RS2Happy.comFraud and scam


Sellers are not responding to my messages. Several have bounced back as invalid addresses. Paid for 3M in Runescape money to be downloaded to account 3 days ago. Nowhere on their website does it state that you authorize permission for them to go into your account and play the game to attempt to WIN you your money. Gamer had been on account since Friday 1730 CST US, finally got off this morning after not only LOSING my son's 300K and all his armor, got him killed, and of course, NO 3M for which we paid. To make matters worse, PayPal is protecting their client's (not me, the gamers) identity. Corporate HQ consumer rep. refused to release any contact info., or even tell me which country their LLC is registered. Have filed dispute with PayPal -- will see what happens. PayPal is not looking to squeaky clean, either.


  • Ma
    Matthew Dobing Oct 28, 2008

    This and many other sites are scam sites. I ordered 1 mil ages back. Its been 5weeks and still no sign of it. My account was locked but I've recovered it. We need to get these scam sites closed. They stole £2.11 off me. Trust me you've lost your money for good. The bunch of crooks.

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  • Za
    zach Nov 16, 2008

    well dang, i just ordered 3m myself and i never recieved it either

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  • Qa
    qaisar Nov 17, 2008

    i paid for 10mill +1mill extra i got in 1 week it does work and lsten whats your cb level ow you justy give it time :)

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  • Qa
    qaisar Nov 17, 2008

    and i paid in english money thats £ from england :P :)
    and you never now sumtimes they may die but try there best ow well

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  • Tr
    Trevor Nov 23, 2008

    I ordered 8 mil and i recieved it in 30 hours. It worked great. i recommend it to everybody.

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  • Ju
    Justin Nov 26, 2008

    i just sold them my account...bad move im guessing...been 3 days and no sign of them actualy buying give em 1 more day before i recover it with my recovery questions.

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  • Ga
    Gak Nov 29, 2008

    I orderd 4M from them and it came within 40 hours...worked great for me.

    I recommend it to everyone.

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  • Lo
    logan Nov 29, 2008

    nice lie i have ordered 7 times from that site and i have got all the things this site is a frod but true most sites are scams

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  • El
    Elix Dec 01, 2008

    None of them are scams because the sights and farmers are all based in japan. And online Real world item trading is legal over there, so theres no need for them to scam.

    If any of you did how ever, then you obviously gave them wrong details. I have orderd over 100mil all together and it all came because of the simple fact jagex cant do ### because its legal over there, plus with there technology of re-writing infinite I.P addresses its rare your account gets locked.

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  • Mi
    mienhpride1 Jan 27, 2009

    i ###ing ordered ###ing 2mil and i picked gold farming and they ###ing sold my ###ing armour my rune boots my rune scimmy my rune 2hd sword and my ###ing dragon dagger(p++)then they try to hide it in g-e i think they ###ing take peoples stuff and sell it on there websites like the equipment they sell and they didnt even ###ing raise my strength or my defence or attack only get oak planks?WTF?

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  • Me
    Mencia182 Feb 15, 2009

    Me and a friend both ordered 1 million last week and got it within a day (even though it was supposed to come within an hour). I actually got about 50k over a million, although they did sell all the oak logs and planks I had in the bank. But I was just selling them anyway so it saved me a job tbh.
    They did state that you could choose to raise your melee XP's, but whoever used my account only got and sold planks, and on my friend's account they mined appeared to have been mining gold.
    But they did deliver the goods and saved me a lot of time so I can't complain :)

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  • Al
    Alex Feb 23, 2009

    This site SUCKS, I sold them my account, they essentially stole it. I gave them the info 2 months ago and they keep telling me, oh you should receive it in 8-24 hours, our manager is not in, IT IS A LIE!! they stole a lvl 125 from me and I'm going to get it back, i feel bad for them, if this any more serious than a game i would so sue them.


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  • Ch
    ChrisDRob Apr 18, 2009

    Well ive used it once, i just hope they didn't scam becuase i was assertive with them. BE ASSERTIVE! keep going to the LIVE HELP and be ASSERTIVE. dont buy more than 5 mill, dont use farming gold. Dont buy or sell accounts just buy cash. and tell them you can recover your account if anything gos wrong. give them an assertive email after youve given them the accoung. hide all your good euipment in runescape, put in your friends list: = your fine ;)

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  • Ir
    Iraq barrage Apr 20, 2009

    I bought 12m on my lvl 122
    they said that they will do it in 60 hours...
    they done it in about 62 hours...
    im glad that they dont scam or do anything wrong with your account
    at first i thought they bot it but i followed my account to drags
    and talked to them... rs2happy best website to buy rs cash

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  • 00
    00positive Apr 27, 2009

    i sold my rs account to 3months ago they promised they will pay $114.97 for a lvl 120 with 1 this day i havent recieved not a penny, this site is a huge scam.but all you can do is learn from others and or from ur own mistakes.

