RTMA Supreme B&Bdartmouth, ns

J Aug 06, 2018

The staff at this Leon's location is very unprofessional and rude. I have been in this store on multiple occasions. I have a hard time getting any sales person to serve me, although there were several sales person just standing around chit chatting and watching us walk around, one incident I had to call for the manager in order to get service. I was also given the lamps on display instead of a brand new item, After the sales person bring your invoice for the furnishings you ordered, the front store persons would be busy laughing among each other and would be very unfriendly towards you. I ask for two lamps and it was a rainy day and the staff was giving me the two lamps in my hands without a bag or a cover to take home and when i asked for a bag to cover the lamps . The staff then asked a delivery guy for garbage bag and he said why dont you give her a bag and then said I'm going home and left. The staff then put one lamp in bag and had an attitude when I asked if she was going to put the second lamp in plastic bag., The staff stated, " I know that".When I buy paintings which are large They have to be asked to provide bubble wrap to protect the paintings. The delivery person when delivering my mattress dropped it on road and left it there in the middle of street, it was reported to service manager and also a complaint about the delivery guys knocking down my drapes onto the floor and not saying nothing about it, and last but not least, receive a delivery of bedset to assemble without the instructions. I called leon's and inform them about the issue and was directed to go check online for instructions . After not finding it, the service person emailed pictures to me to match it to try to assemble it and that was crazy, then she offered technician which was a joke cause trying to get tech scheduled to come out to assemble bed without instructions was an eternity. I ended up asking family friend to help me assemble it. The furniture was broken on delivery and so when i reported it to service dept to get replacement of the furniture delivered broken. The delivery persons came and was rude and unprofessional stating that we checked it this time just to ensure it's not broken as if i had broken the other furniture he had to replace. Very unprofessional and rude.
I have bought a lot of items at Leons but I feel that this location has poor customer service and is very unprofessional.

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