Rosspark Hotelsecurity

A Sep 10, 2018

Myself, a friend and my son had been to a glorious wedding in The Wool Mill and were booked into the nearby Rosspark Hotel. The wedding had been a good-natured affair and we were extremely positive, looking forward to a good night's sleep. I would like to say before I begin that I am a wheelchair user and my son is 5 foot 7.

August 5th entering the Rosspark Hotel at approximately 2.30am there was no one on reception and we didn't at first see the sign for the night porter bell. I needed the night porter to operate the keyed stair lift. I pushed the bell for assistance as my son walked alone down the stairs. My son approached adults to see if they worked there. Firstly, they said they did. He said he needed a key and indicated the lift. Then they enquired which girls' room he wanted. It was at this point they attacked him causing him to stagger backwards.

My son was outnumbered by approximately six burly men and two women. Some chased him up the stairs. I was trying to calm the situation, but they were beyond reason. Several of their own party had to hold them back. A single night porter approached with a key for the stairlift.

When we got in the stair lift, a large mob appeared. For some reason the lift stopped, and I couldn't see what was going on. Apparently, the night porter had been attacked and that was why he couldn't operate the lift.

It was chaos; people screaming obscenities, people trying to jump into the lift, threats to kill us, one person threw a drink over me and my son was repeatedly punched, slapped and scratched. I couldn't leave the lift so was exposed and vulnerable. It was the most terrified I've ever been in my entire life.

It seemed a good ten minutes before the lift got moving again. The three of us went immediately ran towards the bedroom. The night porter remained in the bar area, to keep the mob at bay. However, one drunk followed us and came into the first passageway. The drunk was the person in the wedding party whom had initially confirmed to my son he was staff. He was apologising to us for the wedding mob extreme behaviour. I had to repeatedly ask him to leave as I didn't want him to enter the bedroom corridor and tell the others what our exact room number was.

Eventually we got to the bedroom badly shaken and it took us a while to calm down. I wish I had phoned the police straightaway but, my mistake, I didn't.

The next day the hotel said my son had antagonised the other guests and had basically ‘started it'. My son had demanded "the [censored]ing key" from a group of large drunken residents. This is my son the most mild-mannered person I know and half the size of one individual, never mind a group. The hotel just doesn't want bad publicity or sued. I feel like I've been in a traumatic incident and the hotel not acknowledging us means I'm having a job of letting it go. I have since reported it to the police, but nothing will come of it. All very unsatisfying!

Basically I'm urging people to shun the Rosspark Hotel, do not rely on this hotel to keep you safe! Also if anything like this happens to you - record incidents discretely on your phone and inform the police as soon as you can.


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