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  • Br
    BRANDON.B May 25, 2009

    i sold a level 138 to these scamers for 785$ i thought it might work, untill now!!!its be 3 freakin years and i havent got any cash!dont sell accounts or do anything for this website!!!

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  • Lb
    lb1953 May 29, 2009

    I am yet another who was scammed by this website. My grandsons account was put on their site on consignment. Account sold approx 3 weeks ago now and no payment received. I urge anyone who has been ripped off by this company to file a complaint with the Internet Complaint Centre - the more the better! Lyn

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  • Ya
    Yakuza May 31, 2009

    rs2happy tries to scam and fraud you,

    they do not auto send the money if you sell accounts, you most go to live help for about 10x to begg for your money...
    i even had to say few times i would sue them if they weren't gonne pay me.
    If i asked after there boss, they said he always was sleeping. cuz those live help employees are so FKED UP, They don't do ###, they DON't even try to help you.

    if you ask something, first you gotta wait 1hour, then they say something stupid, that you gotta wait longer (though my waiting peroid was over), its all a scam so you don't get your money.

    RS2Happy = scamming fraud.

    now i can't even go to there site... still waiting for my money that i would get for my account.

    DO NOT BUY SELL THERE, 85% get ripped off...
    and don't rely on there statements "'that are from sadisfied customers" ... cuz they just scam you. you most be lucky if you get helped fairly...

    (sorry for my bad language)

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  • Ya
    Yakuza May 31, 2009

    RS2happy is a big scam.

    if you sell your acc there, it says they will send the money after 15days.

    i waited 20days then wen't 10x to there live help (wish is the worst live help on this planet)

    they don't even try to help you there. first you gottta wait 1hour before they respond, then they say bullsh!t like: you have to wait longer
    (though my waiting period was long over)

    after complaining and going to live help for about 10+, even saying i would sue them a few times, they finnaly payed me.

    my second acc i sold there (don't ask me why i wen't there again, very dumb of me)

    i never got my money.. live help don't even respond, i waited 30days already, still no money

    now i can't even enter there site...

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  • Hm
    hmmyourgay Jun 08, 2009

    holy ### your right they stole my account and raped my sister!!!

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  • Sa
    sabrina v Jun 22, 2009

    i orderd over 50m from this site i got it in 2-3 days /nothing was sold or stolen .my levels r u my money is there everything is there (i recomend this to everyone)
    ypu people writeing bad complants is cuz u have no life and all u can do is complaine/ u onaly want the best for your acounts so all u do is make shure nobay ealse uses this site (your the scamers/get a life)

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  • Lb
    lb1953 Jun 22, 2009

    Sabrina V - the fraud relates to selling accounts to them, they do not pay within 15 days or when they sell them. My grandson has ordered money from them and got what he paid for but he never saw a cent from selling them their account. If you would like to find out how true this is then sell them your account and be prepared to say get nothing for it.

    And while we are all getting a life maybe you could concentrate on school to learn to spell correctly.

    Jagex's special investigations team has taken quite an interest in :)

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  • To
    Tommy Mathews Jul 17, 2009

    i am currently in the same area as many of you. it has soon been about a little over a month and i haven't received my money which they promised for me selling my runescape accounts(3) i am currently trying to find some kind of legal actions against this company. if anyone has any idea's on how to sold this problem e-mail me at:
    [email protected] thank you very much and do not use this site its fraud and scam.

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  • Sa
    sabrina v Aug 02, 2009

    all of u r huffin glue i orterd over 50ml. got right away ###s this site rocks so geta life bichez

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  • 99
    99rangeftw Aug 02, 2009

    I just ordered 1 mill on my lvl 61 pure with a robin hood on it. think when i log back it in will be gone?

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  • 70
    705293 Aug 08, 2009

    Like most, I was skeptical when i first found out about this site. I was worried i would be hacked, scammed, or lose all my items. Although i don't know the situations with others, i purchased 15mil. the process is only 2 days in and i luckily logged on when they werent on to see their progress. My mining was significantly higher (from level 30 to level 48!), It has been 2 days and i have 2.3mil out of 15. so far i have to say they have done outstanding work and i would definatley trust them. (I would like to point out that i have not been bribed by to say this, i 100% of the way mean what ive posted. Also i cannot confirm they havent scammed others but as a level 74 i can truthfully say its working for me!)

