The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Rush FitnessCheat and lie

I tried to fix this too many times, and I will explain to you my bad experience that I had with this gym.
I went to this gym to start working out. One of the managers took me around and gave me a tour explaining all the good things about the gym and then we sat down and he took all my information and asked me to sign a form to approve to take the monthly payment from my account.
I used the gym for a few months and I paid my membership for the duration I used the gym.
Then I lost my job and I went to the gym to try to cancel my membership, and the manager told me that if I wanted to cancel it I had to bring a medical excuse or a note from my job stating that I am moving for more than a 50 mile radius from the gym. On top of that I had to cancel my membership by paying an additional $90.00 fee. They never explained this when was about to join. They also never stated that I had a contract until 2011 which I figured out just when I was about to quit.
I was very upset about this, so I called their costumer service to complain about this, but I got the same response. I got tired of these people and told the company that they cheat people out of their money and that they were tricksters and I hung up.
I never heard anything about this, and I didn’t even receive a statement or invoice about it. They didn’t explain any of the charges. Around the beginning of June I received a letter from a collection agency for $1.700 without any explanation of the charges. Why should I pay for something I don't use or get any kind of benefit?

Then I called again trying to negotiate and get an agreement. I told them I'm going to take a trip out of the country. I needed to fix all I had pending with the gym, but I didn't receive any positive response. They said that the account was out their hands meaning that they couldn’t do anything because it was already in collection.

This is very unethical and unprofessional they didn't explain about the cancellation fee. They never told me about the contract until 2011. They never sent a statement explaining any charges, and if I didn't use any services from them why I do have to pay?

these are a few more complaints that I found over internet

Located: Chattanooga, TN ( Downtown and Lee Highway )

This gym cheats and lies to you about gym memberships. They will tell you there is no membership cancellation fee. This is a lie. There is a $100 cancellation fee. They will also tell you that you can cancel at any time for no reason at all. This is also a lie. You have to provide proof that you moved 50 miles outside of ANY Rush Fitness complex. They will also tell you that you can put your membership on hold at any time for no reason at all, your membership is for x amount of months (when it's really much more than that), etc. Basically, this gym will lie to you as much as they can just to get you to sign a contract. The contract basically contradicts everything they tell you. Once you have signed the contract, there is no way out of it unless you pay the cancellation fee and can prove residence outside of 50 miles within a Rush Fitness complex. Even then, they will make it very difficult for you to cancel by telling you to (1) call corporate to cancel, who will then (2) call you to call your local Rush Fitness complex, who will then (3) tell you that you can only come in the store to cancel, and then (4) tell you that the person who manages accounts is not in at the moment so you would need to come back, and on and on.
I heard radio ads for the Rush fitness center offering 50% off the joining fee and a years free membership dues. Sounded too good to be true and against my better nature I went to have a look. Of course it was too good to be true, you have to sign up for 3 years to get the additional free year. But they had me on site.

Decided to give it a try and asked if I could join for two months to see if I like it and make a longer term commitment if I did. No problem it's just a higher fee of $59 / month for month to month membership. I duly paid my joining fee and two month membership. Worked out for a month, nice gym with good equipment. Today one month after joining they charge my credit card with a further $59. Must be a mistake I think, I'll speak to them when I go to work out tonight.

No mistake I'm told, you should have read the contract (small print) properly. What I was told and what's in the contract are different. Bad taste in mouth so I have canceled membership. Total cost $276 for for one months working out. No flexibility, no refund.
By Denis S. Rush Fitness Complex Alcoa
After I completed my contract time and tried to cancel, The Rush continued to charge to my bank card. When I complained, they said the contract I signed allowed them to charge an additional month up to 15 days after I canceled my membership. Complaints up the line were futile. In fact, they inferred that I was stupid for not reading the two pages of fine print in the contract that is so small, I have to use a magnifying glass to read it.

The reason I canceled is that they don't keep the equipment maintained. I never went there that I didn't find a piece of equipment that was out of order. The sauna and steam rooms are frequently out of order and the locker rooms aren't clean. Try to find a locker that you can actually lock. Plus, the water cooler was out of order for months and when I complained I was told to buy a bottle of water for a dollar.

This place caters to teenagers whose mommies and daddies are footing the bill and they just don't have a clue about how to treat a good paying customer. I can't recommend The Rush unless you are in a rush to get nothing for your money.

