Ruby Tuesdayfood, waitress, and manager

Te Oct 01, 2019

3 of us went to this location on Tuesday, October 1 around 3:30. The 3 orders were: 1) Half rack of ribs classic sauce with baked potato and salad and water; 2) 6 oz sirloin with half rack of ribs (classic bbq sauce) with a sweet potato, onions rings and garden bar and strawberry lemonade; 3) 6 oz sirloin with half rack of ribs (classic bbq sauce) with mashed potatoes and salad and sweet tea. When the order arrived only the order with half rack of ribs was correct. The 2 orders with the sirloin came as the hickory bourbon and bacon sirloin with the hickory bourbon sauce on the ribs as well. When I explained to the waitress what was wrong with the orders she acted as if she had no clue of what was wrong with them. She then proceeded to ask me what I wanted her to do. I told her that I wanted to get the food that we ordered. I showed her the menu of what we had ordered and then showed her what they had sent out to us. She went in the back and told us that what they gave us was correct. I then showed her again and again she asked me what she should do. I told her to take both plates back and give us the correct order. When the food came back, we both got sirloins (only one was cooked correctly) and the ribs still had the hickory bourbon sauce on them. Also, the mashed potatoes on the one order were cold. It appeared as if they only cooked two sirloins and sent the rest of the original food back to us. I told the waitress again that the order was not right. She asked again what she should do. I said nothing that I would just deal with it. She did tell me that they would discount the meals. We ate the steak and then I asked for two boxes and the check. The manager then came over and said that she heard there was an issue so I explained everything to her. She said she would discount our check. When the check came, I was given a 10% discount which was a little over 6 dollars. The discount didn't even cover the tax. The manager came back and asked if I had been taken care of and I said I was given 10% off. She said if that wasn't good enough she could take off more. I have never had to bargain or haggle for food prices at a restaurant before, especially when my order was wrong not once but twice. I never got any refills on my tea either. After leaving I also noticed that two of the salads that were selected as a side was charged 1.99 each on my bill. Again 3.98 that I should not have been charged for. I can honestly say this was the worst dining experience ever. Thank you for the time you took to read this. The Trans Key # is III010002819950 Authorization code is 005112. Check # is 6499.
Terry Upton

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