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Rush FitnessScam and cheating


I heard radio ads for the Rush fitness center offering 50% off the joining fee and a years free membership dues. Sounded too good to be true and against my better nature I went to have a look. Of course it was too good to be true, you have to sign up for 3 years to get the additional free year. But they had me on site.

Decided to give it a try and asked if I could join for two months to see if I like it and make a longer term commitment if I did. No problem it's just a higher fee of $59 / month for month to month membership. I duly paid my joining fee and two month membership. Worked out for a month, nice gym with good equipment. Today one month after joining they charge my credit card with a further $59. Must be a mistake I think, I'll speak to them when I go to work out tonight.

No mistake I'm told, you should have read the contract (small print) properly. What I was told and what's in the contract are different. Bad taste in mouth so I have canceled membership. Total cost $276 for for one months working out. No flexibility, no refund.

If you do join this gym, just make sure you know what you are getting into. My fault, I didn't.


  • La
    Larry1117 Nov 05, 2014

    The RUSH was recently purchased by Golds Gym and has only gotten worse. First they do not draft my CC as the RUSH did in the past and then when they finally do a month later they CHARGE ME A LATE FEE! For THEM not deducting from my account! WTF. I have decided to cancel my family membership entirely and go elsewhere. POS place does not deserve business from anyone. BE WARNED.

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  • As
    Assaulted at the rush May 24, 2013

    On March 19, 2013 my girlfriend, my 16 year old son and myself visited the rush on Randleman Rd. in Greensboro NC. While my son was on the rock climbing wall another member walked up to me and started trying to get me to walk outside to fight him! (I knew this member previous of this incident from an old job!) Then this member grabbed me by my neck and broke my necklace, continuously poking me in the cheek while I did nothing except tell him "if you don't let me go I am about to break your nose!"The rush employee at the rock climbing wall watched the majority of this happen and did nothing! The only thing rush management did was walk my son and myself to the locker room after this incident happened! The member that did all this walked into the locker room looking for more! His actions in the locker room were stopped by management. The Greensboro police were called and said member left after being standing outside for a couple minutes with the rush management!
    When the Greensboro police arrived said member was gone! The police went to member services to get the members address and found some of his member info to be false!
    I now have 3 charges against this member for 1) Assault in the presence of my minor son 2) Damage to property and 3) Communicating threats! He has one charge of communicating threats on me for telling him "if you don't get away from me I am about to break your nose"
    THIS MAN IS STILL A MEMBER OF THE RUSH - They let him keep his membership after all this at least until today's date. After talking to Jen today I found out all video footage is gone! Why would that gym not keep footage of an incident that happened at their gym? Especially with police involvement!
    I can not find the rush's member policy's to know how this should've been handled from any member of the rush in Greensboro or anyone at the rush's corporate office!

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  • La
    laurie2 Jul 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm shocked at what I'm reading here...I've been a member for over two years now. I started with a 30 day free trial, of course they tried to talk me into a membership that very day but I was there for the free trial and left with the free trial. I really loved the gym and my experience with it so me and my daughter went for a family membership and we both got a great deal on an elite add on for ten bucks more a month. She eventually married and moved to where there wasn't a rush within 30 miles and was able to leave her contract with no problem at all. I have continued my membership, they draft my payment every month and as of yet my only complaint is the January rush of people with their resolutions but that eventually thins back out within a month. I've participated in the zumba class here as well as the pool, hot tub and sauna. My son comes with me on my elite and plays basketball in the gym while I work out. We totally love the Rush, and no I don't work for them nor never will. I signed a contract, I honored my part and they have honored theirs I just don't understand all the life you will legally be held accountable to EVERY contract you agree to. No sense blaming a company for not rewriting all the rules to satisfy your wants.

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  • He
    Heyman42 Jul 02, 2012

    In regards to the last comment I work at the rush and sell the memberships on your agreement there is no such rule for 50 miles, it's 30 miles from a location and proof of disability there's is no 99 dollar penalty. It is a 24 month membership but that was known when you signed. As with any commitment the responsible party that signs is responsible for payments unless a move or injury takes place. A 50 dollar transfer fee is just that. It's a business so they do want to maximize profit however it is not something that is unjust or designed to rip you off. If you were to add some one after point of sale like your speaking of it would cost you more than just the 12 dollar monthly that you currently have. It would easily pay itself off in just a few months. Honestly for everything you get for what you have which if you signed up in february is only 23 dollars per person your getting quite the bang for your buck. Transfer fees arent the greatest I hear you but neither are taxes or gases prices it's just the way it is. What your getting for 23 bucks is more than worth worrying about that.