In early 2006 the gym that I had been using for almost a year went out of business. I decided at that time that I would dig out my old equipment and do my workouts at home. 2 months later while looking through my bank statement I notice "Rush Fitness--$48", I went back to the previous month and found another $48 charge. When talking to their Representative I was told that they had bought out my contract from my old gym and they were indeed taking money out of my account, all without my knowledge. I ended up having to close my bank account in order to stop them from stealing my money. I never signed a contract with these people, in fact I have avoided their gym like the plague. Now I am getting collection notices and harassing phone calls. I do not believe that these people are acting ethically and I will tell everyone that I can about their actions. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter, Ben.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

[redacted] Verified Safe

As a member of the rush fitness complex, I was sold training sessions by the manage salesman. Mr. Morales, I did not get a copy of the contract at the time of signing but later learned that I had only 3 days to cancel these sessions.. I tried to cancel the contract due to a cut back in my hours at work but was told that it was too late by 3 days. I explained that I had not used any of the sessions and wanted to cancel the contract and get a return of my first installment of $390.00 that had been drafted out of my checking account.

Steve Massey, head of member services, stated that this was not possible and that I would be fully responsible for future installments even though I had contacted the corporate office by certified mail on two occasions. I tried to explain that I could not afford the sessions due to the job situation, that I had not used any of the sessions and that my notification to the company was only 3 days past the cutoff date.. After many certified postal letters and emails to Steve Massey and Larry Gurney, a corporate executive with the rush no relief was given by the company.

Buyer beware do not sign any contract with the rush or give them the right to draft your checking account. You will pay dearly for any long term relations with this company dealing with your checking account. Also this is a company that will hide behind the fine print of their contract to take your money. While their actions are probably borderline legal, I would consider this company to be both immoral and unethical in this situation. Never give them any right to your checking account and be very careful in signing any long-term contracts. You will be very sorry in the long run.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Deocha r.
Battle Creek, Michigan

[redacted] Verified Safe

Last year, I purchased 36 training sessions for $1259 upfront by credit card. I was only able to use 14 sessions when my job told me that they were relocating me. I have 22 sessions remaining totaling $770.

I purchased the sessions at the same time I joined the gym. When I signed the contract to become a member, I inquired about membership cancellation. They said that all I had to do was provided written notice and pay a cancellation fee. I assumed that this applied to the training sessions as well because the trainers were employed by the RUSH - not an outside training agency. I was never told that they were non-refundable

This was my first time in Tenn and first time buying training sessions. I have made several attempts to resolve this but corporate fails to return my phone calls. I finally got an email from them stating that they apologize for my situation but the sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

I felt like they used dishonest sales tactics to get me to purchase. It is highly unfair that they get to keep my hard earned money for services I will never receive!

I would like to take legal action against this if possible. Any reputable agency would offer you a refund for services not rendered.

This place is such a scam! They have managers that change like the wind and corporate is not helpful.

I would avoid this place at all cost! Find a gym that is ethical and adheres to better business practices.

Battle Creek, MichiganFor anyone who is considering the RUSH Fitness Complex as their method of getting into shape, please think about another method or complex!

In January 2008, my husband and myself decided to join the Rush to get back into shape. We sat down and spoke with the manager went over the details, as I explained to the manager that I had previously underwent several back surgeries, he (the manager) explained that exercising and getting fit would definitely benefit me, he HIGHLY recommended a personal trainer PRIOR to my using the equipment to learn the proper method to avoid reinjury to my back. We went over several options and agreed to a 12 session trainer, costing approximately $500.00 on top of membership fees. (check was cashed in February)

No appointments were set at that time due to 'lack' of trainers available, however, a trainer would be getting in touch with me. After a week and no calls, I started calling the complex. After several unsuccessful attempts, I requested that my membership be transferred to another facility in my city that maybe could get me in for sessions, or cancel my contract and refund my money.

After a week, I finally got a trainer. I went to that session, and upon evaluation from that trainer, I was advised to do a couple more sessions PRIOR to independent work out. WELL ... GUESS WHAT!!! That was the 1 and ONLY session I have been able to get. When I tried to set up another appointment, I was told 'all trainers are busy now, someone will call me back.' Then after no one did, I continued to call, even visited the complex and several different occasions, getting the same response as well as, 'we are currently moving into our new facility and things are kinda crazy, be patient and someone will call.'

AGAIN, after numerous phone calls to local facility, customer service and even corporate office, no one has helped!

