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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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All Inclusive Excursions / Scam and no refund as promised


I keep hearing these people are supposed to be returning all the money they stole but every time I call and leave a message (since no one will be man enough to answer their phones in person!), no one returns the call. I saw an article in Dave Lieber's column in the Ft. Worth newspaper...

All Inclusive Excursions / false and misleading adds and information


The entire process is false advertising, fradulent and missleading information concerning the discounts and benifits, fees are not properly revealed, and the bottom line is they are only selling a condo weeks usage like time shares. This is not worth the money or time to even visit. In...

All Inclusive Excursions / FAKE &CONTEST&


This is a SCAM run by All Inclusive Excursions. One of their minimum wage stooges phoned me at 9 am Sunday morning to let me know I'd won a contest and was guaranteed one of their prizes. He clearly stated "This is not a time-share" which told me something was wrong. A real contest...

All Inclusive Excursions / SCAM


THIS IS A SCAM!!! My husband and I fell for it because our presenter claims to be a preacher/minister so he would be honest right. NOT!!! We are out $3000 and once we received our id number and password, we found that they use the same search engines that,

All Inclusive Excursions / Deceptive


Just like these outfits have done for years, they call saying my son entered a contest 12-18 months ago, and he's won. Since he's underage, my husband and I - together - must come to their office to pick up our prize. We are guaranteed to walk away with one of these four: 2009...