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  • Te
    TeedOffInTN May 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All I want to do is replace the person I have on my membership, which I pay for, with another. The person I signed up with hasn't paid me for their training session I fronted or the monthly fee of $12, and before the negative comments come about who I signed up with me and didn't pay, i should have I knew my step-daughter would do this to me. I never asked for a reduction, I just want her off my account; well, you can't cancel them without paying the $99 fee and proof of a medical reason or moving out of a 50 mile radius. Too add the other person, I have to pay them $50, and then she can be added, as my reasons for dropping my step-daughter is not within their scope. OK, I understand what I signed, however, I can see if I asked for to just drop her completely and reduce my fees, but, that’s not what I asked for! Please read my letter, then the response I received:

    I am the primary on this account, I pay for the membership for myself and another person, X, and I want to cancel/block her from attending on my membership.

    I want to remove her completely and put my mother-in-law in her place, but, for some reason, that is not allowed. I am very frustrated with this, all I want to do, is remove Mrs. X from this, as she owes me money for her training sessions as well as monthly, and she refuses to do so.

    I am the account holder, and since I am not wanting to reduce my amount per month, but, change the person who accompanies me to work out, I do not see why it can not be done. I was told that I would have to come in with her so she could have the option of starting her own membership as I drop her? I frankly could care less if she gets a member ship, she doesn’t pay now and gets to go free off my blasted dime, and if you want her money, ask her to join when she comes in and see’s that the account is cancelled. That’s your job, not mine, to get her to pay out the nose fro sessions as well as a membership.

    Why can this not be done by phone? I am the account holder, and I should be able to do this after answering a few security questions, and having your customer care take care of this for me on the spot. This emailing in and waiting for a reply is asinine, and utterly useless, why then have a customer care number in the first place if they can not take care of this for a Rush member as we call in? This was a waste of my time, my cellular minutes, as well as my patience. They also could not even quote me prices on the phone and said I had to call the local complex I attend? I mean, what the heck, really? You have a customer care line and these folks are paid to tell people to call their local fitness center because that’s not what they do? What are their jobs then, to drive folks crazy? Well, they did their jobs, they actually have me in such a mood over this, I am fuming writing this email, and I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type. Yes, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as a few other health issues, and I joined so that I do not have a stroke or heart attack, well by God, The Rush takes the prize as you have succeeded to not only raise my blood pressure, but, have caused stress beyond belief having me call here, there, email, etc. Good Job!

    Also, the part about removing Mrs. X and adding my mother-in-law for a fee is ridiculous, and I see it as a ploy to get even more money out of a member, for no reason what so ever. I do not want any training session for her, frankly, for what I paid for the 6 session that I split with Mrs. X, was enough money spent in my opinion. I even wanted to continue, but, at the costs you threw at me to do so, and not allowing me to add it onto my monthly fee, actually has turned me off on The Rush, and I have told many people who have asked me if it is worth joining and getting the session. My answer is no on the sessions, but, joining would be great.

    Now though, seeing as I can’t drop Mrs. X from my account completely and just add my mother-in-law without a fee, has now changed my mission, and I will now tell folks from my work to join Ft. Sanders Health Club through work, even though you have to travel a little bit more, at least there you know what your getting, and can add and delete members as you see fit, and for a little less than what I pay.

    I also will post this on my Facebook and Twitter account’s as to your practices of gouging members for more money at each and every turn. I am contemplating contacting Don Dare from Channel 6 On Your Side, and tell my story there how I can not remove a non-paying member off my account, and add a person in place without you all charging me first and last months’? What is up with that? I mean, you’re already getting the money from me as I pay for myself and another person? Newspaper ad, trader post, and an email campaign to everyone I know, this is the most frustrated I have been in awhile.

    Please make sure Mrs. X is removed from my account today, May 2, 2012, and I would like an email confirmation or call that this has been done. I also want it noted on my account that if she asks any questions, all she is allowed to be told, is that the account had been cancelled. This is my account, and she does not need to know the specifics as to what has happened, and if she is informed, I will be seeking legal action against you.

    So, in a nut shell, Mrs. X, off the account of:

    And of course, my wish, my request, is to replace her with my mother-in-law, Mrs. X, and NO CHARGE to me, as I have already paid enough, and removing one and adding someone in their place should not cost me one Red cent.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. X

    OK, here is the email I got back in return:

    Ms. X,
    First, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience that you have been caused by this situation. We would be happy to assist you with this matter.

    Our records indicate that on 2/20/2012, you and X purchased a 24 month commitment membership. At that time, you signed to be the responsible billing party on both accounts. By doing this you committed to being responsible for both the monthly payment for the 24 months.