My monthly dues were on automatic draft, UNTIL April, I stopped them due to the fact that the services I was paying for as well as the services that I had paid $500.00 in full for were not being rendered!

It's been 9 months now, still haven't gotten a second session. However, the 1 thing I have received is a bill from a collection agency for $1300, 00.(keep in mind, ONLY $189 for myself and $129 are my actual dues, the rest are 'late fees and collection costs') (I believe I am owed the the $500 pd upfront and the all fees paid. Seeing that I was advised to do my personal training sessions PRIOR to doing independent workouts!) ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!!!

Since receiving the bill, I have made numerous calls to the local facilities, recovery department, customer service as well as the CEO of the RUSH, Larry Gurney ... Guess what... AGAIN, no replies, no help!!!



Deceived in nc
Greensboro, North Carolina

and many many more



  • Th
    Therushsucks Mar 27, 2014

    All of you would love to know that if you are a pro bodybuilder, power lifter or something like that, you get to workout there free. Also what really gets me is if you sleep with someone that works there or are dressed like a stripper each time you come in you also workout for free. That's why they charge us so much, so they can cover the ones they let in free. Mandy up there in this column must be one of those, the only person without a problem. Come on, the Rush is the worst example of a legit business. Takers never givers and that's what that business is supposed to be about.

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  • Ch
    Chattanooga Don Feb 19, 2014

    My wife and daughter were also tricked into a contract... Verbal lies knowing that most people don't read the fine print. I was so mad when I found out that there was a signing fee of ~$150, plus a multi-year contract. We are now expecting and just like all of you they are very rude and are refusing to work with us in ANY way. The RUSH is a scam, unfortunately when you find out it's several hundred if not 1K dollars too late... Shame on them for such lousy customer service and a lack of caring for their customers!

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  • MikeL DISH Nov 17, 2012


    I came across your post and found your situation interesting! I wanted to help. Could you please private message your account number to me so I can review it? I'll be happy to assist further in figuring out a resolution to your concerns and look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Lu
    Luvwill68 Oct 21, 2012

    Continuously from previously above comments: Chattanooga Rush's clerks, trainers, and sales wasn't all that friendly but sounded and acted pushy to get a commission if they thought you would be interested in enrolling.We talked to Kandance, and David and somehow since they were girlfriend and boyfriend they were in the commission mode together.They called us and text several times to pretend to be concerned about us enrolling in one of the Rush's gym that either worked at.Kandance told one verbal story about enrollment, while after signing up, she told another.There were some unknown/untold hidden fees on contract she never told.The towels and drink products that they sales is extremely expensive knowing the customers will purchase.

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  • Lu
    Luvwill68 Oct 21, 2012

    The two Rush fitness gyms in TN is not as sanitized like it should be knowing germs can make customers sick and can't go to work to pay their montly fees.I was very disappointed in both.Lee Highway has an extra(basketball court) vs the gym down town.Lee Highway pool area isn't clean and safe, and over use clorine to coverup it not being cleaned and sanitized.Black dirty filty residue afloats on top of water noticeable in the jaccuzi. Grit etc. in the pool.The fees are very expensive even with discounts.These Companys needs to be investigated tightly for hidden/forgotten untold fees when signing up.They say one thing by mouth, and does another and can't back up what they said after you sign the contract.

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  • Lu
    Luvwill68 Oct 21, 2012

    My son and I visited the Rush gym on Lee highway and downtown in TN.We had a very quick rushed tour just for the so call commission sign on enrollment.We visited the next day, again, On Lee Hwyway(weekend visit), and after turning the control on for the jaccuzi the foam/bubbles had a black residue in it.That is possible signs of not being clean.I reported it to the sales clerk at front desk.I asked for a supervisor but due to weekends, no supervisors available I was told.I asked how often it be sanitized/cleaned, and never got a for sure straight answer from her.The swimming area floor rock type floor was peeling so til it looked dangerous to walk on.For the amount it costs to join per person monthly, these repairs should be never happening or seen at the facility.Every Little thing adds up or costs to the customers.Small hidden fees including or not mentioned til after signed up.I was not pleased at all.This gym is a Dead but expensive rip off.