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  • Bl
    Blaise1964 Aug 26, 2009

    No sympathy at all for folks that give away their RS account info to these sites.
    Of course they scammed you, its what they do!
    I was sorely tempted to use these sites back before the ge update.
    But it was made clear by the mass bans that it was not worth the risk.
    Now they want to log onto your account and farm gold???
    Even if the site was not a scam
    You will get caught, or you should have an imaginative way to explain why your account was logged into from another country, then an hour later from your normal IP.
    That will get your account flagged for closer inspection.
    By the way, its not "stealing your account" if you give them your password and bank pin.
    You simply gave away your account.

    The way the game is now, it is easy to make a million gp a day, seriously easy.

    RS: Blaise1964

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  • Ho
    hope they didnt scam :( Nov 09, 2009

    i recently bought 20m on this site and this was 30 hours ago. they didnt tell me how long ago it would take to get it done but i know theyeve been on my acc 27/7 the whole time they have had it cuz i keep checking how log there on my acc a day, and i go to log in and it says that ur acc is already online but they put there private offline. my friend recremmended this site to me cuz he said hes used it like 4 times and it worked. but hes only bought like 2m at a time. i really hope they didnt scame me. i spent like 40 bucks on it. if they did i can recover it but ill be sad cuz i already had 7m in my bank and i was gonna buy a bgs with my money :( i just hope the reason y i havent gotten my 20m in 30 hours is because it takes a while to get 20m.

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  • Df
    dfasdf Dec 04, 2009

    i ordered 100m from these fn asians and what do i get? nothing. its been 3 weeks and cannot get my acc back and wasted 200 dollars on a videogame

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  • Gh
    ghsgfg Dec 12, 2009

    i jus orderd my stuff so do i go online and play or not?

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  • Se
    Severin Kempf Dec 19, 2009

    it's legit, but you can expect them to sit at a computer 10h straight for just a measly 1$ yes you are paying them, but they need to take rests too. your kinda treating them like slaves if you expect them to get u everything in an hour, i as well am pissed at they're communication and have ordered 1M and a dwarf cannon, i then finished the melzar's maze part of dragon slayer quest, i then went to bed and somehow my cannon was gone, or i left it somewhere, so i just bought another one (only 2$) and 2000 lobsters so yea it only set me back like 4 dollars for both of them. ive had mostly good experience, except for the communication, which sucks balls... just sayin...

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  • Ru
    runescaper Dec 31, 2009

    ok you guys are being idiots i boughten 1mill from them nothing bad has happened i also sold one of my accounts lvl 89 and i got the money two weeks later stop hatting on the website i bet you idiots put in the wrong information when you sold your account fo ### you all that think the site is a scam.

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  • Ri
    risingphoenix737 Jan 10, 2010

    I got banned for macroing and real world trading because of them

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  • Ni
    NickM321 Jan 17, 2010

    I ordered 2m it work i got it it just depends on your account on your lvl and how much money is in your account they were on my account for six hours and when they logged off i logged on and there was 700k worth of oak planks i left 500k in my bank there was only 20k left all they do if you are a member with money in account is buy oak logs and then just take then to the lumber yard get then cut in to oak planks and then sell. At least thats what they did with my account. how do i know this because i made another account added me as a friend and when i see that they logged off i logged on and saw exactly what they did. In my own personal opinion i would not use this website again because now i know what they did and i am not taking that risk of being scammed again.

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  • Er
    Eric sakula Jan 21, 2010

    i have bought wow gold form 4 website,
    1,, fast deliverd but my acc baned..
    2,, fast,
    3,, fast safe, but so expensive
    4,, cheapest!!

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  • Jo
    johnudame Feb 10, 2010

    they do not buy ur accounts, they rip u off scammers!!they working on buying their merchent but not to sell your account!

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  • Rd
    rdrgz8 Feb 16, 2010

    this muthaf***** website sux i bought rune(g)armour and gilded armour and about 80mill its been 6months and have recieve sh!t this website is a SCAM

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  • An
    andrew is pissed Feb 17, 2010

    i have ordered 30m gold farming, and the ### is down. i can't email them or anything. does anyone know if i will lose money on paypal because they have't even logged onto my account yet.

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  • Sc
    Scotzgeeza Feb 20, 2010

    I made a new account and bought 7mill to see if the site was legit, before buying phats for my main account.

    3 days later and its only been my address thats been the last ip addy to play on the account

    emails bounce back
    and the customer severice is a fake becuase it always laggs out, when i have one of the best connections you can buy

    when it dont lagg out it says there busy


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  • Df
    DFX Mar 18, 2010

    Worst customer support ever, you ask them a simple ###ing question and the next thing ya know they ignore you for about 5-10 mins then hang up/end the chat on you... not once but more than 5 ###ing times. Not only that Its been days since I gave them the ###ing acc to work on I logg back in and my character is in the same got damn spot he was in when I started plus they erased my ###ing bank pin. I recommend this to no one... theyre misleading, unprofessional, and scammers. ### this site!

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