Rosland CapitalNow they won't even return my phone calls


In October 2009 I heard a advertisement for getting a hedge on inflation by buying Gold. The advertisement was for Rosland Capital. I called ant the senior account Representative told me that gold was going to steadily increase in value, and I could double my money in three years. I agreed to roll $50, 000.00 from my 401K into a gold IRA. Rosland would hold my coins in a secure storage facility called Sterling Trust. I bought 20.2 OZ.of American Eagle PF. at $2, 466.05 Per Oz.

In January 2010 My Quarterly statement was $40, 864.00 in MARCH 2010 The statement was $31, 659.00. The senior account representative said my coins had more value than what Sterling Trust reported because they were rare never circulated coins, so I believed him.

In March 2012 The senior account rep. for Rosland Capital called and said my coins were not going to get any valuable because the government was making so much gold available to the public. He said I should Sell my coins and buy a different kind of coins that are steadily going up in value, so i had Rosland sill my coins and buy other coin. My account went down another $10, 000 and that’s after he told me they would only charge me 3% to buy & sell my coins.

I decided to cut my loss and sell everything and move my money into something else. Rosland Capital said they would buy back what I had for no charge. I sold everything back to them on July 31, 2012 for $26.890. The coins were shipped to Rosland By Sterling Trust on August 2, 2012.

As of this date August 22.2012 Rosland Capital has not sent the money for the coins. I feel I was not told the complete story about the actual price of gold and how much the commission was for buying and selling that gold. I was not told about the storage fee’s .Now Rosland Capital will not return my phone call’s.

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