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  • Bl
    blondeone Aug 01, 2012

    Wow, people on this site have been ripped off of some serious money! I would be angry as well. My sister had an experience like this with Golds Gym and I had one with Lifestyles in Florida as well. Local gyms are a better choice than these big megaliths unless you travel. The YMCA is in almost every major city. I am very careful about anything I buy in this economy and havn't signed a contract in years. I pay for my cell phone by the month and it is Straight Talk which is one of the cheapes out there. I use to have outrageous bills but, I also made outrageous amounts of money and had outrageous Stress! When the money started to thin down I re-evaluated a lot of my bills on my bank statement. I got rid of a $500/ mo. Sprint/ Nextel bill. Found out the gym I was with at the time had jumped up my monthly fee from $45 monthly to $65 so, I quit the gym and started jogging a few days a week. Dish network was taking out $65-$70 as well and was only suppose to be $29 a month but after calling and canceling the 3 months of free intoroductory HBO or Showtime, I was always working and really wasn't home enough to watch it, I checked my bank statement after having Dish for 8-9 months and realized how much I was being charged and canceled it. I did have to close my bank account as they slammed it for about $400 which I got back but, they make it clear I was under contract. I LIVE A MUCH SIMPLER LIFESTYLE NOW AND AM THANKFUL FOR IT!

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  • Na
    Natalie Baxter Jul 18, 2012

    I have never joined the rush not do I ever plan on it. The rush is a bunch of crooks and the management team are a bunch of ###ed jack ### who doesn't know crap from the hole in the toilet, but from what I gather from everyone's complaint u all should get together have someone start a membership record the session go to cancel it and when they do the same to u the. U all have grounds for a law suit then u can get ur money back plus some. That's just my opinion!!! I go to planet fitness and I pay as I go not this ridiculous membership crap where I am charged for time I don't use think about it

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  • Ma
    mandynicole09 Apr 09, 2012

    I joined the knoxville, tn location. that was a huge mistake. i can no longer afford my membership and they will not let me cancel. i am very unhappy about this. i am on a tight budget and all i want to do is cancel and they refuse to let me!

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  • La
    Lana Prestridge Aug 31, 2011

    The sales staff will tell you anything to get your cash and a signature. They will tell you that they will refund your un-used personal training sessions at any time if you change your mind. NOT TRUE.
    I was re-located last March 2011 to a locale 2 hours from a Rush. I called them and stopped my bank draw. The club was so crowded and childcare never available anyway. I dropped off proof which they later denied getting. Then I mailed letters to the corporate office. Now I get collection calls, asking for $50.00+, when they owe me hundreds for unused personal training .( "that's seperate and we can't give you your money until you pay us more") They say I have to pay 2 months of dues because they didn't get my relo info soon enough and then they will give me a refund, but REFUSE to put this in writing or attach a time frame. Its now September and I was re-located last March and I have yet to see a dime. I argue about how illogical this is and they call constantly and hang up the phone the moment I attempt a dialogue. They are arrogant beyond belief, there is a prevailing attitude of "we can treat you however we want" among all the corporate staff. I was even told that "management will not deal directly will refund issues no matter who you ask for." Basically, this company has NO ETHICs!

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  • Fr
    frustratedandirritated Jun 14, 2011

    Me and my husband had also signed an agreement with the Rush a the Chattanooga, TN location. We were told that our contract was up in May and we decided not to renew the contract. There were always equipment that were out of order which made it hard to get your turn on the machines. The bathrooms were not cleaned and the employees were not friendly. Well, when our contract expired, we then receive a bill stating that we had a balance due. Didn't quite understand why we had bill being that they've been charging our account each month. On the bill it states that you can go online to see your account. Couldn't figure where that was on there. So I called the number to customer service and spoke with Andrew, and the idiot said that I had to call billing that he couldn't help me. Spoke to April in "billing" and she said that we had signed and agreed that it would be on a month to month basis. Well, they didn't give us a copy of the agreement. The guys who sign you up, their only concern is to make the commission, to make the sale. When you first walk in, it's like a bunch of car salesmen, they're like leaches. They're so quick to sell you anything and tell you anything you want to hear just to make that sale.

    So anyways, April said that she can waive the dues for June but that she'll need a credit card for payment to do that. I told her "you'd have to be a fool to just give you a credit card not knowing that you won't charge it again. I can't take your word on it. And how can you guarantee me that the membership is cancelled?" She said that while we're on the phone that she will send me an email. Still trying to stand my ground, she was trying to conclude the phone call and was basically trying to hang up on me since I wasn't trying to give her any form of payment. I will never recommend that fitness center. It is NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! You're better off going to the Y, there is no strong selling there. I knew going in to the agreement that it was going to be a RIP OFF. They advertise on how cheap they are and then when you get there, they stick that knife in you and you just bleed to death. With the way they conduct business, KARMA will be waiting on them.

