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On Friday october the 4th I called rushcard to file a dispute regarding a charge on my card. While talking to the rep she then says ok we have to turn the card of.. I then told her no don't do that I will just until Monday to do it as I was in a whole other state and would be stranded if I could not use my money. She then says its nothing she can do she had already done it. I then asked to speak to a manager and then she came on the phone and said the same thing I told her to just drop the dispute as I would rather take the loss of the charge than to be stranded over a 1000 miles away from home with my 10yrs old son. She then said it was nothing she could do. My whole heart just sunk as I knew my son at I would be stranded in TX and we live in Maryland. I told her just forget the claim I will deal with it later she said ok but if you do that you can no longer dispute this charge I said ok I would rather take an 80 dollar loss then to be stranded with my son on the other side of the country . she then said she would leave the account open. 5 min later she calls me and said she is still gonna shut the card off I told her I need to get some money so I can get my plane ticket home for me and my son She then said that she would keep the account open as long as I was on the phone with her so I could go to an ATM I walked the highway in a town I knew nothing about in the dark asking strangers where could I find an atm finally I found one and all of a sudden nobody was on the phone. I tried to get money and it said declined . I call customer service and they said they could not help me since she had shut the card off .. I stayed on the phone trying to get someone to help me they told me the best they could do was to send it to money gram but I would not be able to pick up the money for 6 business hours and I had to pay 85.00 dollars which ment I would not get money until Monday morning. I was scheduled to fly home on sat morning and my hotel was only paid until then. Which ment my son and I would have no where to stay and no food for almost 3 days. In the most of all this I was put on hold and forgotten about for over 30 min. Finally the supervisor got on the phone and said that's all he could do then persist to ask me well what do you want me to do fire the girl.. I got livid I told him I am not that heartless to have someone loose their job and I told him that it was unprofessional to even ask me that as I am going into a crisis situation right now with me and my child. At the end of it all my son and I have been basically staying in laundry mats and diners and Wal-Mart's because I can't get home and rushcard is not helping me at all. I had to pay 35 bucks to get my card sent to me which should be Monday or Tuesday then I will have a family member get my card the get us tickets home. I have never been homeless in my life but because rushcard can't help my son and I are still in Texas sleeping wherever we can. When I finally get home I am no longer going to use this card this is a horrible way to treat your customers... Sincerely Nykeda Saunders a soon to be ex rush card member

Oct 06, 2019

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