    In order to cancel X off the account, she would have to provide proof of a relocation more than 50 miles from any facility or have a permanent medical disability, along with pay a $99 cancellation fee. To transfer the membership to your mother-in-law, we still require the proof of either relocation or medical disability for X and a $50 Transfer Fee. We have her account set to where she will not have access to the facility; however you will still be responsible to pay her part of the monthly payment since you signed to be the responsible party. We do apologize if this policy was not fully explained or there was a misunderstanding concerning it.

    Again, we do apologize for the misunderstanding that has occurred and any inconvenience that you have been caused by this matter. Should you need any further assistance, please contact our Customer Care Department at [email protected] or by calling [protected].


    Cindy Wilkerson


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  • Pm
    pmatt Oct 27, 2011

    This place is unbelievable. I called back in April to have my membership and my son’s membership changed over to a different bank. They said they would take care of it. They took the money for mine and my wife’s account but not for my sons. Now they are saying that we owe $180.00 and it has been turned over to collections. Today is the first I have heard there was a problem. I was also told that for some reason mine and my wife’s payment was sent back from the Bank for September and I looked at the date that they say they sent the payment and there were funds to cover it. There was no record from my bank that they had requested payment. The Rush says that the credit card company blocks the transaction instead of it going to the bank. I don’t know if this is true or nor but I do know that the money was there. Guess what I figured out why they did this, they say my contract will not end until I pay them this entire amount plus there fees and that charges will continue to build.

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  • Ap
    April Honey Feb 11, 2011

    Much the same happened to me. I went in for the free trial and was manipulated into a 3 year contract. Now it has been turned over to collections (saying that I owe a little over $1.750). Being a single mom AND still new to it, I can't afford much anyway. Also the collection agency they used are incredibly rude. Expect to be put on hold repeatedly for the first 15 minutes before actually talking to someone.

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  • Li
    Lick Theseballs Feb 07, 2011

    So Mary Anderson and Georgia Clark just so happened to post the same thing? Not quite.. Its Rush team members posting positive feedback, I worked for this company for three years. They have very poor business practices and for all the money they take they sure to pay [censor].

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  • Ac
    acissejla Aug 17, 2010

    I heard that there was a free 10 day trial for the rush. So, my friend and I signed up for it. We got a call the following day asking us to come in and take a tour of the facility. We came in, the manager was very nice and walked us around and it all seemed great. After the tour, he took my friend and I to one of their desks off to the side. He then started talking me into a contract. I told him I was only interested in the free trial and I would go from there. He said there was no free trial. I offered me a deal he said would expire the moment I walked out the door. It was no deal at all. He lied to me telling me I was getting such a great deal. That he was waiving the membership fee and I could add or take away anything at any time. He also told me I could cancel anytime without a problem. He talked me into the Elite membership, where I could bring a friend, be able to use any facility at any time. I added tanning into the mix because he made their tanning beds sound so great and at a amazing price of $15 a month extra. All in all I ended up paying $74 dollars a month. This is more then anybody I have talked to, who got theirs for $20 or max $50. He also signed me up for 3 years without telling me and I got a year free after my contract was up. He also kept on and on about how I needed the trainer and the amounts. I kept telling him I was not interested, but he kept on. Finally, he got the message and we were on our way. So, going in with the idea of a 10 day free trial turned into me being a member and paying all theses fees plus $74 a month. I started using the gym right away. I really enjoyed it and how close it was to my job and home. But, everytime I went in I was harassed by the same manager that signed me up about trying to get me to sign up for a personal trainer. Everytime I came into the gym he would find me. It got to where I hid from him, which is rediculous. I then tried to bring a friend. The manager also left out the part where there are guests hrs. You can't bring a guest in after 9 pm. That's when I go workout. If I go during the day it is packed. You can barely find a parking space. And you definatley can't find a machine free and then you have to wait. I continued to go there and started back school. I then started going less and less. I went in to try to cancel it and they said you can't cancel it. I asked if I could pay some type of penality charge to get out of it. They said no. I called corporate and no one answered. I got an answering maching, which needless to say they didn't call me back. I went up to the Rush again and talked to an associate, he said I could rewrite my contract, to come back the next day when there is a manager there. The next day I went back just like the guy said. I spoke to a manager and said that I wanted to rewrite my contract my pay got cut and I can't afford to be paying $74 a month for something I am not even using. They said I couldn't rewrite my contract all I could do is take off tanning. The manager had told me that I could downgrade from an elite memeber at any time and that I could take bringing a guest off. The manager said the guy that signed me up was no longer there. They said all I could take off was my tanning but I couldn't take off my 2 guests pass and the elite membership. I said, "2 guests? I was told 1 guest." They said no I could bring 2 guests. So, he signed me up for something I didn't even know I had. All this time of me going I could have brought 2 guests. Not only that, but I was paying for something I didn't even know I had. They were no help. I got busy with work and didn't go back to the gym but of course my account continued to get drafted. I got in a bad car accident several months after. I messed up my back and my kneck making it impossible to workout. I called corporate yet again and talked to a guy. He said all I had to do was to get a doctor's note saying that I couldn't work out. I just needed to take it to any location convienent for me and have them cancel my contract and he would waive the penality fee of $90. He also told us that I would have to stop the payments from them and contact my bank to stop allowing them to draft my account or it would continue to charge me. I thought that was rediculous that they would continue to charge me if I no longer have a membership. Anyways, I got the note from my doctor and went up to the rush closest to me. I spoke to a manager. He tried to give us the run around and told me that I had to get my doctor to fill out this form stating my diagnosis, when I will get better, if its permanent or temporary, how long recovery will take etc. I thought that was rediculous. I hope my pain is permanent. So, we have to have my doctor fill all that out and send it back in and probably be thrown for another loop. All in all, the rush is nothing but a scam. I think they should close all of them down. They lie and get your money. Their facility is not well taken care of espicially for how much money I pay. They are dishonest from the moment you walk in the door. How are you going to advertise a 10 day free trial, call me in and then tell me there is no free trial I have to sign up? That's false advertisement. There has to be something we can do. Beware of the rush. They are conartist. They charge an arm and a leg for something I could go elsewhere for and get better service pay 75% less and better facility. Never go to the rush and there is no free trial. Oh, and those contest boxes they have everywhere stating enter to win a free trial, they call everyone that fills one out to get them in the door and then tell you there is no free trial and con their way into your wallet. It is the worst disicion and investment I have ever made.