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  • Li
    Live Honest!!! Jun 05, 2011

    I am being charged for a membership that was contracted to end Jan. 2010 and was told because I did not submit into writing to not renew the contract it's automatically renewed. Here's the problem, In Feb. of 2009 I broke my ankle in 2 places had to have 4 screws and titanium plate put in unable to work, lost my job, had to move to a state that does not have a Rush Fitness Complex within 30 miles as my contract stated. I spoke with a total of 7 different people that shifted me from one person to the other and faxed copies providing proof using mail with same name with the addition of my new married name (hypenated) the idiot in corporate office named Justin refused to believe I happen to be the same person and refused to cancel my contract. I am unable to locate my contract and asked if he could forward me a copy of my signed contract, he rudely says "it's not his fault you lost your contract". Unable to get any resolution with Justin while my fees continuously accrues, the corporate office tells me that he is the only person in corporate that I can talk to. I have spoken with Tina Sandaval, Doug Kily, Kyle, Steve Sharp, Keith, Justin, and Kendra. I have faxed information showing that I moved however, Justin says I could be using anybody's id that happen to have the same exact unusal first, middle, and last name with the addition of my married name and he was unable to help me, therefore, my bill continues to accrue. I am in the process of gathering monies to obtain an attorney to handle this because this solely continues to hurt my credit greatly. Justin also made a comment that I have evaded my obligation to pay my bill, but it just so happens that I have spoken with a total of 7 Rush Fitness corportate employees over a matter of almost two years to resolve this and yet I am evading my financial obligations. This has been by far the worst company that I have ever encountered in my 40 years of living. I

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  • Jn
    Jnet Bowman 27233 Mar 29, 2011

    I to Was never told about the contract, my member ship was in prospective mode and when I called back to verify the prospective was canceled they told me I never contacted them about not being a member, they told me it could not be canceled . I had to have proof of my address being a water bill, Electric bill they could not take a lease agreement I live 30 miles away like they say contract states and I still can not get this canceled. I canceled with in the first 3 days. This company needs to be looked into its an awful company to do business with customer service tells you one thing gym tells you another. At least Im only paying 25.00 a month but I have until 2012 and I canceled with them. They just will not accept it.

    STAY AWAY from the RUSH March 29th 2011 by Janet Bowman in NC we need a litigation law suit

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  • Om
    ommizzie Feb 28, 2011

    therush gym in greensboro and highpoint nc
    i had their box in my two stores for 2 years now that they have the number of members now and growing they come to me and say that my boxes don't generate enough pepole for them so they want me to change my plan and pay more not like i was going for free! the will lie in a heart beat to get you to sign and lock in you in then throw a curve ball at you they aer horrible at what they do and i think someone needs to do something about this!

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  • Ma
    Maximus Legitimus Jan 10, 2011

    I joined Rush and paid the initial fee, signed a 3 yr contract w/ monthly credit card debits. I was informed in August that my membership would lapse at the end of the month. I thanked them and didn't sign back up since I was leaving for a seven week cross country trip to Alaska.

    Little did I know that they would continue to debit my credit card. Although I was informed that my membership was up and I would have to sign a new agreement to use their facilities, they didn't inform me that they would continue to charge my account.

    Since Sept 2010 I have spoken to three Rush managers, none of them, until today, Jan 10, 2011, informed me that I had to fill out a cancellation form in order for them to discontinue charging my credit card account. I couldn't use their gym but they still charged me, $36.99 per month since August 2010. Previous conversations stated my credit account should reflect my membership status...what?

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  • Wi
    Will456 Jan 05, 2011

    Same here, scammed out of hundreds of dollars with the "yeah you can cancel any time" (lie) and a two year contract.

    I was going to consider coming back later after things were in order, but obviously now I will not.

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  • Ro
    robin harden Nov 19, 2010

    they took 2 much money out of my checking account .

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  • Ro
    robin harden Nov 19, 2010

    they take money out of your checking acount with u knowing and make people over draw

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  • Ih
    I hate the RUSH Nov 08, 2010

    I just called the [protected] number and tried to talk to the them. Not only did she not help me but she had no idea what was going on. I asked to talk to someone else that could help me but she said no!!! SHE SAID NO! and refered me to the email address on the website!!! This is how they do it, over charge you and then make it impossible for you to get any answers so finally you just end up paying it. The rush is a terrible place to do bussiness with. I will be buying my contract for $99 today (which I was told I could do for free if I ever moved more than 50 miles away!) I guess I will just have to eat the excess charges they have charged me over the past 4 months. I really hope that this bussiness goes under, however, since they are not apposed to stealing I have a feeling they will be around for a long time.

