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Rue21 (Store # 1166) review: brian "manager" african american male

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Sunday September 16th, 2018 @ 1:50 P.M.
( Store #1166) Athens, T.N.

I Holly Hammonds and my three minor children went into the Rue 21 in Athens, TN to buy gift. The alarm at the door went off as we entered the store and we didnt pay it any mind and continued to shop. I was looking for a specific bracelet and Brian the manger of Rue 21 assisted me with finding the bracelet and continued showing me other bracelets and necklaces. Brian was the cashier who checked me out. During the checkout process my 10 year old and 5 year old daughters noticed a board hanging with names and stickers on it hanging behind Brians head. Brian informed my daughters it was there theft tally to see who caught the most shoplifters. Brian and i had discussed how funny it was that the alarm had went off when my son got close to it. My family and I left the store and we stopped directly in front of the store on the sidewalk so i could find the keys to my car. upon heading to my vehicle a large man came out from Rue 21 and asked me if i would step back into the store so he could check my bag. We turned directly around went back into the store and my son beeped again. i was very humiliated and angry but i complied with the man and dumped my entire purse onto the floor. Brian was standing right beside the other man and Brian was talking down to me like i was a thief in front of my kids. After ten min of mortification Brian told me that this was his store and he ran things he would put me in jail or ban me from the store. I asked him why he was treating my family and I so bad when we had just had a conversation about the alarm not more the 10 min before that. Brian continued to treat me and my children like trash to the point when i bent down to pick up my belongings my son told him better not get in my face or pout his hands on his mom. Im sure u can imagine how i felt Having my 12 year old son the day before his birthday defend me to a grown man. the larger guys asked if we had keys on us and i said yes my son was holding the car keys. The larger man had my son walk through the alarm with the keys and it sounded off they were trying to grab my 12 year old son to search him and threatened to have us banned if we did not comply. The man then had my son walk through the alarm without the keys and it DID NOT GO OFF! So my family and i were harassed because of key. I shop at this exact Rue 21 at least every other Sunday. i Will enclose receipts just to show how often. PLEASE PULL THE CAMERA FOOTAGE IT WONT LIE! BRIAN ALSO BANNED ME FAMILY AND I FROM THIS STORE! This man is on a power trip and this so called theft game the employees are playing i think is getting out of control. I have never been treated with disrespect like that from anyone much less right in front pf my children! Today your company lost great loyal customers! I would try to clean my store up beginning with Brian! JUST WATCH THE CAMERA FOOTAGE 1:50-2:15 Sunday September 16th, 2018

Holly Hammonds

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