Ross Dress for Lessfitting rooms

I was attending a wedding this weekend and went to a Ross near me around 9pm Friday night. After sifting through I found a few dresses and wanted to try them on, however, the fitting rooms were blocked off and I was told they'd been closed for the night so that the associate could put clothes back out. Now I've worked in retail and understand the desire of starting things early in order to close and get out on time, but to close fitting rooms in a clothing store 2 hours prior to closing is absurd. The manager asked me, the customer, to wait while the associate finished her rack to let me in. So the clothes couldn't wait, it was better to have the customer stand around and wait instead, makes no sense and was not courteous. However, I simply said ok and went to wait in the back and the associate came along just a few minutes later and aggressively opened a section and said "come on ma'am!". I went in and tried on the pieces, thankfully I could because they did not fit properly, and then I left. On the way out despite the associate's attitude I still thanked her and she ignored. So I thought maybe she didn't hear me and as I passed her I said thank you again and she still didn't respond and neither did the manager when I said thank you and goodnight on my way out of the door. I love shopping at Ross, the deals are amazing, but I will absolutely not be shopping at that store ever again because it was completely unnecessary for them to treat me that way.

Oct 06, 2019

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