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  • Sc
    scubydoo Oct 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ahhhaa!! these [censor] are charging October enhancement fee... R U EFN SERIOUS. Idiots wanting to steal my hard earned money, i pre-paid for the whole year, grrr im mad, im not paying you.

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  • Thought everyone here might be interested in this:

    18 complaints filed - 16 resolved - 2 closed administratively

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  • The Rush Member Experience Team Jun 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We're disappointed your experience with The Rush was less than ideal. We do everything we can to prioritize our customers. We feel badly that you feel that we didn't address your needs but we also want to make it right for you. If you would simply call our Member Experience Dept at this number, [protected] we will do everything we can to address your issues and win back your confidence. Again, our apologies.

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  • Ru
    RUSH FITNESS RIPOFF Jun 03, 2010

    They are a bunch of misleading, lying, snake-oil salesmen.
    My 16 year old son was slickered by Oak Ridge, TN Rush employee into joining.
    He was verbally told by this person that he could drop his membership at any time.
    My son tells my wife what this employee had told him, so she signs the contract.
    Of course, I had my disbelief when I found out, so I called to cancel and was told absolutely not, we were bound to the contract for 2-years.

    If these people really offered a service or product that was worthy, there would be no need for these misleading binding contracts to lock you in. If they offered something worth coming back for, month after month, then these contracts wouldn't even exist.

    After having my debit card "auto-payment" to them for the past year, the card's expiration was updated by the issuing bank. I forgot to call the Rush & update the new expiration date. So, they just let the card decline with the old date, didn't call or conatact me until it went overdue, and then hit me for $20 in fees, when a phone call for free would have fixed the problem.
    I called them to update the expiration date. While I was on hold, I got madder the more I thought about it. So, I paid off the contract & told them not to ever charge my card again.
    Bad part is, they got what they wanted, and I got ripped off (at least the rape is over now).

    These are the biggest money-hungry rip-off artisits I've delt with in a long time.

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  • Rj
    RJAMES May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Late May 2010...

    Having never used Rush, but having assisted MANY who have, I might recommend to all, especially those in Tennessee:

    To strongly consider the filing of both civil and criminal complaint with the Tennessee Attorney General, make sure you hold onto and have ALL possible paperwork and any recordings or witnesses, or any notes taken if contacted by collection agencies.

    Properly approached, and especially documented, one will find both the Tennessee Attorney General and Attorneys General of other states that Rush advertises or has facilities in, quite willing to take Rush on.

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  • Ma
    Mandy Anderson May 09, 2010

    For a long time that I've been a member of The Rush's Chattanooga site, never had I encountered any of these problems. My experience with them is very much okay. From the staff, facilities and the management, I really don't have any complaints. Service is above average I must say.

    Enrolling at their facility is really worth every penny. I get to have the best a fitness gym could offer and that includes their 24/7 availability. Their kid's program is very convenient for parents who want to bring along their little kiddos for a fun workout. I even signed my nine year old up in this program. With The Rush, what more can you ask for?

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  • To
    toybug2 Apr 19, 2010

    My husband went to the Rush one time for a trial membership and was very impressed with the facility. He said that it was a high-pressure sales environment so was leary of joining. We have been looking for a gym to join and the Rush is the most conveniently located gym for us. I am so glad to have read all your comments as we will not even consider re-visiting the Rush. I am surprised you all haven't gotten together for a class action law suit. I am quite sure that based on all of your claims being similar in nature, you'd win!
    Thanks for sparing us your pain.

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  • Je
    jess42176 Mar 16, 2010

    I joined the rush in June of 2008 I signed an 18 month contract because I travel with work. So after I got married I went and added my husband to my account and never being told my contract was extended. So in October of 2009 I delivered twins with the expectation my contract was up in December. When I called to ensure they cancel my account they told me I signed a contract until Oct. 2011 36 months. I said I never agreed to that and that I could not pay for that long. They said they could not change ti I signed it and could only cancel if I had a letter from work stating I was moving 50 from a gym or a doctor saying I was disabled. I called and emailed customer never to have anyone call me back and then I cancelled my credit card they were charging and sent them the new information and this week I get a letter from a collections department stating I owe $1, 350. This company is a joke the equipment was always broken and I had a tanning package and a tanning machine was always broken. I did my part and now I will have negative effects on my credit report. I will never use this gym again. It should be against the law for them to be able to do some of the business tactics they do. If I had the patience I would call the better business bureau. I guess the only way they can get their money is to lie. Needless to say no one ever calls you back when they say they will, there is never a supervisor in to talk to and I never received a statement saying that I owed money... I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone, they are a disgrace to honest hard working businesses you care about people.

