to the correct address!!! And some answers and at least an apology for the incompetence of this company. How are they even in business anymore? Lining some pockets with the interest off the little people that don't seem to matter to anyone?
Can someone help???????
I have all emails from first approved claim, change of address notification, reply that verified personal contact information was updated and our funds would be mailed to correct address back in 2006, and multiple lead on responses stating check would be mailed in 4 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks, now they are giving no date and NO contact info, basically just when we do it you will get it, something is wrong with this company being able to just keep funds due me for over 3 months, they have had PLENTY of time to correct this matter!!! Especially since they knew this was a result of their error from not updating their records properly several years ago, not from me not keeping them updated. I did my part to avoid this delay. I just want my settlement check that was mailed to the old address, and now with the 3-4 months interest they have drawn from my money too, and they should give me something for my administration time trying to get the funds that are due to me!!!

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