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  • Ar
    A Real Gomer Jul 10, 2010

    What about a picket line or an add in the local newspaper suggesting the search engine with the words scam or complaint, as I found this one. Perhaps a television investigative news journalist. I was clueless when I also signed a contract. I did cancel within 3 days by registered mail, returned the key tag, I suspected could be snag, stopped payment on a >$1, 000 check. This all took place since last Tues. I will let you know how it turns out, good or bad. If it turns out bad I will make my passion to inform the unknowing public (potential sheep) of the outcome. I would suggest that if you feel you were scammed put it out there for "Gomers" like me to see. I hope my response to cancel within 3 days will be the end of it. If not I will be their poster child. It's frightening to realize it took over an hour to read redundant horror stories by just typing in "rush fitness complaints." I wish that I had done that first.

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  • Vi
    victim-x Jun 30, 2010

    Don't bother trying to call their so called "member experience dept". Nobody ever answers and forget getting a return callback. I even went so far as sending a registered letter and what I got was my account turned over to collections. They could have continued credit my credit card or even tried to contact me. But the first thing I heard was from a collection agency. Stay away form this place. It is a total rip off and a haven for dishonest business practices.

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  • The Rush Member Experience Team Jun 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We're sorry you've had a bad experience with The Rush. We do everything we can to treat our customers respectfully. We feel badly that you feel that we didn't address your needs, but we want to make it right. If you would be willing to call our Member Experience Dept at this special number, [protected] we will do everything in our power to resolve your issues and win back your confidence.

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  • Wi
    William the Dude May 26, 2010

    ^ Wow. When the rush gets on here to promote itself, they might as well vary their self promotion posts a little.

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  • Ge
    GeorgiaClark May 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a member for about a year now with The Rush Fitness Complex at their Chattanooga site. It's been a totally a worth it investment on my part. The facilities are complete and the ambiance is conducive for a good and relaxing workout. Everybody in the gym is all out, accommodating and very helpful. Not to mention, their fitness coaches are keen keeping track of their client's progress and status. Their 24/7 availability is a bonus! I get to do my workout at anytime my busy schedule permits.
    With regards to the contract, I didn't have any problems with it. I did even read those fine prints just to be sure and found that everything in the paper was quite reasonable. When I read the reviews here, I was baffled because it's way different from what I experienced at The Rush. From what me and my fitness had in this fitness facility, we definitely can say that enrolling at The Rush is never a waste of time and money.

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  • Pr
    princeslolypop Jul 04, 2009

    I am being held reliable for a contract that was opened by my step father. Not only are they billing me but they are billing him for the same amount. I get a letter telling me they were unable to charge my account, which wasn't my account at all it was his bank account and i have no connection to it. When I called they said since i was over 18 I am being held responsible for it. I was also told that with my permission they would try to run the account again, but I tried to explain to him that it wasn't my account and I couldn't authorize anything...he didn't seem to care. So I guess at 20 years old I will be making my first call to a lawyer to have this fixed because they are wanting to send this to a collection agency and I refuse to pay something I am not responsible for.

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  • Di
    DIEGO CARO Jun 26, 2009


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