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  • Sa
    SamuelsMom1012 Feb 15, 2010

    I, too, have had the same issues with The Rush. I called and left messages, and those calls were never returned. I then filed a report with the BBB, and the "CEO" advised that he would change nothing, as I had signed a contract. I am physically unable to use the facility, due to a back injury, and I was not informed about the cancellation policy, if it can be called such. It wasn't until I inquired about it that I was told there was no way out of the contract, other than being 50 miles away from the gym (meaning, ANY Rush center--not the one you signed up at) and/or a letter from a physician, stating your inability to exercise, which will only freeze the account for six months. I have never in my life seen such horrid, unethical business practices. These guys are sharks, and I hate to say it, because the man who signed me up was seemingly nice. Anyway, stick with the ever-trust YMCA; they do not try to screw you out of money. Good luck!

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  • Ke
    Kevin Hodges Jan 29, 2010

    The Hobbs Act defines "extortion" as "the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right." 18 U.S.C. S 1951(b)(2). I was denied access to their facility in July of 2009. When i asked why I was told because my account was linked to my friends main account and she forgot to sign the contract that added me as a member. Well the friend was having medical problems and was having her contract canceled. In January 2010 I decided I needed to join a gym so I contacted the gym and explained the entire situation to them. I was told yes they understood and for $180.00 he could help me get back into the gym. I was confused so I was denied access to the gym told unless she re-signed the contract I could not use the facility but I was still charged for the service. The rush employee from the corporate office told me this is correct and unless I pay in full it would be turn over to collections. I felt like I was dealing with a Mobster and I had to pay for credit protection. Is there a difference organize crime is the same weather it’s a black suit or black spandex. What this organization is doing isn’t just unethical it’s illegal and our law authorities should be doing their jobs. Like most organize criminals I guess they have friends in high places.

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  • Te
    Tee01 Jan 14, 2010

    I am currently on the phone right now waiting to speak with this infamous Steven Massey and I am wondering if there is any reason why. Of course he doesn't come to the phone some customer service rep. that only knew the work NO, not compromise or well this is how we can help. I paid my money upfront in cash and they still drafted out of my account. Then terminated my membership and stated it had a overdue balanceWhen I called they acted as if THEY were doing me a favor. I hope they lose all their customers. Once people start to spread the word. That is why they are asking people to draft accounts up to two years. If you know someone who is considering joining tell them NO spread the word post it on your facebook wall. Call the radio stations and state your New Years resoultion is to take your business to gyms with stand up business practices. This is why the CEO continue to get rich no one hold them accountable.

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  • An
    angie37323 Dec 28, 2009

    My sis made the mistake of joining there, and after about 6 months, she had some health problems. After several surgeries, she tried to cancel her membership because she can not physically exercise any more. The same thing happened to her. They told her she could not cancel, she closed the bank account, and now there are collection agencies calling her about it. I would never join their gym!

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  • Mi
    Michael101 Nov 23, 2009

    I agree. The Rush is a bunch of unethical Meatheads trying to screw people out of their money. You need to bring your attorney with you just to go through all the fine print and penalties they access in the contracts. They regularly tell customers one thing and then have them sign contracts saying something else.

    I prepaid for a 1 year contract and told the club representative that I did not want to automatically rollover after that. He said that was fine and that they would email before they rolled it over. I never received any kind of notification until I got a late fee notice. When I called them, they said tough. I had to go there and provide a 15 day written notice. I couldn't even provide the notice over the phone. If I did not pay, I would be turned over to collections. As a CPA, I find this type of behavior unethical and believe that the community should be made aware of these practices. The only way to stop this type of behavior is for consumers to complain and tell everyone they know about these practices.

    Concerned Chattanoogan

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  • Bl
    BlkLthrRn Oct 07, 2009

    The RUSH is just another fitness scam, decorated with bright colors and lots of selling energy.

    I signed up in September 2007 (shortly after this article was written). I was promised classes that never manifested (martial arts, I wasn't picky about the type). I was promised that I could sell my contract when I decided I didn't want to pay for the 3 years any longer (when I tried to, corporate smacked me down and told me it was impossible until my three years were up!). My contract says I can cancel early and pay a portion of what is due for the rest of my contract (corporate disagrees and says I need to pay the full BALANCE of my contract to cancel - good thing I still have my original paperwork!).

    In summary, great equipment, friendly people, but a horrible contract. Do not buy into the hype - there is NOTHING about the Rush that is special or worth signing on to for three years, and the salespeople who get you to sign that magical contract WILL LIE to you and ensure that you hear whatever you want to in order to get their commission. Planet Fitness is a much better deal with no contracted time applied, and is cheaper per month.

    2 Votes
  • Ni
    NicksDad1970 Aug 10, 2009

    I wasn't there so obviously I don't know what actually happened. I can sympathise with you but you're mad at them because you didn't know what kind of contract you were signing? Look, I'm not perfect and maybe I've been lucky because I know for sure I havn't read every word on every contract I've ever signed. But if it's part of the contract and you signed it I don't know what you can do or say to make it right.

    Once something is in collections it isn't as easy as one might think to negotiate with the original company. That was the time to negotiate down. The collection agency buys the debt so to speak. I would suggest talking to them about buying it out for 50%

    good luck

    -1 Votes
  • Jk
    JKS2009 Aug 10, 2009

    The Rush is a rip off. I agreed to a 2 yr contract. When the two yrs was up, I contacted them to advise to stop the charges. At that time I was told I signed a 3 yr contact. I know I never agreed to a 3 yr contract becuase I asked for a 1 yr membership and was told the only had a 2yr contract. My contract started in August 2007. I was told by coperate via e-mail, that my contract ended in June 2010. Which does not even make this a 3 yr contact as I was told. I have advised I will stop the bank from taking money out of my account a the of August. I feel as if I have met the terms I agreed to. It appears that the trainers jobs is to get as many contracts signed by any means. I have e-mailed again. I will keep you posted.

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  • An
    andyg39 Jul 15, 2009

    This all true the cheat and lie to all people to make money you can file your complaint on Better Business Bureau look for this on google lest get together and we can stop them

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  • Bi
    bitterandmad Jul 10, 2009

    I have attached a copy of the complaint I sent to The RUSH. I will NEVER, EVER do business with them again.

    I have a complaint to make with the Rush. When I joined the Rush on June 3, 2009, I told the guy that was helping me that I wanted to just try it out because I was on the alternate list for school and I may be in dental school in the next two months and I didn't know if this was something I wanted to commit too. He DID NOT verbally tell me that I was signing a 2-year agreement. I did not find out that I was in a 2-year agreement until yesterday. I was told that I signed a contract, but I thought by law a business had to tell me what I was signing because I would have NEVER signed a two-year contract because I told him I needed something temporary. He did tell me if I went to dental school I would be able to place a freeze on my account. I probably won't be going until next year, but I had decided that The Rush was not for me. I have called and tried to cancel several times, but your company makes it difficult to that. I was told that I just had to come in an speak with an account representative to cancel. I went in yesterday to cancel and a manager told me that I was in a 2-year agreement and there was nothing he could do and that I couldn't get out of the contract unless I was moving 50 or more miles away from a Rush or if I became disabled. I think this should be disclosed before someone joins the Rush and it was not disclosed to me. When I asked for a general manager, he came over and told me there wasn't anything he could do. Then he stated that he would help me in about 20 minutes. After 45 minutes, I had to go back to the front desk and ask for him. After they paged him, he came and we sat down to talk. After looking at my account, he told me that he could not do anything for me because I've been a member well over a month. Once I became upset (raised my voice), he said he wasn't going to help me because I was mean. Unfortunately, I feel like I was not treated like a customer when it came time for me to get out of my membership. I would like to resolve this issue at the corporate level because I refuse to have anymore contact with the general manager (Jimmy Dillman) at the Rush. I would like to discuss to situation with a manager who cares about their customers and does not want to risk the possibility of losing me as a potential customer in the future. The general manager has already stated that he could have done something for me, but he wouldn't because I was mean. When I had been told several times within the hour that no one could do anything for me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • An
    andyg39 Jul 07, 2009

    Please help to stop this people together we can
    Lest do something about this cheaters and ripoffs
    Write my and email to [email protected]

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